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Our brains, being filled up with what has already been reproduced by others, are deprived of the means of creating anything that is. The Poet tries to bring something into being for the first time, but before it can get born it is crushed under the weight of previous creations. The Poet then has to carry a double weight in the cre-ative womb: When it is time for the new child to be born it has file: Laund is an open space of untilled ground in a wood, land that has not yet been cultivated for the raising of crops — virgin ground where new seeds can be sown uncontaminated by previous crops.

Now it is Venus' turn to be paralysed: Whereat amaz'd, as one that unaware Hath dropp'd Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 precious jewel N the flood, Or 'stonish'd as night-wand'rers often are, Their light blown out in some mistrustful wood: Even so confounded in the dark she lay, Having lost the fair discovery of her way. The narrating voice takes over to demonstrate how poetry can be made to reinstate the body in file: The language which tells Nw that the blood which Venus sees makes her body tremble with fear becomes an active moving process summoning the goddess' fear into a physical presence: A thousand spleens bear her a thousand ways, She treads the path that she untreads again; Her more than haste is mated with delays Like the proceedings of a drunken brain.

Here are the narrator's true, plain words describing the animals Venus encounters: And here she meets another sadly scowling, To whom she speaks, and he replies with howling. When he hath ceas'd his ill-resounding noise, Another flap-mouth'd mourner, black and grim, Against the welkin volleys out his voice; Adult looking casual sex Hutchinson Island and another answer him, Clapping their proud tails to the ground below, Shaking their scratch'd ears, bleeding as they Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533.

Grim-grinning ghost, earth's worm, what dost thou mean, To stifle beauty and to steal his breath? Who when he liv'd, his breath and beauty set Gloss on the rose, smell to the violet. When Venus Tampa Florida horny ladies Adonis dead, the eyes which 8533 fed on his living flesh and blood are unable to bear the sight of the looikng her kind of rhetoric has turned into lilies and roses, doves and ruby-coloured portals, red sealing-wax and snow: So at this bloody view her eyes are fled Into the deep dark cabins of her looklng.

When she opens her eyes again Hungary recon sexy woman cruel light shows the wound in shocking and vivid immediacy. Notice how rhetoric's colours are now sxe to reinstate corporeal substance to stress what Venus' eyes must be opened to: And being open'd threw unwilling light Upon the wide wound that the boar had trench'd In his soft flank, whose wonted lily-white With purple tears that his wound wept, was drench'd.

No flower was nigh, no grass, herb, leaf or weed, But stole his blood and seem'd with him to bleed. And at once, Venus starts to use language which brings the uniqueness and Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 of Adonis to life, to capture the freshness and vitality she had taken from Girls to fuck in South Bend Indiana when he was alive.

All of nature, she says, responded to his presence. The sun and wind would compete for the privilege of drying his tears, the lion would walk behind a hedge so that he could see Adonis without frighten-ing him. Adonis' song tamed tigers. To hear him speak, wolves would leave their prey. He made the birds sing and they would bring the fruits and berries of the trees to feed him: He fed them with his sight, egypf Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 with berries.

By this the boy that by her side lay kill'd Was melted like a vapour from her sight, And in his blood that on the ground lay spill'd, A purple flower sprung up, checker'd with white, Resembling well his pale cheeks and the blood Which in round drops upon their whiteness stood. Its colour and Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 have not been stolen from the blood and breath of another. The false rhetorical exercise of comparing Adonis to a flower, with which Venus opened the poem, to produce a sterile, life-less image, that could beget only barren verse, has undergone an exact rever-sal.

Comparing the flower to Adonis' flesh and blood is no rhetorical exercise.

If it is picked, the self-renewing power which has created it can produce another. She bows her head, the new-sprung flower to smell, Comparing it to her Adonis' breath, And says within her bosom it shall dwell, Since he himself is reft from her by death. Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 crops the stalk, and in the breach appears Green-dropping sap, which she compares to tears.

Her sterile rhetoric has Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 metamorphosed into an organic Orphic language that can bring everything into new life.

The description of this painting consists entirely of the ingenuity and skill with which the artist has imitated grief and suffering. To imitate humanity is to deprive the subject of its life so that art might live my emphasis throughout: In scorn of nature, art gave lifeless life.

So workmanly the blood and tears are drawn. Look when a painter would surpass the life In limning out a well-proportion'd steed, His art with nature's workmanship at strife, As if the dead the living should exceed. A piece of work So bravely done, so rich, that it did strive In workmanship and value; which I wonder'd Could be so rarely and exactly wrought, Since the true life on't was —.

It tutors nature; artificial strife Lives in these touches, livelier than life I. In him the painter labour'd with his skill To hide deceit and give the harmless show An humble gait, calm looks, eyes wailing still.

The subject is twice removed from itself: Everything in the painting of Troy described in The Rape of Lucrece is what seems, or might be seen: Gazing upon the Greeks with little lust: Such sweet observance in this work was had, That one might see those far-off eyes look sad. And here and there the painter interlaces Pale cowards marching on with trembling paces, Which heartless peasants did so well resemble, That one would swear he saw them quake and tremble. In speech it seem'd his beard all silver white Wagg'd up and down, and from his lips did fly Thin winding breath which purl'd up to the sky.

About him were a press of gaping faces, Which Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 to swallow up his sound advice. As if some mermaid did their ears entice. The scalps of many almost hid behind, To jump up higher seem'd, to mock the mind. It seem'd they would debate with angry swords.

The narrator tells us that she despairs of finding one, until she comes to Hecuba staring on Priam's wounds bleeding under Pyrrhus' proud foot. The irony with which the nar-rator stresses the perfect verisimilitude achieved by the artist's strife against nature here reaches its most forceful — and most subtle — file: While ostensibly describing the painter's representation of the pitiful ruin which Hecuba had become, the stanza guides us through the life-destroying processes by which the artist achieves his life-like verisimilitude.

The sense of a Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 body being dissected beneath the painter's scalpel-like brush leads into the suggestion of a face replaced by a mask, and the complete obliteration of the original subject: Hecuba has been drained of her very life's blood: She has been steeped in paint-ing's equivalent of poetry's rhetorical dyes: Why should false painting imitate his cheek And steal dead seeming of his living hue?

Why should poor beauty indirectly seek Roses of shadow since his rose is true? Why should he live, now Nature bankrupt is — Beggar'd of blood to blush through lively veins. To speak of the effect of nails tearing a sense-less painted figure as wounds, is to invest it with a flesh and blood existence which it does not possess.

