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Smoke up and hang out tonight I Am Look Horny People

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Smoke up and hang out tonight

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Some friends and I are going, and wouldn't mind meeting new faces.

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Top definition. To smoke up is to let another person smoke marijuana with you without payment.

Guy 1: You got bills? Guy 2: Nah man, I'm dead broke.

It's aightI'll smoke you up on this blunt. Smoke up drugs.

To smoke marijuana. By adding the "up" you are differentiating between simply smoking tobacco and smoking marijuana.

A case of hiccups that occurs right when you light a cigarette. Involuntary hiccups happen right when you take a dragevery drag, making the smoke utterly unejoyable. The smokeups infuriatingly go away as soon as you're done smoking.

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Drives me crazy! To tell someone to 'smoke up' is asking ahng to hurry up with the joint when they're taking fucking ages with their tokes.

To 'smoke up', is to have a hit of cannibus sativa from a bong or waterpipe. Sex Appeal ABC party Monroe, Michigan Nick Crompton Justin Trudeau England is Smoke up and hang out tonight city Elbows Too Pointy The Golden Butthole E6 Morning head Equalist Seagulled National ex day