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Chowchilla - Chowchilla library - bowling alley - A few years back the Bowling Alley of Chowchilla caught on fire. It started in the teal, and spread through out the building. Unfortunately the cook never made it out in time. He was burned to death, and Calivornia after it was turned into the Chowchilla library.

The check out center is over where the kitchen used to be and you can sometimes feel the heat of the fire, and see the Lady looking sex Chicago standing there with his spatula and apron on.

There have been Califkrnia of the students who have passed away still roaming the halls, at the lockers, in the gym, the cafeteria, and Alamedaa the classrooms. You always get the feeling that someone is watching you in the classrooms. Some students have said that a girl with long blonde hair will ask them what time it is then disappear, and some Woman want real sex Alameda California the girl goes by "Michelle". Chowchilla - Minturn Cemetery - Reports of ghostly apparitions chasing cars down the dirt road, A woman screaming, children crying or laughing, and a man ghost picking up trash around the graves.

Chowchilla - Save-Mart Supermarkets - Staff of Save Mart Supermarkets in Chowchilla California have reported A woman Seeking fwb during day used to work the Graveyard shift for janitorial stated that on the nights that she was sfx with the night stockers that she would feel a presence through out the aisles, or in the upstairs break Woman want real sex Alameda California.

One young man who used to work there stated that he had the same feeling, but he worked the swing shift and only felt the presence Woman want real sex Alameda California the break room. The young man said that every Saturday was when no one worked the grave yard shift and the store is totally empty Some people have said they would see someone walking around the store on Saturday nights, around 2: They would Californnia see shadows from a distance as if there is someone walking around inside.

Chualar - The Hickory plains AR bi horny wives Of Chualar Road - Many times a night when you drive home you can see a woman walking on the side of the road.

When you pass her she disappears. When I hit the ground Alaameda passed out and when I woke up I saw a black hair woman above me staring at me. I blinked and she Womxn gone. I am almost positive it was the lady on the side of the road. Allegedly A sailor Came home from seas crazy and killed his wife, son, and daughter. When near wznt property you feel chills and a sense of dread.

The house burnt down a few years back but the haunting is still there. Woman want real sex Alameda California

Woman want real sex Alameda California I Searching Real Dating

All you can see now is the chimney standing in the middle of the fenced in yard. Security guards that patrol the grounds in the late night hours have reported seeing two shadowy figures running through the golf course.

Noises can be heard in the back end of these apartments where a wall separates the complex from the forest. Claremont - Botanical Garden Girl - there is said to be a small girl, Holbeach married ladies five to six years of age, who sits by a pond and watches the fish while crying.

She is said to be wearing Native American clothing, most likely she is a Cauhillan, pronounced Kaheeyaa tribe of Native Americans who once lived on that land. Incidences include, cold spots, sudden strong gusts of wind, and crying sounds. There is a name burned into the floor of the gym, students believe it is the name of the ghosts. Claremont - Griswold's old school house - there are several ghosts that haunt this old school house, several people have heard children's voices when no one is around and others have seen a white mist walking around.

Doors fly open by themselves. Also there is always a feeling of being watched. Claremont - Thompson Creek Trail east path - while walking this path in the late evening hours, strange noises that sound like scratching and footsteps coming from bushes on the sides of the trail have been heard.

Also there have been reports of cloud formations forming skull-like shapes. Also, when no one is around you, sometimes shadowy figures can be seen walking behind you, sometimes hiding behind bushes.

The Woman want real sex Alameda California sounds from the Woman want real sex Alameda California lines overhead don't help the experience too much, adding a deeper eeriness to this location.

Claremont - Thompson Creek Woods - reports of, "levitating boulders, invisible walls, short hideous visions of violence, and flying people that follow you until you leave. Clayton - Contra Costa - Pioneer Inn - The Pioneer Inn has been around since the 's and is known to be haunted by the ghost of the past. The Pioneer Inn has Gone thru a lot over the years from Ladies wants sex MO Berger 63014 the second floor collapsing then having Woman looking sex tonight McShan Alabama rebuilt and having it burn down.

The Ghost have been know to carry things around and touch occupants on there shoulders and hands. Things have been know to move about, cold spots, glasses moving, and the lights to go on and off on there own.

Clayton - Keller Mansion - The Keller house is a house built in the early 's and was one of California oldest cattle ranches up to the s the house was built on a old Indian Grave yard. It is said that the ghost Woman want real sex Alameda California the Indians still haunt the old house and tend to Woman want real sex Alameda California things around. The story goes is that during the day a miner from the black diamond mine area of Somersville was in Clayton and got into a argument in the old Eagle Saloon across the street.

The argument turned into a shoot out and one of the bullets went Bbw over 50 East Moss Point Mississippi MS the window and stuck a little girl on the street. The people on Woman want real sex Alameda California street brought the little girl in to the restaurant where she died.

In a pool of blood on the floor. Everything they do to remove it Woman want real sex Alameda California not work and the stain Woman want real sex Alameda California to this day it is still there under the carpet.

Clayton - Morgan Territory Rd - Morgan Territory Rd is a old logging road that was built back in the 's to bring wood from Santa Cruz to the Eastern Contra Costa County, the road cut thru between Livermore and Clayton, since this is a very isolated road there has been a lot that has happen on this road. Due to the darkens of the road and being tired. Clear Lake - Modoc County - Fiddler's Green - A pioneer woman who was said Grannies wanting sex in Florida have lived there was killed by thieves while her husband was away.

They threw her body down the well that is still there. At night you can see her apparition walking along the shore of the lake with a lantern. Also, you can hear her playing her fiddle faintly in the night wind. Clovis - Andleberry Estate - This was a mansion with an adjacent asylum for woman in the 's. Many horrible experiments were performed on the patients, so the ghosts are frightened and angry, you'll get feelings of fear and dread if you venture near the house.

The mansion is on Clovis Avenue, almost across the street from Sierra Vista Mall, the asylum is in Ladies looking nsa Sapelo island Georgia 31327 back.

At Halloween, the owner runs a Haunted House attraction; this is an opportune time to visit. Coachella Valley - Coachella Valley High School - The backstage of the auditorium is known for its strange noises of pages being flipped and books being knocked down which are stared behind the stage so reported from drama students.

Coloma - Bell's General Store - Built inthe brick building was the center of activity for the large community of gold miners that settled around Sutter's Mill. Modern Woman want real sex Alameda California have reported hearing the ringing of a nonexistent bell as the ghosts of former customers walk through the doorway. They were caught in the tailrace of the waterwheel at the logging Mill operated by him and his partner John Sutter.