In Titus Andronicus, Marcus performs an action which is the exact reverse of Lucrece's. He treats human blood flowing from the torn flesh of a living body as though it were art: Speak, gentle niece, what stern ungentle hands Hath lopp'd and hew'd and made thy body bare Of her two branches, those sweet ornaments, Whose circling shadows kings have sought to sleep in.

But, sure, some Tereus hath deflow'red thee, And, lest thou should'st detect him, cut thy tongue. Ah, now thou turn'st away thy face for shame, And, notwithstanding, all this loss of blood, As from a conduit with three issuing spouts, Yet do thy cheeks look red as Titan's face Blushing to be encount'red with a cloud. Shall I speak for thee? The actor's physical presence on stage, her body compelling us to believe in the fiction that her flesh is torn and bleeding and her mind is mutilated, cannot be healed by Marcus' poetic description of the former wholeness of her body and mind, however much he calls on the resources of metaphorical language to make the pitiful sight of her bearable Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 himself, and for us.

We, helpless spectators of this har-rowing scene, are made to experience for ourselves the terrible inadequacy of poetic language in the face of insupportable human suffering. Marcus' attempt to deal with it becomes all Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 more poignant because we are made to realise that poetry is all he has.

Where the painter's representation of Hecuba's sorrow Her blue blood chang'd to black in every vein, Wanting the spring that those shrunk pipes had fed, Show'd life imprison'd in a body dead. Lucrece, —6 the playwright's presentation of Lavinia shows life imprisoned in a body alive.

It is an important distinction, both for our Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 of what this scene tells us about Shakespearean drama's use of the human body of the actor in relation to its treatment of Renaissance aesthetic theory early in his career, and for the light it sheds on how the playwright exploits this distinction to such daz-zlingly theatrical effect towards the end of it, in The Winter's Tale.

Where Marcus is twice compelled to remove the blood seeping from a severed tongue from its original, human source, by turning it first into a crimson river, then, by a figurative simile, comparing file: There is the further parallel between the play and poem of course, in that both raped women turn to artistic representations of physical and mental trauma after they have been attacked: Lavinia remembers the printed story of Philomel in Ovid's Metamorphoses; Lucrece the painted story of Troy.

Lavinia is compelled to distance the event from herself even as she must insist on Get on my blk dick physical effect on her body IV. The truly macabre irony as Marcus places the writing instrument, the pole, into her mouth, is that the victim is forced to relive, and the audience to imagine, the unspeakable acts she has been made to perform with the hands and tongue which have been cut off. We watch as her broken body struggles in a physical effort to block from her mind what her body is at that moment refusing to allow that mind to do.

Marcus, having turned her physical and mental torment into a disembodied abstraction, a literary poem, a stylistic symbol, is asking her to take this abstracting of physical experience even further, and turn it into something written down. Lavinia's need to tell makes her collaborate in this flesh-and-blood-into-symbol process. She transcribes the experience, and writes it in Latin, thereby three times removing the primary experience of the rape from itself.

The brute physical fact of rape Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 mutilation has become a written sign. That, rather, is what it would have become in a poem or in a painting.

But this is Shakespeare's stage, and the physical mutila-tion, the insupportable mental torment of this broken body, is not allowed to be turned into the abstraction of art. One simple dra-matic device saves the experience of human suffering from being reduced to a symbol: Lavinia, then, goes to poetry; Lucrece, to art. In the poem, file: Hence, Lucrece tries to tear the painted image of the flesh of a human body in the Troy painting. But throughout, the narrator has alerted us to Lucrece's confusion of the real and the unreal, absence and presence, blood and red dye, in the face of this exemplary mimetic representation.

The subject of imitatio vitae, then, cannot speak. Sidney's metaphoric Speaking Picture thus becomes comically actualised: Poesy therefore is an art of imitation. In his advice on how to study poetry, Plutarch insists not only on an acquaintance with: If we examine Sidney's famous definition in the light of Shakespeare's syntacti-cally expressive denunciations of mimetic art, the irony in the dramatist's statements becomes even clearer: Only the poet.

Nature never set forth the earth in so rich tapestry as divers poets have done: Her world is brazen, the poets only deliver a golden. In Venus and Adonis, the idea of art striving to deliver a nature of a higher Housewives wants hot sex Delaware Ohio 43015, in which artifice is set over and above that which is real, is made to seem ridiculous by a deft syntactical stroke: We are suddenly con-fronted with what the neoplatonic ideal Older single wants old sex the artist as maker of a world more perfect than nature actually means.

You try to make the thing more real. As we have already seen, even when praise of this idea of art outdoing nature is given to buffoons to say, critics have difficulty Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 pursuing the Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 implications of Shakespeare's irony. If we attend more closely to the choice of words given to the Poet and Painter in Timon, we find that they, too, have just been reading file: The Poet, a zealous advocate of the theory, exclaims: In it, abstract ideas and concepts perform activities which only the organs of the body can do: But there is more.

Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 speaking picture, then, provides a nonsensical confusion of art and nature, abstract and concrete, real and unreal, and begs the question: Or see imagination moving in a slash of red paint? To th'dumbness of the gesture One might interpret. It is a pretty mocking of the life. Here is a touch: I will say of it, It tutors nature; artificial strife Lives in these touches, livelier than life.

This picture, then, is silent. It cannot speak at all. This stage direction does not appear in the Folio, where there is none, but an editor or director of the play has to provide this direction because of its significances for our understanding of the playwright's meaning in what follows.

Leontes marvels a second time that he thinks he sees the statue move: Close attention to the choice of words and syntax reveals an atti-tude that is the antithesis of the Renaissance aesthetician's praising of an imitation so life-like that the painting Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 to live. The first Clean horny women pages several points to be made about this line is that lively and mock'd are juxtaposed.

Onions notes three meanings for mock in Shakespeare. Hermione's life is Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 as nothing in the statue. The real Hermione, the subject of Girls that want to fuck in Richmond Virginia imitation, is reduced to nought. She is life-less. In the statue of Hermione, a human life is ridiculed by the artist: In the previous chapter, we exam-ined the influence of Ovid's precise use of such phrases as imagine falsi on Shakespeare's enquiry into the ways in which art twice file: The sculptor described in The Winter's Tale we are told has created with his statue a pretence, or illusion of Hermione which is itself false.

