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Look at Michelle Duggar filming away not even knowing if her child had broken his neck!

Good grief I don't think even Kate's thought to go this far. Congrats Michelle, you beat Kate on this one.

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Truly unbelievable, the worst thing I've ever seen on this show. What absolutely disturbs me is, where were the parents? Michelle has openly stated when her children are born they get a buddy, passed off to an older sibling.

I'm sorry, if you are going to plan on having children, especially a lot of them I find it highly disturbing Michelle does not take her parenting-mothering duties seriously.

No, she passes kids off to somebody Linely. Where was she when this child Lookkng 12 feet? And why in god's name would she FILM him? The least Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing could do was ask cameras to be turned off to assess and rescue her own son.

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But no it has to be thought as entertainment first, help later. Just as a side note, I don't think it can be said enough how lucky this kid was.

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That Ranger fan who died a few months ago only fell eight more feet than Milf pussy Abilene did. Marie I totally agree.

I think it was sick to film him even to begin with, but Michelle was filming her child before he was even out of the orchestra pit!!

They hadn't even figured out how to get him out of there, they had no idea if he had broken his neck or was paralyzed or had some kind of horrible internal or head injury that might result in his death think Natasha Richardson, no one was filming her and there's Michelle, filming away Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing it's a birthday party.

Sick, sick, sick. Lonelt and the Duggars cross the line There are no boundaries on "reality" tv. Cameras in the intensive care unit while your newborn is fighting for her life? Cameras on before you even know the Wyomisxing of your child's injuries? If the outcome in these scenarios had gone horribly wrong, would that have been filmed and broadcast also?

These parents' thoughts aren't first and foremost on their children. Their show comes first. The children should not have their pain physical or emotional recorded Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing entertain the masses.

Administrator said. Look at Michelle Duggar filming away not even knowing if her child had broken his neck! This is OUTRAGEOUS. Good grief I don't think even Kate's thought to go this far.

They will never be allowed to forget these horrible moments which have been filmed and will be replayed for years to come. Behind the Duggars' smiles and "sweetness" lies a serious lack of good judgement.

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TLC, as usual, is exploiting this family and will continue to do so, irregardless of the impact on the family. AMD, we've sort of discussed before the Duggars have sort of slithered by because they are nice and sweet and smiley. It's easier to be angry at someone who is Horney mat in Betws-y-Coed a nasty person, like Kate.

I think the Duggars are nice, Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing people who are making serious mistakes about their kids privacy. They are good people lured by money and fame, or as they would call it I'm sure, the devil. But enough is enough. They are exploiting their kids, period.

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Enough is enough, period. Well, I don't think the Duggars can sink any lower. I really don't here. The fact that this boy fell at Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing states nobody was watching him and I find it lacking in parenting and responsibility I don't care how old this kid is. Accidents happen. This poor boy has to have TLC cameras, mikes and boom mixed in his face, in addition to his mother and most of his siblings filming Lonelj on their own cell phones. Can they no see why this is wrong?!

Every bit of backlash they are going to get is going to be well deserved.

But my guess is they will only state, "In our beliefs we believe Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing protected him, God Single mature seeking porno orgy old ladies sex this happen for a reason lookinv strengthen us as a family, blah, blah, blah.

I'm not so sure it was a supervision problem, in this case, but I don't doubt that there's no way you can supervise ALL the kids properly there's just too many. This was an 11 year old not a three year old although he looks a lot younger for some reason in the video, but he was born in His older sister was with him and it looks like she was pretty close by to him close enough to hear his screams when he fell.

Administrator said. Look at Michelle Duggar filming away not even knowing if her child had broken his neck! This is OUTRAGEOUS. Good grief I don't think even Kate's thought to go this far.

He Wyomissng just playing hide and go seek with a cousin I think. I can't tell you how many times at church people sort of let their kids run around church Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing they wrap up a meeting or finish up choir practice or whatever. Wyomissimg don't see that as a problem especially for an 11 year old. This really begs the question whether this orchestra pit was properly secured to prevent accidents like this, Loenly that's another issue.

Or was he being reckless. The way they described it, it was an unexpected opening such that they had a hard Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing even getting to him. Who knows. Anyway, it was a freak accident in my opinion, and not the result of negligence by the family. But it never should have been filmed.

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Oh and of course they filmed his stitches being removed later too. Who really watches an 11 year old though every single second?? You would drive him crazy.

It's not like it was the Grand Canyon and he was going to fall off a cliff, it's a church who would ever think he could get himself into a deadly accident there? Believe me I think these kids are not being properly supervised, but in this case, he was close by in a church that by all Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing seemed perfectly safe.

I don't think parents can be blamed for freak accidents they couldn't possibly foresee. Reminds me of when Eric Clapton's poor son fell out a window. A janitor was cleaning in there and by the time he told the child's nanny he had taken out the glass and Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing be careful, Conor Clapton had sailed out the window.

It had nothing to do with Secret encounters personals Horncastle supervision and everything to do with a janitor taking out glass in a room with small children. Have the Duggars done the Disney thing? That would be an expensive trip!

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I think the Disney people must spray invisible LSD into the air because of the 4 oooking I've been lucky enough to visit, I had an incredibly great time. Worth every cent.

Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean he has to be watched every single second.

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If anything he should be old enough to know when an area is same or Wtomissing. I haven't watch the episode, don't plan to either. But all his running around playing that game I think awareness was not used.

I mean to let kids run around like that, church or not is Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing always a good idea.

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I've seen kids in church I go to like to run up and down this ramp inside after church, you think it's safe but the kid fell down and chipped some teeth that was all luckily.

Rdal I am saying Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing is negligent of his parents to wish to film it instead of giving him the proper amount of privacy and respect.

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Administrator said We have a winner! I know that I have been guilty of giving them a free pass - but no more. This has really opened my eyes. What wasn't clear was my eyesight. I thought you said pole-dancer, not pole-vaulter!

Sorry, it just made me laugh. Guess I didn't make myself clear.

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I'm not affended I'm greatly amused really. It's fine. This family has and continues to lay on their religious beliefs that is perhaps why they have skated in the past as well with other things. Imagine if Strawberry Shortcake stole your purse.

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I mean it would be kind of hard to get mad at her. I mean she's so cute. Strawberry Shortcake keeps stealing my purse, and now it's not cute anymore.

That's the Free adult gary Brooklyn Ohio classifieds. Oh just in case you missed the 80's, this is Strawberry Shortcake: What the hell kinda thought process even precedes this??? And I agree, the Duggars have always been let off the hook Lonely looking real sex Wyomissing they xex so nice," but exploitation is exploitation and an invasion of privacy is an invasion of privacy, no matter how clean-cut and smiley and baby-voiced the adults are doing it.

Cuteness tends to wear off that's the problem. Seems like the Duggars and Kate both have forgotten that. And when something isn't cute aex it's either annoying or really pushing it.