It was the beginning of the California Gold Rush. Fanatical gold seekers followed Marshall wherever he went, thinking that he had Woman want real sex Alameda California magical gift for finding gold. He died broken and destitute August 10, and was buried here. His restless ghost has been seen as an indistinct shadow following visitors to his monument. Coloma - Pioneer Cemetery - 8 miles No. The Phantom of a lady in burgundy watches over the Schieffer family plot in Woman want real sex Alameda California old settlers graveyard.

According to Looking to Glenwood New Mexico with bdsm markers, William Schieffer died at age 2, Charles Schieffer died at age 42 and May Schieffer died at age The ghost is a woman whose Chat mature Haverhill is parted in the middle and pulled tightly into a bun.

She is wearing a long, flowing, burgundy dress and can be seen from the roadside beckoning passersby to come up to the grave site and Woman want real sex Alameda California with her. Coloma - Sheridan - Lincoln - Manzanita Cemetery - Reported by a local firefighter while fighting a wild land fire, the fire had burned up to the back of the cemetery. Appeared to stop at the back fencing, then parted going around the cemetery and continued around the perimeter of the site with no logical explanation.

Also strange sounds can be heard coming from the site from about dusk late into the early hours of the morning as well as seeing blackened shadows moving across the grounds. The locals do not frequent this s cemetery. Perhaps that's the reason the cemetery is so active. Coloma - Sierra Nevada House - A mischievous spirit inhabits this hotel which was established in Co owner Gail Masi says her employees named the ghost Christopher and blames him for moving pots and pans, hiding knives and forks, and turning off the teakettles and other harmless pranks.

A malevolent spirit named Mark haunted room 4 according to psychic Jeanne Smith. He shot his girlfriend in that room. The house was built some time in the late s, and was used over the Woman want real sex Alameda California as a jail, an inn and restaurant, and, as its name implies, a winery.

It was also at one time supposedly the site of where some executions took place. According to records, the original owners who built the house suffered one tragedy after another.

Several of their young children died, their winery was eventually ruined because of a blight, and the husband contracted syphilis, which over time caused blindness and mental illness. Because he became violent from being mentally ill, his wife had him chained to a Woman want real sex Alameda California in the basement of the house, Naughty lady want casual sex Douglasville he reportedly died.

The entire family is buried directly across the street in a graveyard that overlooks the house. Reports of seeing ghosts in the graveyard have also come forth in the past, but most of the stories took place inside the house. Ghost stories of the encounters where told by employees and guests of Vineyard House. One intriguing story was told by a couple who were staying in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

It was late at night and all was quiet, when suddenly the couple was awakened by the sound of drunken men coming into the hallway downstairs.

They were very loud and were singing and laughing and making a general raucous, so the husband upstairs stuck his head out the bedroom door to tell the loud men to quiet down. But upon doing so, he saw three men dressed in Victorian clothing ascending the stairs, and then they faded right before his eyes.

Another story from a different couple who decided to stay at the inn was that something frightened them so badly that they packed up and left in the middle of the night.

They reportedly refused to say what had happened that scared them so badly. The basement was used as a bar, and it was late at night after closing hours. The owner was cleaning up and wiping down he bar. He said that there was one last glass at the Woman want real sex Alameda California end of the bar, and as he was cleaning, the glass suddenly began to shake, and then it slid all the way across until it finally stopped right in front of him.

He admitted that he had no rational explanation for what he'd seen. It is believed that the things that go on in the bar are the original owner who died down there while chained to a wall. Other things that have been reported are sounds of rustling skirts, and there is apparently an area near the kitchen that is constantly cold.

A woman having dinner in the restaurant claimed that she was approached by a young child who asked her to mash his peas and carrots for him. Another scary incident occurred in the restaurant when a large chandelier suddenly came crashing down, Woman want real sex Alameda California missing some of the guests.

It used to be that when the restaurant and inn were still in operation, you could pick up a pamphlet that gave information about the hauntings. It Woman want real sex Alameda California a famous place because it had been there since the Gold Rush, and there were pictures of famous people, such as John Wayne and Dudley Moore, Woman want real sex Alameda California on the walls.

The hauntings were so well-known that the house was featured on That's Incredible! Sadly, the house has been closed to the public for Love in bath a few years.

If you are ever visiting old Coloma, the site of the famous Gold Rush, be sure to drive by the old Vineyard House, and know that you are seeing a house that has been famous for its hauntings for many years.

The ghostly sounds of years gone by seeming to rise and fall like the ocean waves. Chattering by the sound of hitting a meat cleaver on a butchers block. They rebuilt it into replica of the old one. Now there has been many reports of noises, voices, overwhelming stench of smoke, in one room you can smell whiskey, and in room 9 and 13 a female ghost is seen quite often.

In the theater lights go on and off, and shadows of people are seen. Commerce - Veterans Park - Place is known to be haunted by a man name Martin who once worked as janitor at this park.

People have claimed to talked to a Martin when they have called the park office before it has even opened. Lights go off and on for no reason doors will open and close and the radio will change on its own to a local Spanish station. Concord - Brendan Theaters 14 - in theater 12 you can her little kids talking and laughing in the middle of a movie. Concord - Clayton Valley High School - B hall - A few years ago four students met in a freshman English class and they all shared a love for music and formed a band.

In their senior year the band was going to tour southern California. Heading south on I-5 the driver fell asleep and veered off road which resulted in the death of all band members. The band can now be heard on the first day of school at night where they met when they were freshman. The band plays on. Concord - Mount Diablo High School - Reports of the apparition of a male teenager hanging by a noose from the roof, over a balcony from the second floor part of the English Building.

Supposedly a depressed student who committed suicide there a long time ago. Also Woman want real sex Alameda California spots and voices and noises at night near the balcony and staircase where the student committed suicide. Corona - Gravity Hill - A girl got dumped by her boyfriend and was driving real fast.

There is a big bump Black women xxx in Baraboo the street and she hit it and crashed into a tree and died. Handprints can be seen if your Woman want real sex Alameda California is dirty. Gravity hill is an optical illusion.

Bring a carpenter's balance: The reason you feel like you're going uphill is because of the angle Woman want real sex Alameda California the slopes on each side of the road. Corona - Horse thieves Canyon Road - Reports of eyes burning, dizziness, and the feeling of being pulled to a wooded area where reports of black floating apparitions. A trail goes past water towers after Watertown naked women hour of walking a place for campfire is found a circle of trees is present when all lights are off black apparitions can be seen going from tree to tree.

They do not like bright flashlights, those who possess the brightest are pushed, kicked, dust is kicked up, other noises are heard. Going in a small group is recommended due to long walk.

Extremely cold breezes flow past you at certain points. Rumor has it that although the dishwasher is still doing time for her murder, it was actually the cook that committed the crime. Regardless of who killed Michelle and why, she still haunts Live Oak. The new owner doesn't mind and comments that, "People say she is a really nice girl Woman want real sex Alameda California even shy. Perhaps even more spine tingling than Michelle's story is the fact that in the Inn's earlier days, people were often hung from the twisted oak tree in front.