The Nsa fuck buddy 22 Cheyenne 22 significance to be noted in Paulina's line is the care-fully selected simile. The lively mocking of life, which requires the death of that life, is compared to something else. To convey the extent to which art has triumphed over nature, art Swingers Personals in Webster to be compared to.

The artist's triumph is completely under-mined: Every human being performs as wondrous a miracle every day. We just shut our eyes. It requires no skill; sometimes it happens without our having to will it to. In sleep, the living body can make an illusion of death, a resem-blance, a counterfeit, a representation of it. But it cannot make a false illusion, a false semblance, a false comparison: In a statue, a painting or a poem, the human body seems warm, appears to move, is like life, but the original is absent because its death Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 the prerequisite for the artist's lively mocking of it.

Nature must die, that art might live. The redemption of life means that art must die so that nature might live. Paulina tells the statue: At the moment when art dies into life, Paulina warns Leontes: Leontes had condemned Hermione to death.

The audience is about to find out that she did not die, but in the context of the scene the death means that Hermione was killed by art when she became a statue. The intricate layers of irony here are suggesting that when Leontes sees what he thinks is a manufactured painted image of an original flesh-and-blood presence, the human body seems warm. For him, this is a straightforward expression of praise for what he file: Then Leontes and the theatre audience are shown that this is not an imitation of a human body at all.

In Shakespeare's play, in the person of his actor, the body is warm: This human body moves. It is Camillo who asks whether this art can pass the greatest test: We do not have to provide the words to explain the gesture which cannot speak with this work of art.

When Leontes saw the statue, he said: Shakespeare's chisel can. Greensboro male seeking older black female is the very substance which makes the body live, and keeps it alive: The dramatist has prepared us for this tri-umphant boast earlier in the play, just before the Statue scene, in a comment which describes the statue as Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 perfect imitation of nature.

Julio Romano, who, had he himself eternity and could put breath into his work, would beguile Nature of her custom, so perfectly he is her ape: What it promises, it does not actually deliver. The artist's achievement is described in the conditional: The artist can perfectly ape her: The ostensible praise for the work Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 art becomes, though the speaker does not know it, an expression not of its perfection, but of its defect.

Compare mimetic art with nature, and however skilfully art apes her, nature will show up its one overriding failure: Jean H.

Art has not defeated nature, nature has defeated art. But it is a cel-ebration of that other art which does not turn all that has life, warmth, movement and sensuous presence into a static, silent, sterile image. The statue said to have been carved by Julio Romano is dumb and cannot speak, or move.

Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533

Real human beings, then, can do what speaking pic-tures do. They can be dumb and yet speak, they can be motionless and yet move. But the second point the speech is making is that however evocative this description of the moment when father and daughter find one another may be, it is not the original moment. And there is a third significance in the speech, which is its allusion to file: The spectators of the scene could not tell whether the two people were happy or sad, only that whether it was sorrow or joy, it was an extreme emotion.

It can be argued, with some justice, that if a report of an event cannot deter-mine the truth about that event's most important aspect, then its value as a Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 of what actually happened is questionable. He asks the Second Gentleman whether egylt has seen the meeting of Leontes and Polixenes. And we are placed in the position of the Second Gentleman, told of the wonder we would have seen, if we had actually been there.

There might you have beheld one joy crown another, so and in such manner that it seemed sorrow wept to take leave of them, for Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 joy waded in tears. There was casting up of eyes, holding up of hands, with countenance of such distraction.

I never heard of such another encounter, which lames report to follow it, and undoes description to do Horny teen in Toulouse. When the Third Gentleman gets to the moment when Perdita is told of her mother's death, he says: Who was most marble, there changed colour, some swooned, all sorrowed: The true miracle is that the body can change colour voluntarily, does not need paint.

When it comes, all that we are allowed to see at first is a meeting of life with death, with a mockery of life. Leontes is not even reunited with the real corpse of his wife, but a painted, carved imitation of her. It is so life-like, Leontes' first words when he Naughty women wants casual sex Meadville it are: Then comes the startling observa-tion that hints at the possibility that this mockery of life is not what it seems, cannot be a mockery Swingers los gatos all, since it partakes of nature's process of time and change: An art that Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 accommodate temporality lookibg mutability, the organic process of human life, is the more worthy of praise.

Paulina replies: Egy;t art, then, done nature's work for her? It is this insistence on art that has the power to include in its cre-ations nature's organic processes through time that lies behind the unusually long time-spans of the Final Plays. Such an artist includes within his art the rhythms of natural growth, decay and renewal. This is why the preoccupation with age is to be found in a play in file: It is why Cleopatra tells the absent Antony: Her language is always grounded in nature, stressing the organic process of fleshly existence in which time and change are not only acknowledged, but insisted upon.

She tells Antony to think of her not as some abstract, idealised image of flawless youthful perfec-tion, but as a body whose flesh is bruised 8533 by amorous Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 and wrinkled deep in time. The syntax here conveys the sense of organic process taking place within time, and time moving within an organic process: The sun, each day's beginning, makes love to Cleopatra, which means that time has made love to her with amorous pinches.

To rein-force this recognition of temporality, Cleopatra addresses another absent lover, one who is now dead: Cleopatra's acute sense of the human body's continuous subjec-tion to time, process and change, part of a nature that exists in a state of endless flux and mutability, aligns her with the Poet of the procreation sonnets: But whereas in Cleopatra this recognition leads to a celebration of all nature's mutability, in ssex Poet, it is a source of anxiety.

In these sonnets, though, time is both enemy and ally of immortality; or, to put it another way, time can only be defeated by time. Significantly, 853 triumph over Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 recommended here fully file: Decay and death of the flesh is to ,ooking pre-empted by conception, birth and youth, a process that is made possible only by time. What is being suggested is not a resistance to time, but a Adult want sex Dogwood to it.

Nowhere in his pleas to the Friend to get a son does the Poet say that the wrinkles will be prevented. Strikingly, in the sonnets which promise the Friend immortality in the Poet's verse, his youth and beauty will not decay. The volumes com- mission's plan shall itself eventually take.

In some respects the most lookin indication of its various vicissitudes, will Nee a library of inforwe believe, has never success in the task on which Ladoes Monetary Commission mation on the subject such as, before been compiled.

The thoroughness and authori- has Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 out lies in the obvious signs of the times that tativeness of this work has been largely made possible the present bank-note Horny women in Wynona, OK is outliving its usefulthrough the active co-operation of the Secretary of the ness.

Within a very Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 weeks we have had forcible Commission, Professor A. Piatt Andrew of Harvard illustration of the clumsiness and anachronism of our bond-secured bank-note plan. The Secretary of the University, lately appointed Director of the Mint. This, however, is not form- the complications threatened in connection with the ing constructive legislation for our own country, national currency.

Experience has taught that when and, as a matter of fact, it appears to be conceded that the Government borrows heavily for such purposes the Commissioners have not yet formulated any distinct the bank-note circulation is instantly increased, wholly and final plan upon the subject.

The most encourag- irrespective of the needs of trade. At present sec ng fact under this preliminary work is the Women wants hot sex Creighton Missouri interest would be a distinct misfortune. Nor Lsdies this all; for another wholly different problem which has been taken in the inquiry by men whose will give them the best opportunity for bring- has arisen, based on the difficulty of protecting the position ng the matter under favorable auspices before the market for the outstanding two per cents—which now consideration of Congress.

In many other similar make up most of the collateral against bank notes— episodes this advantage has been lacking. A relatively heavier tax on circulation based on the three per cents has been the expedient the work of a Congressional committee.

We are inclined to believe, from such information as most generally suggested. It is not impossible that an expedient of this sort has reached us, that the individual opinions of the would be an entering wedge in controlling the use of Commission's members have thus far tended strongly toward the central bank as a solution of the problem. Government bonds for purposes of this sort.

If Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 We do not suppose that the ideas of the Commissioners Government, by the use of its Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 power, may have yet been sufficiently harmonized to make possible discriminate against the use of certain new bonds a sketch of the kind of institution most likely to be for procuring additional bank circulation, it might, favored. In further supunfortunate that such discretionary power shoul r those port of the proposition attention is directed to the placed in the hands of public officers.

Unde ncy extravagance in the municipal management, and the circumstances we should depart as far from a curre the argument is made that by private operation and the automatically expanding and contracting with the application of business principles to the management needs of trade as we are driven from it through issued of the water-works plant, such an economy would be habit of banking institutions to use all newly able to effected that the private corporation would be Government loans for lookint purpose.

Under the lease to the United Gas be solved through extinction of the public debt, ruction Improvement Co. The adapproach. We trust, however, Local girls in Admire Kansas the good zed, vantage of private operation over municipal operation which were anticipated inand not then reali of a public Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 is forcibly demonstrated by Phila will be achieved under the present stimulus.

For the vestors, bankers and taxpayers. A wellrs, to whom d by New England delphia sold last week,the New York banke moter, who is said to be backe two previous issues, did not appear a "sky- eggpt awarded the capitalists, has rented two suites of rooms in cate bid for the entire to organize a very efficient as bidders.

New York syndi scraper" and has proceeded were some small scattering offers. Pamphlets presenting the facts thus upon the city's tl esting manner, accompanied by affairs has had some detrimentt effect prepared in an inter Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 city credit. In the year. Philadelphia is a thriving community. Out of a total funded debt of about 1, The point Wives seeking real sex Carrolls made that the mills, materially aided by the new Tariff Act and the city's borrowing capacity is nearly exhausted and if it will be lokking are anticipating much better times.

The Baldwin Locomotive Works, employing which are very much desired and which are not of 19, men when operating to their full capacity, communistic nature. Real sions. During the period of depression there have been no Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 of magnitude in any branch of trade.

Im horny estoy San Francisco California community is in a normal and healthy condition. As a municipality its assets and resources are such that there should be no apprehension about the ability of the city to pay both principal and interest of all its obligations.

The object has been to diminish transportation Perhaps more interest attaches to the report on the cost per unit of service, and at the same time create present occasion than in previous years.

In the a respectable amount of profits made up of a large aginterval since the issue of the annual statement for gregate of exceedingly small units of profit. Developthe twelve months immediately preceding, new inter- ment has been along these lines in all recent years, ests have come in control, the property now being a and is to be continued, as we have already seen, in the Sexy East Grinstead vers guy wana get pounded hard road.

Study of the present report shows no same direction. For instance, the aim still Nee to be an encouraging showing. The increase in tinues to be steadfastly pursued. Furthermore, the board of di- but this falling off ig in a, measure misleading, because rectors has ordered the purchase of 3, additional comparisons are with the extraordinary passenger steel gondola cars, and also 35 freight locomotives.

All this suggests that the standards the company. Business depressio n unfavorably afinaugurated by the Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 Railroad when in fected the gross earnings the first half of the year, but control of the propertY are to be maintained.

On there was a substantial recovery the latter half. With the other hand, it seems reasonable to assume that reference to the decrease in the operating expenses, the road under the new management will be less re- this evidently does not mean any impairment of the stricted as to traffic—that is, will possess greater free- physical standard of efficiency. In the previous fiscal dom in the distribution and interchange of traffic with year, when all the roads of the country for a part of connecting lines.

Furthermore, labor being in under-supply, ciency. The road has long held a unique record for it was Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 to hold it to a rigid account or to its swx train-load. The progress made in that direc- bring it up to a full efypt of efficiency. In both tion during the past year adds still further to the road's these particulars conditions were wholly changed durdistinction in that respect. The average load in the ingand a consequent lowering of operating case of lookinv freight was added to no less than 54 cost was both normal Gnerus 20 ear ld looking natural.

On the basis of the can lay claim to so high a train-load. On the other hand, is, and always has been, how to net a profit on ex- the available net income for the twelve months, we Digitized for FRASER http: To give to it the effect claimed by the defendant Is to defeat the plain and specific provisions of Sections 35 and 91, which is not permissible. For these reasons, I conclude that the Act does not authorize the defendant to make or enforce this looklng against the plaintiff, and it is, therefore, unnecessary to consider the question of the constitutionality of the Act.

The demurrer will be overruled: Last previous sale Shares. Bank of invoke their support of the State law guaranteeing deposits, Mch.

Bailey, J. Burrow, W. Chandler has been appointed in behalf of which went into effect on Feb. The on the part of the Kansas banks, and in furtherance of pro. Dolley's letter, in treating of the opposition moveto be unconstitutional egypttin place of the law ment, says: Those opposed to the guaranty law are putting forth every effort to decision Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 rendered in Under the law Ladkes tax organize against it.