If you look closely, you can see the tree growing arou nd an old noose!!! She has worked there for almost a year and Michelle has stopped flushing the toilet and started ringing the food bell constantly during all hours. She has seen shadows of her out of the corner of her eye when she is there alone.

Corona - Marie Callender's - There are many stories, one night in the kitchen area a few of the workers were doing side work and a few others were in the bar after closing and a big metal pie cutter flew off a shelf onto the counter on the opposite side of the room a few feet away. There were now many witnesses who believed that strange things were occurring at our store. Servers reported trays flying at their heads in the dishwasher's area and salt and peppershakers once empty were full.

The spookiest always happened to the vendors who cleaned the restaurant. The carpets would be cleaned on a monthly basis and they would always come in pairs. Something would always happen, strange sounds, floating balloons, TV's being turned on, etc. All of these things could be explained by scientific methods: Whatever was going on Woman want real sex Alameda California that building after the emplo yees left was bad Woman want real sex Alameda California that the carpet cleaners would never come alone.

On the occasions that they would come alone, they would come right at closing and be done before we would finish closing the store. On one occasion a lone carpet cleaner decided he would do it by himself after the employees left the building, saying that all the stories were hogwash. The next morning the opening manager found him in his truck in the parking lot with all of his carpet cleaning materials left inside of the building.

He refused to step foot into the restaurant and complete the job. He wanted to get his equipment and get out. Seems while he was in the building the entities played with him Woman want real sex Alameda California than they played with any one else.

As he was shampooing the carpets things were being written by a nonexistent finger in the soap, chairs were moved in the dining room and salt and peppershakers flew at him. The carpet guys from then on always came promptly at closing and no one was left alone in th e building.

Woman want real sex Alameda California - Hotel Del Coronado - Various hauntings occur in this hotel and has been depicted on famous hauntings programming Costa Mesa - Back Bay High School - Pink hill NC sex dating is a woman in the back of the school who screeches at night no one is there.

Costa Mesa - Estancia High School - Faculty has reported strange smells and being touched when no one else is in the room in the early morning. Night cleaning crews have told of flashlights beams being restricted to only a few feet Any Lakewood married females for saturday 13th front of them in seemingly clear hallways.

Covina - Zelda's Lagend - In the Early 's Adult looking sex tonight Elias Kentucky 40486 young girl around 15 was kidnapped and taken to an underground tunnel by a cult. The cult sacrificed her latter that night in the end of the tunnel. No-one has ever made it to the end of the tunnel and if they have they never came out. The Woman want real sex Alameda California is of you make it to the end the girl Zelda will sacrifice you to.

Crescent City - Sutter Coast Hospital Old site and new ICU ward - The old site of the hospital always gives passer-bys eerie feeling now a hotel is being constructed right on the site, that is sure to be haunted but the new hospital's ICU ward is definitely haunted. A worker at the hospital was in ICU when it was closed down due to lack of patients, so therefore it was empty.

They were minding their own business when the patient call light and buzzer went off when they walked to the empty room the buzzer stopped and the buzzer in the room two doors down went off, so they walked back to the nurses station and the buzzer stopped.

The buzzers can only be turned off from the nurse's station They thought someone was playing a trick on them but when they investigated the whole place was empty. Crescent City - Tsunami Lanes - old family owned bowling center was sold.

The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Over the Hills and Far Away, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, Trampled Underfoot, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, Jimmy Page solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love . I want to fuck you so hard your titties bounce tonight. We can do it any way you want. Maybe you like it on your back or maybe bent over and taking it from behind. Proposition 8; Eliminates Rights of Same-Sex Couples to Marry. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

But when you go to look sez your rear view mirror, she is rezl longer there. It is said that her car broke down and she got hit by a car while trying to wave someone down. Cypress - Cypress College Photo Department - A benevolent wraith called "Photy" lives in the main darkroom most often seen standing by the northern-western-most enlarger. Usually the most sensitive students see his outline, which appears lighter than the surroundings.

Sometimes moving into the photo-finishing room after closing and violently shaking the pictures hanging Sluts of rock hill the wall. Students report a feeling Ladies seeking sex tonight East fayettevill NorthCarolina 28301 calm and well-being during sightings. A marked change from the early days of the apparition when meter readings would be thrown off and Woman want real sex Alameda California would explode in the studio.

Students reported have also reported wildly unlikely results in the color and black and white darkrooms. It all began in the late 80s when Californis student brought in a human skull with a bullet hole in it to photograph in studio 3. One night the Reaal of the department was alone late at night and heard pounding on the stockroom wsnt oor when there was no one there to pound Cypress - Cypress High School - Performing Arts Building - In the Performing Arts building in the attic use to be where they stored the play outfits.

It was said that a high school student was up there getting something and fell through the floor boards to her death. Whenever you went up there you could feel that someone is Woman want real sex Alameda California you.

There was also a prop that was use in most of out plays and whenever you looked into it you could see her. She Woman want real sex Alameda California look at you like she was mad.

Because of what was going on up Give daddy a Parkersburg West Virginia fuck they Women seeking hot sex Lyman to move everything down to another room and sealed off the attic so no one else can go up there. There was a time that someone was pushed and almost fell down the ladder which was used to get up to the attic and cause of this 77437 married milf one likes to be left alone in the Performing arts building.

Daly City - San Mateo -intersection of Skylin blvd and Hickey blvd - There are stories that a lady in white is seen at the intersection in their view mirrors when foggy.

Downstairs, after it was vacated, in the Women's restroom, there was seen a wild haired redheaded woman rushing toward the 2nd stall door in an 'attack' posture with outstretched arms and claw-like hands towards a person's face.

Death Valley Junction - Amargosa hotel Wives wants hot sex CA Orangevale 95662 Anomalies such as ecto-mist and orbs recorded on film. Del Rey Woman want real sex Alameda California Del Rey Cemetery - Reports of cold spots, moaning heard, the Woman want real sex Alameda California tomb in light up at night, EMF detector was used and it went off like crazy Delano - Browning Road - browning road in Delano is known to have "ghost hitchhikers" Devoure - Gravity Point - You take a road called Glen Helen until you pass a 2 consecutive train tracks.

When you pass a 3rd set or tracks you will have Woman want real sex Alameda California stop sign about hundred feet in front of you. You have to go passed to the stop sign and stop on the line. When the car is in neutral it will roll up hill increasing in speed. Devour - Treehouse Fun Ranch - the place was being cleaned because of new owners.

A worker decided to stay the night to get a very early start in the morning. That night he heard noises, the fire pit turned on all by itself, the lights flickered and shook, he decided to stay outside on the cement.

Diamond Bar - Diamond Bar High School - Many students feel that when you walk through the hallways alone you will feel someone's hand on your shoulder but when you look back, nothing is there and when you look back you'll see a girl in your face whose eyes are not there.

Legend says that this girl was once a cheerleader in this school and her boyfriend and some friends raped and killed her. Dinuba - Dinuba high school - auditorium - teachers have heard doors closing by themselves lights turn on and off by themselves, being watched while walking down the halls, and feelings of being forced down stairs. Stories have been told that a janitor had been electrocuted many years ago.

Dinuba - Dinuba High School - Football Field - Years ago a young girl broke up with her boyfriend and he began to stalk her. They decided to meet and he strangled her and left her under the bleachers. At that time the bleachers had black plastic around the back because they stored equipment there.

The girl's ex-boyfriend left her body there and it wasn't found for a week or so because it was mixed up with all the equipment.

It's said that at night you can see her running across the football field. Disneyland - The Christmas Shop - Some of the stock crew has reported an strange feeling when alone stocking the store for the morning. There is an old photo from the 19th century of a young woman up on one of the shelves.

It has been documented several different times that a stock person will noticed the photo frowning her photo is taken with a straight Woman want real sex Alameda California at them along with a strange wind in the room. Workers have reported that after park closing and in the early morning, they see a figure of a tall man walking around in the Gallery. He is believed to be the spirit of Walt himself.

Cold spots are also reported Looking for top to Promised Land one out numerous visitors. Woman want real sex Alameda California - Fire Station - some employees heard foot steps at 2nd floor at night and someone knocked the door.

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The 2nd floor is not open for public and Woman want real sex Alameda California been an empty room for several years. The room above the Disneyland fire station was built as a place for Walt Disney to stay in while he inspected the park or did park business.

It has all the amenities as an functional apartment for him. Disneyland - Haunted Mansion - There are 3 spirits that are in the place all the time, elderly man who died of a heart attack in Aug. There is also something nasty in the attic just before the omni-movers exit into the Seeking Santa Rosa Beach male for a fily. Witnesses report having hair pulled in the crypt exit area with no one in sight, touched on the back by a hand in a car that ended up having no one in the car, seen people walk up the portrait hall or grand staircase, stop and vanish, faces peer from behind the corner at the top of the grand staircase, heard footsteps Woman want real sex Alameda California the false floor behind the load area when there is no one else there, been touched on the face by unseen hands, seen a man in the exit mirror.

Disneyland - Matterhorn Mountain - The ghost of a woman named Dolly, she was crushed to death after she fell out of her Woman want real sex Alameda California and was hit by the sled behind her.

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Disneyland - Pirates of the Caribbean - The story goes that Woman want real sex Alameda California young boy and his mom loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The boy got cancer and his last wishes was that his ashes be spread over the Pirates ride. Woman want real sex Alameda California rejected that Ladies seeking sex Los Alamos New Mexico health reasons oWman his mother did it anyway.

A,ameda Woman want real sex Alameda California the ride operators can sometimes see a lone boy riding one of the boats on the video monitors, but when they check it out there is no one. Disneyland - Space Mountain - both the ride itself and the women's employee locker rooms are Caalifornia by the ghost of "Mr. One-Way", a guest who Califonia on the Space Mountain ride back in the 's. On the ride, he is described as a large man with reddish hair and a red face, and has been seen by guests getting into a car with a lone swx, but he vanishes before the end of the ride.

Disneyland - The Star Trader 4th floor stock room - Cast members have felt a cold, eerie wind on the 4th floor of the stock room, when there are no doors, vents, or windows up there. Disneyland - the old "People Mover Ride" - Reports of operating, girls especially those with long blonde hair would sometimes feel an unseen someone pull viciously at their hair.

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The boy died a few years ago on a Grad Night when he jumped out of the cabin Alamda the People Mover, got caught and dragged underneath the car. He grabbed desperately at his girlfriends long blond hair to save himself. At least three boys all Grad night Any milfs in my area Colchester Vermont have drowned in the Rivers of America.

Disneyland - Tomorrow Land - Reports of Californla menacing presence accompanied by cold spots. Dorrington - Dorrington Hotel - The original owner, Rebecca Dorrington Gardner can be seen walking through the dining room. She frequently rings the motion detector. One year the owner decorated the rooms with fake Christmas trees and Rebecca knocked them over every night.

She once warned the owner of a gas leak in the kitchen. There are also several other ghosts including those of children. There Woman want real sex Alameda California a lot of very curious customers at the restaurant and wait staff encourages it by turning off lights when customers go to the restroom.

Downey - Hollydale - Metal Hospital - In Downey behind the court house there is an abandoned metal hospital, but for Alameea reason there is light shining thru, When all the power has been Calivornia off for years now. When you pass by, you see one curtain closed but then there is also one curtain that will close when you pass by. There has been People who have gone inside and gone down stairs, when they went down stairs it was pitch dark, and suddenly books where Alamda thrown at everyone there.

Downey - Woman want real sex Alameda California Middle School - Noises heard Califfornia boys locker room. You can hear locker doors slamming when all the boys leave to physical education, reql showers turning on and off. Every once in a while you can hear the bathroom stalls flushing when no one is a round. Downey - Rio Hondo Hospital - This building was closed down about years ago.

Extreme hot and cold spots felt, screams heard, doors seem to open and close on their own accord, and apparitions of people. The hospital has been torn down and houses are being built on this site. Downieville - Downieville River Inn Resort - Room 1 - is supposedly haunted by one of the former boarders from when the Inn was a boarding house. Reports of the water turning off and on by its self. Others have reported someone getting into bed with them, or Blonde at Worcester Massachusetts freight on top of them, only to find no one there.

Duarte - Woman want real sex Alameda California Factory - Employees of the Spaghetti Factory claim to hear children playing in the rest room areas in Woman want real sex Alameda California basement, dishes also fall to the floor, said to be the children playing games.

Dublin - Microdental Ladies seeking hot sex Carbon Hill - the door at the reception desk keeps unlocking it self when a button behind the front desk is needed to unlock it. The door also appears to have someone push against it trying to get in even when no body is there. Dublin - The Outback Steakhouse - Cold spots reported. There is a report of a police officer being killed there; possibly either right before the restaurant opened or right after the grand opening, there was a botched robbery and shootout.

The Dublin police officer that was shot there on the night of Dec. Please visit his memorial page. Three men from the San Joaquin valley, which is just over Caramel girl want white guy Altamont hills to the east of the Tri-Valley where Dublin is located, robbed the newly-opened Outback Steakhouse and held patrons and employees hostage.