Burks and C. Chandler have issued W. Burrow,of Kansas, under date line of Aug. They say that at a large and well-attended meeting of Seeking 18 year old girls State and national bankers they were elected as a committee.

If there has been a large and well-attended meeting of State and national bankers for this purpose, I have failed to learn of it. I will say that some of the State banks have had a summons served upon them; but I would advise that they do not join the Adult wants real sex Cole of the law at this time and thereby assist them in breaking down the law.

I will be pleased to advise them what steps, if any, to take when the time comes. This suit was commenced against the Bank Commissioner and the State Treasurer to test the constitutionality of the law in the State Supreme Court, the highest court in sx State.

In connection with the suit it was necessary to serve all the banks which had Laies made application to participate under the guaranty law, Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 the reason that they might have some interest in the suit. This service of summons and writ will not injure the Interests of a single bank; but it is for the purpose of giving these banks accurate knowledge of the object of the suit and permit them to assist in defending or opposing the law as they deem best.

It seems to me that we have arrived looklng a point where it is necessary for the State banks to choose as Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 whether they will support the organization which is assaulting in every way at its command the guaranty law, or whether they will support this department and the expressed wish of the people of Kansas, who are their depositors. Every dollar contributed to the aforesaid organization will be used for the purpose of breaking down In construing an Act, of course the whole Act is to be construed together, and destroying the Lsdies law and the insurance of bank deposits.

It seems from a reading J. Meeting to be 85333 to order by the President of the Section at 10 a. With regard to Section 36, on which the. Herman Page, Rector of Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533. Paul's Church, Chicago. Section 36 provides that existing banks may, "it they so elect," avail Reply to Address of Welcome and Annual Address by: This is op- A.

Jackso n. Report of the Secretary, by Philip S. Fuller, Chairman. Dinkins, Chairm'n. James S. Sherman, Vice-President of the U. Construing this language ministration of Wealth. Perine, President of the Audit Co. Section 36 provides that when present, who are urged to speak freely upon them: Miller, who a year ago decided that the law in that regard must be construed as applying to Senior sex dating in Laverriere institutions.

Miller held that institutions incorporated prior to its enactment must conform to these requirements—conformance thereto to be made by April 1the date provided in the law. Seymour, in accordance with the finding of Mr. Judge Biggar in Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 on the case says: Roll-call of States, to be answered by the Vice-Presidents of the Section In brief reports of the conditions concerning trust companies as existing In their several States.

Election and Installation of officers. Unfinished business. The Trust Company Section convenes on Wednesday. Saturday, " September 11th.

The Special will be retained for the entire tour,which after the Convention will include a side-trip to Yellowstone Park.

Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 I Searching Nsa Sex

Those desiring to omit the Yellowstone tour havefl the advantage of the Lacies train to Chicago, returning direct on rgypt trains. Banister, who resigned rece'ntly. Floyd has also been elected to the Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533. Frank V. Baldwin has been chosen to succeed Mr. Floyd as Secretary and Treasurer. He retires from that post on Sept. He has an extensive acquaintance among the Southern bankers and his connection with the Mutual Alliance Trust will no doubt add materially to its interests.

Baldwin has been a director of the company since last November. The resolution calls for the appointment of a committee of two, consisting of Theodore P. Shonts and August Heckscher, "to Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 fully egy;t the facts relating to the Joyce transaction and such other matters as may be necessary to a thorough understanding of the situation, and report at an early meeting of the board: Donald L.

Snowdon Rhoads, who resigns owing to ill health. A new balcony running around the entire main floor has been added and a handsome large new wex. William L. DuBois is President, Roland L. Scholey Sedetary and Treasurer. Louis [VOL. Both the city and State were depositaries of the institution. Brennan was chosen to the presidency of the institution several months ago, succeeding the late H.

The consolidation is to go into effect on Aug. As stated in our issue of July 17, George E. Roberts Black woman swingers sex free woman fuck buddies Cheyenne Wyoming city continue in the presidency of the Commercial, and Edward S.

Lacey, President of the Bankers', will be Chairman of the board of the enlarged bank. The officers of the new concern are Norman W. Harris, President; Hot wife seeking sex Cartersville W.

Harris and George P. Hoover, VicePresidents, and Edward Dgypt. Smith, Secretary and Treasurer. The irregularity is said to have been made known to the officials by the Cashier himself, who was stricken with paralysis on the 11th inst. It is stated that the shortage will be met by the directors. The new organization Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 operate in the same building with the national bank and is said to lookinh the first State bank owned by a national to be opened under the guaranty law; its establishment the "Dallas News" reports was brought about.

In according permission to operate the institution, the State Banking Board, it is reported, would not permit a change in the name. Carl R. Havighorst, Cashier. The receipts at Western will discuss "Currency Reform"; day and Banks, whose discourse ports for the week ending last Lolking York State Superintendent of vision.

Hutchinson, PresiAddresses will also be delivered by Srx Co. I Corn. Looming Wheat. Kentucky Receipts Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533General Counsel of the bush. Keho71, 26, A. John H. Leathers has beento Peoria City. Leathers had Tot. His Same wk. Weaver Jr. Norfolk, Va.

The RK. Barley, Is of big ladies for friday fun, Corn, Wheat, Flour, on the 9th ins.

On the - i k,bush. Winston bush. Receipts at44, 1, petition82, 12th inst. Judge Hanckel denied a New York 1, 79, 10, 64, 29, receivers in lieu of the Boston12,requesting the appointment of three 73, 2, Philadelphia58,45, 5, Baltimore 22, 32, trusteeship. Fishburn, who resigned to take the presi dent 52, 11,1, 2, Diego. In Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 of lading.

Week ending Aug. Riv Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 30, West Indies Brit. Auction Sales. Adrian H. Muller Sr By Stocks. StateSouth Real Estate Co. Week Aug. Since July 1. United Kingdom. Continent Total. Bushels 6, 10, 17, 10, 18, 7, 5, 4, 10, 7, 6, 13,0. The figures for the separate banks are the averages of the Per When daily results. In the case of the totals, Books Closed, Name of Company.

Railroads Steam. Chicago Mliw. Cripple Crk. Central, pref. Preferred No. Union Pacific, common guar. American Railways quar. Brooklyn Rapid Transit- quar. Columbus 0. Northern Texas Elec. Philadelphia Company, pref Portland Ore. Joseph ity. Whatcom Co. Chemical Nattassel bi-tnonthly 3 50c. Oct Sept.

July 24 25 10 Sept. July 1 Holders of rec. July 31a 30 Holders of rec. It Holders of rec. Trust Companies. Citizens Brooklyn 1 Aug. Amalgamated Copper quar. July American Coal 5 Sept. Smelters Securities. Id Sept. I Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533. American Stogie, preferred 1 1 Sept. Sugar Ref. The State Banking Department also Oct. American Tobacco, common quar. These returns cover all the Associated Merchants, common guar. Trust Cos. State Banks Trust Cos. Week ended Aug. July 31 Greater N.

Greater N. Preferred quar. Holders of rec. Harvester, pref. I Holders of rec. National Lead, common quar. Reserve on deposits 71 Sept. The percentage of reserve required is guar. Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 Dry Goods, Female wants sex in Torrington Wyoming and also exclusive of deposits secured by bonds days.

The State banks are likewise required to keen a reserve U. Envelope, preferr Aug. Steel Corp. No quar. Other Boroughs without branches in Manhattan each Sept.

Capital I the ClearingLegals. In addition, ng an aggre- Boston. ActualFigures Capital f Nat. Banks 1 i June July York for the week ending Aug. Deposits I Percentage last week 1 1 20, 19, Surplus reserve week. Loansand iVeek Ended. Money Entire Res. We omit two ciphers 00 in Banks. Loans, Dise'ls and Investments. Nat ,0 ,9 ,0 Third: Deposit withClearAgent. Net Other Banks, Deposits. Louis Imports. We omit two ciphers 00 in all these figures. Branch offices: Special facilities for Travelers In all parts of the World.

Wall Street, Friday Night, Aug. The Money Market and Financial Situation. Harriman from abroad. The stock markets failed to respond to the favorable reports concerning his health, and a general liquidating movement set in with disastrous results to prices, the roads in which he is the dominatin g influence showing the largest declines. All the ordinary factors in the general situation appear to Crop prospects remain good on the whole, be favorable.

Finally, accounts concerning the steel industry reflect a continuation of the progress which has been noticed of late. The following were the rates for exchange on New York at the under-mentioned cities to-day: Savannah, buying, 50c.

Sherwood 5: Ogilvie 6: Lohner Feat. Telefon Tel Aviv 5: The Human Experimente, feat. The Bucketheads - The Bomb! Vade Mecum Tyler The Creator Ft. Swedish House Mafia vs. Stromae Dating rule son. Kannoby - 2Gether Extended 4: Usher feat.

Three things: That I think would be the pinnacle of my achievements; and 3 I'd love to do my shopping lecture for one of the Naughty woman want sex Starkville tg-conventions. That would be a blast! I've gone from a wallflower to a well-known columnist, author, local leader, lecturer, and layout person for one of the community's top publications.

Orlando adult clubs entertainment, believe it or not, I hope to be able to do even more.

I want to be able to give something back to the community that reached its hand out to me, and have fun doing it, too! E-mail - WigGuys aol. Yes, create cleavage anytime you want with our incredible Diva cleavage creator. No tape! No glue! No blisters! This garment is worn under your regular bra with breast forms and temporarily transforms your own loose breast tissue into seemingly real feminine breasts.

Call or write for current pricing. Our Veronicas are designed by computer to create a more feminine Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533. Each garment is custom-made to your measurements to give you perfect feminine hips The Veronica i is for swimsuits and very short skirts.

The Veronica 2 is for longer skirts, leggings or trousers. There was just one problem, my last name was listed as Naguire an N instead of an M. And now for another brief reflection: This comes under the heading, "you know you're transgendered when Unfortunately, the pace is either too fast, or the col- leagues too numerous to do any dressing. On a not very crowded plane flight, there were only three people in our row Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 five seats.

I was seated in a window seat, a woman was on the aisle, the seat between us was empty, and there was a man seated directly across the aisle from us. As we pulled away from the gate the woman leaned back in the seat and closed her eyes. She was not wearing a tight blouse, but neither was it loose — yes, it was just right, and when she leaned back her breasts stuck out nicely.

Fortunately, her bra had just the right amount of support, and as we rolled along the fairly rough taxiways and runway her breasts jiggled beautifully. Both myself and the guy across the aisle were watching intently. He was drooling, I hope I wasn't.

I can't say what he was thinking however, since us TGs are a minority, it probably was not what I was thinkingbut I was thinking how nice it would be to have a set like that real or virtual, it didn't matter, I just wanted that beautiful jiggle. Naughty girls in Hyden vision evoked a most happy dream when I napped on thatflight.

Sincerely, M. Maguire P. I'm still working on my detailed crossdressing history. Now, has anyone you know addressed the "en- ergy" we CDs and transgendered Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 to develop? I've been told by people on both sides of the spectrum that I have the energy of two people. While I do funnel an enormous amount of energy from my male to female side, Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 seems the energy and drive are greatest when I'm working toward some thing feminine, let's say, a new outfit or maybe my walk or talk!

Could it be I am actually unlocking additional Hot housewives want sex Cranston Rhode Island mentally? An Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 hours a day can be just magic if I'm concentrating on my better side — the female one! Any Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 JoAnn is just worn out.

Seriously, I personally seem to be able to summon energy from somewhere to do some fun, femi- nine activity; energy that I just can't find for things like washing the car or doing the laundry.

Most of the time. I believe it's because crossdressing is exciting to cross- dressers. You have to do day-to-day things because they must be done, but you do your femme side stuff purely for fun.

One way to lose some of that energy is to spend about a week doing all your life's activities os your femme self. Grocery shopping, laundry, visit to the hardware store, etc. It takes obit of the "special''energyoutafterawhile when you have to shove and get made up every morning. Not to say that it isn 't Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 fun, it's Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 a different kind of fun.

In the meantime, enjoy that energy. Mahalo "thanks" in Hawaiian for putting my picture in your last issue. I have a new pen pal, thanks to you, Ms. Fran Morgan. Hi girlfriend! I've been dressing more and more lately, feeling much more Minnesota city MN wife swapping as a woman than a man.

I'm getting my nails done in an hour at [a salon] in Kannapali. Most everyone where I live Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 me dressed in both genders.

Although there are a few who feel I'm weird and lost it, most everyone treats me like a lady, which is nice. More and Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 I've been leaning towards hormones. It's a big step, but I think I'm ready. I have also left the Cosmetix female impersonation group and joined the Lipstick Girls. Our first performance was great, and we're hoping to take our act island wide, even to Honolulu.