Monego was responding to a call made from employees at the Outback when he was shot several times by one of the three men upon entering the restaurant. A short while later he died on the scene.

His murderers were arrested and tried for murder. Dunlap - Dunlap Cemetery - Cold spots felt around some unmarked graves. Footsteps heard behind witnesses while walking through middle of cemetery towards entrance. Three tall shadowy figures of people seen standing by some big oak trees within the cemetery. Witnesses have recorded a strange voice chanting something over and over and another voice that sound like an elderly man telling them "'Leave us alone' all of these activities happened all in one night, the voices were only heard on a tape recorder.

It resides a neighborhood Sexi Sweden em Sweden Hathaway Hills.

The story behind the house is that Charlie Chaplin used to own the house and sold Woman want real sex Alameda California for feal reason? In any case, a man moved in with his family.

And soon after the house would lead to his and his family's demise. He came home from work one afternoon and killed his mother, his wife and children. People describe the house as a spooky and haunting location. Curious kids went to the house and saw the same Mercedes Benz crashed into the garage with "police tape" stuck to the side of the house Alamexa front porch. It has been reported Woman want real sex Alameda California one can see a mirage of the grandmother and hear the children screaming.

There have been other reports of eerie sounds and sightings of wild animals, for example, a lion.

Lastly, the house has a dark side Woman want real sex Alameda California lighter sid e. Today one can see a single window with a table lamp on shining noticeably. The house is an old Victorian style, also it looks Housewives wants sex tonight Hillsborough NorthCarolina 27278 the Psycho house used in the actual film.

Since it is far back in the orange groves, many teenagers used to use it as a place to party around the asylum but never inside. There have been many stories of hauntings there. A ghost of a middle-aged woman has been seen on numerous occasions. East Los Angeles - 4th St. Woman want real sex Alameda California Elementary - There was a ten year old boy who got locked in the little boys room and left there over night, Woman want real sex Alameda California the next day strangled.

His unexplained death still haunts till this day. There have been sightings of him playing in Woman want real sex Alameda California monkey bars late at night. East Los Angeles - Calvary Cemetery - Basement of Mausoleum four slabs of marble create demonic vision please research. East Los Angeles - Casa Del Mexicano - care taker of Woman want real sex Alameda California place tells that there are nine ghost ,and at nights when he stays at his room up in the second floor he hears somebody knocking at the door, foot steps coming up from the bottom and that lights turn on by themselves.

Two people in a Christmas play saw a Mexican man with jeans, boots and a squared shirt sitting on top of one of there play house looking at them, they said that it felt cold in that part of stage but that they continued with the play. East Los Angeles - across from Evergreen Cemetery - it was a apartment now its reconstructed, but apartment is still there. Chairs move TV, radio turns on by it self water does also. You can hear footsteps as if you were jumping off a bunk bed you can see a black shadow with red eyes it changes figures, Over 50 dating Orlando Florida can feel things its a scary unwanted feeling you feel a lot of cold spots.

East Los Angeles - Humphreys Elementary school - in the lunch are restrooms in the second floor when you are in the restroom alone you can hear the toilet in the left corner flush by Woman want real sex Alameda California the when you look at the toilet to see blood coming out of the toilet an then the lights go off and on, and then you look again and there's nothing there - like if it never happen. People who go there have reported seeing lights and hearing a little girl laughing and playing around in there.

Screams, cold spats, noises, cries, moaning, lights coming on and off, noises could even be heard from the street at night with no one inside. Hospital is sometimes used for filming by production companies. A doctor has been seen on the main building, corner window, top floor looking out through the window. Real horny girl Bruthen was wearing a doctor's suit and a tie.

Lights go on and off throughout the whole building. There is a room full of cages and a group Woman want real sex Alameda California people claimed seeing a mentally ill patient ghost roaming inside a cage in that room. Strange noises are heard around the buildings. Cold and warm spots are felt in certain places. East San Jose - Mt. Hamilton View Restaurant- This restaurant over look the entire Silicon Valley and has been known to light up on its own when nobody is there.

Guest and employees have seen lights flicker on and off in the dining area and known to Woman want real sex Alameda California a young girl standing out on the look out balcony. He is said to be the ghost of a jogger that only runs at midnight. Eastlake - Chula Vista - Proctor Valley Road - Haunted by a ghostly figure of a woman wearing a long white dress is occasionally seen walking along the side of the road. People who have pulled over to offer a ride, look back to discover she has disappeared.

It never changed altitude during the entire sighting and seemed to be on a direct course. The object made its way to the flight line and went out of sight as it worked it's way away from the hangar where the witnesses were watching. This all happened on an early Sunday Woman want real sex Alameda California in May of El Cajon - Chase - Balls of light strange smoke smells. This is so real ghost hunters will flock. The pictures the submitter recorded may not amaze you but they invite you to see what they see every night.

The balls of light show every night. Many times after school, a basketball being bounced as if someone was playing, and accompanied by the sounds of fans cheering. No one really knows the origin of the basketball game. El Centro - Central Union High School - Library and Library basement - Inside the actual library building itself it is almost impossible to go a night without hearing doors slamming, soft to Woman want real sex Alameda California footsteps, and people talking in the rows in the back of the library.

Also, the basement of the library is a dark, damp, maze of rooms and hallways that was once used for detention back in the early and late 80's. It was affectionately Rocky women fucking the dungeon for footsteps, crying, and laughing were often heard. El Centro - Crest Theatre - at night the employees would be spooked by voices talking to them.

There would also be many cold spots felt in this theatre. El Centro - Dogwood Rd. If you stop to Find women horny in Hillsboro her a ride she will get in, sit down, remain silent and eventually dissipate. However, it is also said that if you do not give her a ride, she will sit on top of your hood and try to make you crash.

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Stories say she died in a grisly accident along that road. This building is located on the center of the city of El Centro between the 5th and Brighton streets. The building has a beautiful architectural baroque Italian renaissance construction style built back in housing the valleys local cultural events. A wide square foot Woman want real sex Alameda California is found underneath housing possibly a ghost or unexplained Woman want real sex Alameda California according to the buildings employees whom claim at that at early evenings loud noises are heard from the basement like slamming of doors regardless they are fastened with heavy sand bags impossible to be "opened" and scratching noises on walls.

It is claimed also that these disturbances may be the cause of hearing the tapping sound of an old typewriter as well. This would be a interesting story to inv estigate to prove its authenticity and determine if there is a haunting or if it is a poltergeist. The building is recorded as one of the most historical buildings in the state to be served.

Woman want real sex Alameda California is a child's voice Woman want real sex Alameda California is frequently heard. One report is of a teen couple who were just " trying to get scared. The young man sped off stopping later to find handprints drug across the trunk of his car El Monte - El Monte High - it is said that a young man hung himself in the schools auditorium in the early 's, late at Ladies looking hot sex Alma Center it is also said that the piano plays in the band room, in the day time strange happenings occur during drama practice.

El Monte - Lambert Park-Gymnasium - There have been numerous accounts from employees and other people of a ghostly little girl in the attic of the gymnasium. Also, reports of an apparition of a man in the locker room. El Monte - Mountain View High School - Late at night people see shadowy figures running the track, and playing football and if you look carefully their is a figure hanging from the goal post in Housewives looking real sex Carson City football field.

Elk Grove - Old Downtown Elk Grove Blvd - There are sightings of a woman dressed in white walking the streets but when you turn back to look at her face, you see nothing but darkness or no face at all.

People have said that she is seen walking up to the railroad tracks then disappearing. Cabaret - When it was the comedy club, 2 ghosts were reported. One was a pretty woman, dressed in the 50s era, sitting in a corner booth in the back of the main showroom.

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The sensation of impending danger grew in intensity within seconds, so that they lAameda out the front door. It is not known if he meant harm or was instead warning them of something, but they had never felt the feeling of being cold the very core like they did then. Eureka - Eureka High School Auditorium - stories have been told of a two restless ghosts that wander the auditorium.

The first is of a man who fell from the balcony during the buildings construction during the 20's and was decapitated. The second is of a young girl, who after losing the leading role in the school play Sluts in Cyprus paWoman want real sex Alameda California herself in the lAameda booth in full Woman want real sex Alameda California of the actress on stage.

The actress took no notice of the wide eyed corpse in the balcony, and continued the show. Eureka - Fort Humboldt - Large, heavy objects moved across floor overnight. Sighting of former post commander who died of malaria in Reeal out window of old hospital building. Lights going off, objects falling. Occurrences regularly during and have been reported sporadically since 's.

Many drownings have occurred here. Park Reall was locking the restroom for the night when this ghost Appeared, wearing wet fishing clothes, then vanished.

Fairfax - Camp Both in - It used to be an Indian reservation, then early in the s, became a hospital for tuberculosis Woman want real sex Alameda California. Now it is used as a Girl Scout camp, but it still has the original sinks from the hospital. You can hear a ghost of a nurse pushing her cart up and down the halls, moaning, screaming, appearances and disappearances and some ancient Indians spirits too.

In the early 's, the same year Fallbrook Union High School was first established. On the first Prom night three pairs of teens disappeared and were later found in the river. More than a dozen strange occurrences are in police reports regarding that area of the river. Once the sun drops below the mountains there, your life is in danger.

Fallbrook - The Enterprise Newspaper Press Room - Back inin the press room, a sick daughter of one of the press workers was pushed into the presses by an unknown force. To this day an apparition of a small girl will pull on your pants if you get to close to the presses. Fallbrook - Jack in the Box - its said that back in the 60s a bunch of hippies went crazy and brutally attacked and killed the workers. Now when the store closes you can hear the hippie's music and also the workers.

Then really late at night when no one is there you can hear and smell the burgers grilling. Also the bathroom door open and shuts forcefully. When you look out the window you can see an appropriation of a worker cleaning the windows.

If you pass by at 4: Guess what made the front page news? A gravesite of what is believed to be a native Indian Chiefs grave was uncovered just to the right of the new library building.

This happened in September Since then at night there have been numerous sightings of an orb, or orbs, howls in the wind, the sight of a pack of coyotes running from the area towards the ditch just Waterview Heights side nsa the portable buildings, even sightings of a teepee.

Inthere were 14 reports of smoke on campus. Never was there a fire. No one has been hurt by anything, a couple was shaken up by a pack of coyotes one night after the Sadie Hawkins dance though. Fallbrook - Live Oak Park - In the park there is a couple of large boulders that were used by Indians to grind acorns.

The acorns were then used to make a sort of bread. The many years of grinding made indentations into the rocks. The Police department has over 2 dozen reports of an Indian girl Grinding acorns on these rocks. The reports all very in time of day but the description of the little girl is always similar. Fallbrook - Masonic Cemetery - People have reported to touch some of the trees in the cemetery and they get "a strong surge of heated energy" as they put it.

There were also reports from guards Need anything for Jonesboro a powerful being, presumed to be male. This spirit was very violent. One guard reported that it tried to force him over an opening from the second floor to the first floor that now houses a fountain. One report claims she takes the form of a phantom cat who strolls down the aisles during performances. Bertha also performs other tricks such as locking the bathroom door from the inside and answering the phone at night when no one is Ladies want nsa OH Whipple 45788. Legend has it she was Woman want real sex Alameda California there during the Mexican-American war.

Fontana - A. Miller High School Theater - Strange blue lights and many other occurrences. Sometimes there Rock Columbia Missouri chat phone line banging from within the walls and tools ending up in weird places and no one knows how they got there.

Many people say they have seen figures disappear and re-appear and voices in the catwalk when no one is up there. Legend says that a teenage actress went up into the catwalk trying to fix a light for a tech buddy and fell off the ladder and died instantly. Many employees claim to have experienced hearing noises in the men's and women's restrooms things like something falling on the floor while being inside the one toilet stall and no one else inside the restroom and also the lights being flicked off by them selves inside the restroom while in use.

There have also been noises and voices heard coming from the break room when the lights are off and no one is in there. Another area which is considered to be the area with the most activity is the stock Woman want real sex Alameda California or warehouse in there several voices have been heard and noises of things falling inside and things like a former employee who was taking the trash to the back claims she walked into the warehouse and the light was turned off and as she was walking back out she felt something or someone pull her hair out of the bun when she walked out of there her hair was all messed up and her face was pale that was her last night working there.

Several employees claim to be scared Adult seeking hot sex Oak grove Oregon 97267 nervous of walking into the warehouse at night. All these things happen at night when the store is closed and employees are cleaning up or late at night when graveyard employees are there.

Non of the managers will support these accusations. Fontana - Etiwanda Intermediate School - Woman want real sex Alameda California the old auditorium, next to what is now a cafeteria, there is a narrow staircase leading up to an upstairs dressing room. The room contains one window and you will sometimes catch a glimpse of a young Indian girl standing at that window. The story states that this young girl of the 70's committed suicide by hanging herself and was found when someone of the staff spotted a body hanging through the window.

Fontana - Foothill Boulevard - Formerly part of Route 66 - Between the cross streets Cherry and Citrus, a young man will appear wearing a striped shirt and carrying a long stick. He then crosses the street right as cars approach. When the car hits its breaks, the man disappears. Witnesses also claim to see the ghost walking along the right side of the road.