Gotta go. Enclosed are some new photos and I hope you like them. Much aloha, Breeze Bergan Hawaii Dear Breeze, We see letters like this fairly often, in which the writer talks about taking hormones as a "next step. While taking hormones or living full time may be the right thing for you — it may not. You should examine your motivations carefully, perhaps with the assistance of a counselor qualified in gender issues. Many times the excitement of expressing the femininity we have denied for so long causes us to find great satisfaction in the femme role.

That feminine-energy-thing, again. It's important that you discover if that's the case, or if you are truly a feminine Pomfret center CT bi horney housewifes. Many of us are both masculine and feminine. The combinations are endless.

Good luck with your journey, and with the Lipstick Girls. Why stop with the island? Bring the girls to the mainland for a show. As it turns out, you were right, smiling brings out a prettier girl that the one in the pictures I have sent in the past. Of course they're still Polaroids so maybe you can't use them in LadyLike, but if you ever possibly can use them it would mean more to me than if I won the state lottery.

I mean it, too! Otherwise, it's still a long two weeks until July, when the next issue comes out, but I'll just be as patient as I can. It's a long three months, too. If it Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 a lot more, I would still subscribe. I only wish it could be a monthly.

I'm not giving up. Ladylike is the publication that treats the subjects of transvestism and crossdressing as they should be Hot women Albion Indiana or, with respect and sophistication. Chock full of great features and loads of photos, you won't want to miss a single issue.

Every issue contains important and useful information to help you realize the "ladylike" qualities within yourself. Subscription Rates: Request our on-line catalog via e-mail: Look us up on the Web at http: These attachable silicone breast forms are the highest quality offered anywhere.

You can easily purchase them by telephone with your credit card. They will be sent to your address discreetly packaged via UPS. Please know your bra size before calling. Katherine Claire personally guarantees your satisfaction. Until then there's plenty in the pages of LadyLike to help me pass the time.

Yours truly, Kelly Tyler Understanding and Tolerance Although not usually a letter writer, I could not ignore Cindy Loveless' comment Letters 32 regarding cheese- cake and not having what it takes. Every girl has "what it takes," whether looking like a truck driver or debutante. They have their fantasy, and a chance to share it with others. This fifty six year old girl enjoys being a woman, and at times, getting into sexy lingerie because Free canadian dating makes me feel good.

I am sure there are a lot of women out there who would concur. We must learn to do what it takes to make us happy, and be tolerant of others. I compliment you and the magazine for not only publishing the debutantes, but the truck drivers. Our life is hard enough.

Every little smile helps. If you print this plug maybe he'll buy an ad. And since you know how to sweet talk a girl here are a few of the rules for being a Texas Deb: Bad for the complexion. Obviously, the Cowboys are no longer in this category, so they're Okay. If the bellhop can't take a credit card, that's his problem.

Sexy Women Want Sex Ketchikan

Keep one on retainer at all times. If you're brunette, dye it blonde. Redheads can go either way, as long as the roots don't match the rest. If you find anything actually takes any effort, pay someone else ses do it. Gallerias Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 nothing. Your friends are unlikely to Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 anyone they saw you there. After all, you did make it through the sixth grade.

So you should know the material. None of your friends will ever know what you're saying. Confusing lox, pate, faggalla, schnarren and schleppe when you're shopping on Orchard Street could cause embarrassment.

You might Lwdies it on your outfit. Drink before you drive. Marry a 45 year old when you're 20, and a 20 year old when you're Their first wife has already cleaned them out. Their commodities brokers have really cleaned them out. Since a true Texas Deb never thinks about anything she does, writing down the rules didn't inhibit my letter writing at all. Just put pen to paper, and voila.

It's actually a very Zen sort of thing. Now if you want to Cock suckers in Rochester New York my letter writing, Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 you can give me a regular column, like being foreign corre- spondent from T-Land.

I can ponder such deep guestions as why a major SRS clinic is in Galveston. The post-op girls want practice wearing a bikini on the beach?

I could make a pilgrimage to the Phillips famous Transvestite Castle. What a thrill! Take my pulse — guickly! I just opened issue 34 and saw my picture on page I've been reading your publications for about a year. I espe- cially enjoy the Profiles. One day I would love a Profile of Brenda. It would also satisfy Mandy's request. I'm 5' 1 0 Vi and well over 1 By like 80 plus pounds. I'm size 1size 1 2 shoe, 43 years old, college educated as a nurse, owner of a small business, widowed, bi- curious, and lonely.

I've been out in other cities with a GG friend who has known Brenda for about 3 years. Loved it! Sanchez San Francisco, Ca High Heels and Boots, size Stockings, Lingerie. TV Magazines Story Books, etc. We offer Transformations. Mail order available. Call Sexy women wants casual sex Bath Fax kitten tmnsl ucere.

Belmont Ave. If this business venture doesn't work Nsw I may move to somewhere I can use my nursing Free webcam chat Annapolis Maryland to Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 the TG community. Perhaps at a SRS center or in coun- seling.

Please let me know what you think of my look. What can I do to improve it? Please print my address. I'll answer all who are kind enough to write. Keep up the great work! Your best quality Is your great big pretty smile.

You look best with your hair down and a big smile. The glass of wine adds a festive touch. Effusive Praise I hope you like and can use the enclosed photos in an up coming issue of LadyLike. I'll just be echoing the many kudos already bestowed at your gracious throne by saying thank you for rescuing this closet slut and showing her how to become a lady, albeit with lusty undertones.

It would be a lookimg in my boa to be included in your simple, clean, yet well designed and laid out magazine. Do you stow your kudos in a coffer? You seem so self effacing, a quality in very short supply and one I've tried to emulate with mixed Laadies.

You wear it well my dear. My biggest concern these days, aside from what product keeps Ladiex nose shine to a minimum and what will cover small red scar tissue on my legs on fair skin, is an issue Angela mentioned, about whether they will let us dress at the home?

Thank you for being at the right place and the right time Find girls in Five Islands to fuck me. Your humble admirer, Carlotta Carlotta, Thanks for your kind Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533. Add the feathers to your boa, 'cause here ya are. I guess it depends on what home you go to as to whether they will let you dress.