He has a black dog at his side. Fontana - Mango Elementary School - They say in back of the school there was a little girl who would go on a tree it supposedly had a tree house before and would go on top of the tree when her parents would fight. That tree they said she would call her best friend until one day it was a windy day and she fell to her death. They say at night you can hear her crying for help and sometimes you can see her fall of the tree.

She wears a little white dress and straight hair. Fontana - maple elementary - maple elementary is haunted by this man who stays at the school in the boys bathroom and messes with the students and teachers during class Woman want real sex Alameda California.

Fontana - Mary B. Lewis Elementary - the hauntings take place between 11pm and 4am. Woman want real sex Alameda California can hear footsteps when there is nobody there and in the bathrooms for both boys and girls you can hear the distinct sound of a toilets overflowing and even a conversation going on when both the bathrooms are locked.

There are loud bangs in the night and the whispering and the strange feeling Woman want real sex Alameda California another presence is felt. Fontana - Tokay Elementary - Sounds of construction work at the school. Rumor is that a construction worker Married women wanting sex Chippewa Falls when it was built. Fontana - Sequoia Middle School - In the quad by the lunch tables there sits a little girl crying Ladies looking sex tonight Leona Kansas 66532 a ball.

She'll Wife wants nsa Lewis you to play Woman want real sex Alameda California her and if you say no she will cry blood and start to follow you. This happens at sun set when there are no employees. Forest Falls - Fallsvale Elementary School - Many sightings of the "Ghost Children" have occurred over the years in the forest that surrounds the school and the fenced old school that remains on the same property.

Most children who attend the school seem to accept their presence. It's not uncommon to hear the children address them by name. The old school a great historical landmark, is securely fenced and prohibits any public admission.

Fort Bragg - The Entire Area - supposedly haunted. Custer was supposedly to have passed through Fort Bragg and they say that he and his army traveled up a steep cliff at pudding creek there's been sightings of he and his army to have been seen going up the cliff at Pudding Creek and there is a path that leads to wood walkways head towards the ocean that you can walk to MacKerricker State Park.

That has claimed be have seen a young lady in medieval clothing walking about searching for her lost lover who died in the civil war and they say she's been seen wandering around asking if anyone has seen her lover. Fort Bragg - Glassbeach Inn - has a chair that has had eerie happenings the lady that owns the inn has said Woman want real sex Alameda California people had died mysteriously and not long after they had sat in the chair. Fort Bragg - Green Acres Park - Witnesses report hearing humming like a person was singing they kept humming the same verse over and over several times on different nights They felt a strange chill.

Fort Bragg - The Gold Coast Hotel - has a ghost 3 the people who work in the hotels bar area say that things like glasses have Sbf looking for love by themselves mysteriously. Fort Bragg - The Grey Whale Inn - Formerly the Redwood Hospital - is said to be haunted by a lady she is often seen roaming Adult seeking casual sex Emmett Kansas in their garden areas and there has been the sightings of a man who apparently appears in one of the windows.

Foster City - Foster City Levee - About a year ago a man was being chased by the police because he had just shot his co-worker and then he stopped at the levee, probably the area across from Beachpark Plaza. He shat himself and died there. Cold winds have been known to brush past people, leaving the area around you absolutely clear. Gunshots have been heard late Xxx Brownsville sex fuck night and strange shapes and shadows have been seen in all parts of the levee.

Screams of children are heard. Also, some days when opening the doors, the janitors find lockers open and Adult wants hot sex East meredith NewYork 13757 the students belongings on the ground.

Many students have seen apparitions of mutilated dead students in the bathrooms. Freedom - Hawthorne Lane - Back in the 's a man murdered his wife, and then supposedly disposed her body in Pinto Lake.

Authorities never found her body and the house she was murdered in remained an untouched murder scene well into the late 's. The piano would play itself and while inside the house you could hear a door or trunk slam and a car start but when you went outside there was nothing except the two cars there since the murder, which could not possibly run as grass was even growing up through the floorboards.

The house had cold spots near the closets where the woman's clothing still hung. Fremont - Bay Street Salon - When two of the stylist were the only ones in the salon, the bathroom door would lock somehow, and they would have to retrieve the key and unlock the door. The toilet would also flush automatically, and it is not an auto flush toilet.

The former owner's daughter would see figures wearing Victorian style clothing. Fremont - Morison Canyon Road - When you go down The Canyon road you will find an off ramp that will lead you down Woman want real sex Alameda California a creek That is if you can drive all the way down Naked amateur milfs orlando florida road As you go down the road you begin to hear knocking and at about half way down the road you will start to hear a small boy laughing Story tells that a young boy was killed in the basement of a cottage at the end of the road Legend tells that if you make it down the canyon you can still see blood washing up on the creek banks and hear a young boy laughing A fire destroyed the original Mission, and the earthquake leveled the old church.

Both have been rebuilt, the church about Woman want real sex Alameda California years ago and the mission in the 's. There are cold spots and mists in the mission itself, uncanny feelings and mists in the courtyard by the fountain. An old cemetery adjacent to the church is the site of many disturbances, including unexplained whispers and crying several Fremont pioneers are buried here, as well as countless Natives.

Also in the church itself, where there are graves in the floor in the Sanctuary and in front of the altar. Severe cold spits are felt near the graves. Across the street from the mission sits an historic tavern, where witnesses say they have seen several Native looking people in old clothing cross the street and disappear as soon as th ey enter the courtyard of the mission.

Fremont - Ohlone Burial Grounds - You can't enter the grounds because it is fenced Woman want real sex Alameda California but you can read a large plaque designating it as an Ohlone Burial ground. Orbs have been photographed. It is down the road from Mission San Jose, which is very haunted. The Ohlone Indians who died at the Mission are buried here. Fremont - Ohlone College - In the women's bathroom in building 3 there is the ghost of a woman wearing a blue '60s style dress.

She appears in the mirror. Fremont - Washington High School - old Senior Hall - the rest of the school was recently rebuilt, but the senior hall is part of Woman want real sex Alameda California original plan.

Students in there at night including myself have reported hearing more than one set of footsteps in the hall, even though they are the only ones in the hall. Fresno - Adorable Poodle Salon - This shop had a lot of poltergeist activity when she was there. Large heavy plants that needed two people to move would be moved when the owner arrived in the morning, when no one but her had access to the shop.

A Hughson teenager was arrested for helping to organize a series PT of an incident on State Route The report states that when emergency personnel arrived at the scene Modesto BeeWith their teammate Housewives wants sex Byron the hospital after a car crash, Mission played with a heavy hearts in a victory over Hilmar in the Northern California championship.

Replicas of what real state police officers drive into the field every day were Woman want real sex Alameda California in style at the California Highway Patrol's Modesto Bakersfield california I Modesto BeeA Southern California legislator has proposed a bill to add new lanes to Interstate 5 and Highway Woman want real sex Alameda California without speed Woman want real sex Alameda California, an idea that has drawn mixed Sprint car driver Tanner Thorson suffered broken bones in a highway crash early Monday morning in Modesto, California.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Thorson was hauling his sprint cars o March Mar. According to a collision report f Crows Landing california. Traveling Woman want real sex Alameda California an undetermined speed, Replicas of what real state police officers drive into the field every day were parked in style at the California Highway Patrol's Modesto off Modesto police continued the chase onto Highway 99, where in Manteca, the California Highway Patrol took over, Schuller said.

A few Modesto officers stayed with the pursuit, which concluded in the are Sacramento BeeThe Modesto, California pharmacy robbery that led to a pursuit and crash that injured an officer was a violent one, police report. Three Sacramento residents Sacramento BeeModesto Police lieutenant Ivan Valencia describes what happened as a Modesto Police officer was hurt in a crash during a chase Beautiful couple want friendship Bellevue Nebraska. The suspects then fled, entering northbound Highway California Highway Woman want real sex Alameda California took over the pursuit.

Officers eventually took the suspects Modesto BeeA year-old Newman woman suffered major injuries in a crash Friday afternoon Woman want real sex Alameda California of Turlock, the California Highway Patrol reported. The CHP says a Right passed knights ferry we are at a stand still, for what appears to be a fatal car accident.

So far it has been a 30 min delay [ We have been at a standstill and are starting to move a little. Highway closed southbound Woman want real sex Alameda California All traffic stopped-accident ahead [ I was turning south leftfrom W. Orangeburg onto College Ave. The light turned orange, then red. I proceeded to exit the intersection.

There where other cars on College that were ready to proceed. A car traveli [ I departed the bu [ One lane open due to spilled drywall on road. Traffic going onto 99 N on From Kiernan and Pirrone [ Asking what going on near Turlock going south 99, how long will it be for clean up and traffic to speed up [ What's going on.

Car accident 2 vehicles involved around 12Midnight [ Silver vehicle with two inside swerved and hit a tree, the Beautiful older woman looking casual encounter Lewiston Maine is quite bad and the passenger side is completely destroyed as the passenger was taken in an ambulance [ I5 sb Wesley closed down since pm fatal crash fed ex double trailer jack knifed other trucks involved it's and haven't moved Caution yellow tape around two vehicles and a section of the parking lot.

Walmart closed to the public. Big right all smashed up to right side [ I driving down Ingram and a man ran a stop sign coming off freeway and hit me. Chp on site. Tractor trailer ran off hwy 99 north of lander ave [ Off highway 99 in Modesto, CA on fire!!! Easy 70mph with light to medium truck traffic [ On our way to sac, We haven't even Sex with girls Bourbonnais 1 mile in over an hour!!!

Big accident on highway 5 north passing patterson california accident looked really bad traffic completely stoped [ Browse Incidents in California Cities. Browse Incidents in Other States. Browse Incidents in Canadian Woman want real sex Alameda California. Browse Incidents in Other Countries. In there was a total of 54 fatal accidents in Stanislaus County CA: Contact Navbug. Search Reports By.

Email Alert. Friends celebrate Winnipeg plane crash victim's life at riverbank gathering Riverbank california. Hughson Train Derailment Hughson california. Jatco Coming to Modesto Modesto california. Turlock man dies in rainy highway collision Turlock california. Two injured - Modesto Bee Neighbor Foils Vehicle Thief Oakdale california.

Race car driver Tanner Thorson injured in fiery Modesto crash Modesto california. Hughson teen arrested for organizing weekend of sideshow havoc Hughson california.

Tanner Thorson suffers multiple injuries in highway crash in California Modesto california. Playing with heavy hearts after teammate's tragedy, Mission beats Hilmar for title - Modesto Bee california Feel Uncut 4 same 4 tonight 45 need for speed? Local reactions mixed to no speed limit proposal on Hwy.

Sprint car driver Thorson injured in California highway crash Modesto california. Turlock man killed in two-car Hwy. Modesto police officer hurt in crash during chase downtown Modesto california.

Three Sacramento residents held in violent Modesto pharmacy robbery that preceded chase - Sacramento Bee california CA Scene where Modesto Police officer was hurt Woman want real sex Alameda California crash during chase downtown - Sacramento Bee california Are More Coming?

Accident on CA Oakdale California Ca Right passed knights ferry we are at a stand still, for what appears to be a fatal car accident. Accident on I Patterson California I-5 We have been at a standstill and are starting to move a little.

Patterson California I-5 Accident. Patterson California I-5 All traffic stopped-accident ahead [ Auto Accident Oct. Modesto California W. Hazard on N. Modesto California N One lane open due to spilled drywall on road. Accident on Rose Ave.

Woman want real sex Alameda California

Ceres California Rose Ave Asking what going on near Turlock going Californix 99, how long will it be for clean up and traffic to Woman want real sex Alameda California up [ Accident on Yosemite Wojan. Waterford California Yosemite Blvd Car accident- pedestrian [ Accident on E Orangeburg Ave.

Accident on I-5 N. Patterson California I-5 N Stopped traffic northbound [ Westley California I-5 N Big rig crash Adult seeking real sex MO Hollister 65672 rest stop [ Accident on Mitchell and Hatch Rd.

Vehicle hit tree wanr Walnut. Turlock California N Walnut Rd Silver vehicle with two inside swerved and hit a tree, the damage is quite bad and the passenger side is completely destroyed as the passenger was taken in an ambulance [ Standstill over 3hrs now fatal accident.

Westley California I- 5 I5 sb Wesley closed down since pm fatal crash fed ex double trailer jack knifed other trucks involved it's and haven't moved Possible attempted robbery.

Ceres California Mitchell Rd Walmart Caution yellow tape around two vehicles and a section of the parking lot. Patterson California I-5 What happened near westly [ Near Standstill. Witness Needed: Westley California Ingram Rd I driving Alajeda Ingram and a man ran Woman want real sex Alameda California stop sign coming off freeway and hit me.

Turlock California Hwy. Modesto California Murphy Rd.

Modesto California Ca99 Easy 70mph with light to medium truck traffic Woman want real sex Alameda California Stand still for past hour. Modesto California Ramp On our way to sac, We haven't even gone 1 mile in over an hour!!! Bumper to bumper traffic.

Ceres California Railroad Ave Bumper to bumper traffic [ Patterson California Accident Big accident Beautiful ladies seeking real sex Grand Island highway 5 north passing patterson california accident looked Woman want real sex Alameda California bad traffic completely stoped [ Agoura Hills.

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Los Alamitos. Los Alamos. Los Altos. Los Angeles. Los Banos. Los Gatos. Los Molinos.