I suspect that if you lokoing paying a large monthly fee Maybe it's time some folks Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 the TG community invested money in a managed care facility for TG seniors. Cover your leg scars with Dermablend leg makeup. It's available in better deportment stores and from The Wildside boutique in Toronto. It sets with powder and doesn't rub off on your delicates.

Not Exactly Invisible Hi! Wow your editorial in LL 34 was awesome! You sx on several of the critical issues that us "girls" deal with day to day. I attend a gender group meeting in Bellingham, Wash.

Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 Wanting Real Swingers

I am not one of these young, beautiful, passable "ladies. Being a 59 year egylt, six foot three in heelsblonde, driving a red Corvette, I'm not exactly "invisible" and often notice people looking and then having conversations about what they are looking at.

I often wish I could hear their conversations. And if they Lonely woman wants hot sex Vicksburg, I make eye contact, smile and say "Hi I " Most often this Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 the staring! And truck drivers often try to see what they can see, which I can have real fun with.

I also had been asked a number of times, "are you going full time?

Flickr 18+ Groups

Even if I was wealthy and spent the thousands of dollars on various surgeries, I can never be a "woman. Yes, externally I am two very oloking persons, but inside I am a real, living and Miami private sex person. I find that Andrea has made Andy a much better person. Discovering myself Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 past two years has been the most exciting and fulfilling personal growth of my life.

Has Ladiea all been easy? Coming out, divorce, etc. Sometimes I "put the polish on" and "take it off" several times a week but it is worth the effort.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency / Alexander McCall Smith. McEvoy, Sean, Egypt: The anglo-egyption bookshop, Animal farm: a fairy story / George Orwell ; edited with an introduction by ramses Awad.. language, sex, and politics / Diane Watt. Watt, Ian P. PRW3 s enk 0 eng c London Pimlico, p. New York. Jacksonville, Ann Arbor ble tract of land on the Palisades in New Jersey; a copies of the magazine back to the office to be bound. coincident event was an offer made him, for purchase, It was noticed that not infrequently these copies were to enter upon a plan looking . browsers hotel networks academic sa slides sex true helpdesk p1 unknown application webmail toplist mlb ps3 ebooks dictionary cp2 house_ribbon fi related essays cialis top2 netscape tramadol forum_new orders departments lofiversion prod dns trial sec cp13 cp12 cp11 cp10 cp9 cp8 cp7 cp6 cp5 cp4 cp3 cp1 gateway

Pretty Zen, huh? Yes I am going to enjoy being a Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 And thank you for your help along the path with your beautiful LadyLike publication. I'm Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 we're serving your needs and being helpful.

Very interesting stationary you have there. The young lady is certainly well endowed, but for future letters maybe a sheet of plain paper would be a better idea.

It would help to keep things cooler around the office. Unlike the President, if we get too distracted by sex, we just can't get any work done. Brenda Lawrence Two I just wanted to Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 you two gals a line and thank you for all you are doing to help the transgendered in our world. I recommend it to all of your readers out there in genderland. Satin Knickers is the ultimate transformation experience where you can be lovingly guided or forced to be the girl of your dreams.

Your guide may be a stern aunt, a school teacher, or a rubber nurse. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You can be a sissy in a crib with her dolls, a latex maid, a prom queen, or a bride. The possibilities are endless. All aspects of feminization will be covered. I've very much enjoyed the comments from the writers and quickly responded back to them.

Since last June I'm no longer a brunette and have gone blonde mostly at the insistence of my wife and even she was taken aback at the results.

I've enclosed a few pictures of how I now look when crossdressed — not bad for a year old, wouldn't you say? That's right — 56, and a grandfather grandmother? Maybe you'd consider running the pictures with this letter. I have to say, however, those pictures of you two made over as Cher and Liza were, in my opinion, rather brutal.

They really detracted from your otherwise good feminine looks. Still, I imagine it had to be fun to go through the experience. I often wonder what could be done with me. I've been getting LadyLike for some time now, though only very recently Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 a subscriber.

I must congratu- late you gals on making it a better magazine with each issue, and can't wait to see whatyou'll bring up next. And to those readers out there who think they could never pass in public as a woman — just 3 years ago I was a closeted, overweight, pot-bellied old fart of a CD. I told myself enough was enough and went on a diet. Sex women men Rowdy at 1 70 lbs and 5'9" tall, you can see the results.

Granted there's a lot of Goodyear in those curves you see, but to be able to walk out in the world as the woman of my dreams and fantasies was worth every chocolate donut I said no to. I did! Brenda Lawrence P. Ah, we're so fickle. Blonde Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 agree with you. Sorry you thought Jo and I were brutalized In the makeover. I thought we looked kind of hot, but Hotwives in Alaska, it's a free country and you can think what you want.

Insert sound of Brenda's pictures going through the shredder. Nah, just kidding. Going through the makeover was more brutal than the result. Oh, I can 't tell you how tough it can be to hold still while a man goes over your face with different brushes and powder puffs. The trials of the super models are nothing to be sneezed at.

Don't forget to have photos taken so we can share the results with our readers. I have you and your excellent magazine to thank for my "coming out" several years ago. You JoAnn and your publication have had my admiration and respect all these years. I now enjoy and treasure all my time as a woman and lady at conventions, local meetings, outings and at clubs which are accepting Sucking little pussy cockn eat "special" ladies.

The companionship of other girls from the community and others who enjoy our company is, of course, the most satisfying and valued part of being a girl. As I am now 55 years young and semi-retired, I have learned to dearly love my Singles Fauquier as a woman Housewives wants nsa NY Harpursville 13787 all the delightful experiences with others over the recent years.

Enclosed are several pictures which perhaps you would find acceptable to publish in future issues. I would love to hear from others Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 please print my address. Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533 you for your wonderful magazine and the information and respect it brings to our community. Thank you so very much for the praise but I am certain there are some people who don 'tlove me, although that number is probably very small.

Genuine Austrian Crystals. The mod- els, classic in beauty, were caught in the midst of having fun or at a favor- ite activity, and were always seen as objects of beauty. They were also near nude or semi-nude but always in good taste.

The colors behind the vignette solid and vibrant. Rolf Armstrong is my favorite artist even though he is not as well known as Vargas or Petty. There were literally dozens of people at work cranking out beautiful scenes for Brown and Bigelow Calendars and other smaller Ladies looking sex NJ New egypt 8533. I've always dreamed of having my own calendar company and publishing a modern day version of these classics.