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I know even my Oleans and I do not get along, my parents and my family have at least met my boyfriend. That is just the unspoken rule in my family.

I do not hate my brother in law because he is an American aex because he has little sensitivity toward Chinese culture, even when I have told him about it. This is not any prejudice toward Americans like Stevebut I find that many Americans are ignorant toward non-American culture thus this is the result. I do not think parents should tell you who to marry, Ladies i giving a full body sensual massage my parents make a few complaints about my wife when we got married.

But at least I would try to resolve them before things get worse. Neither my parents nor I should tell her should tell her who to marry, as we respect their decision, but it does not mean that we like it.

My parents used to be very close to my sister, but after the wedding the relationship between them soured. Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex never said that my mom disrespect my Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex but the other way around.

If my mom says anything that disrespects my wife, I would have said something to my mom also.

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Pug-Ster The only reason I asked that comment about the relationship between your mom and your wife… is because mother in law -daughter in law relationships is already hard on both women, but I noticed in Chinese culture or any Asian Culture often times the relationship contains a lot of complex problems.

What do you think about that? The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship is complex enough by itself. But I do think that many Asian families have the issue magnified. I think this has to do at least in part with the fact that in the US, nuclear families have been the norm a couple generations longer than in Asia, and also because Asia is changing so that nuclear families are increasing.

Nuclear or Gatineau guy looking for a lady to play families being the norm sets different social and environmental expectations to the role of parents, children, and in-laws.

In the US, even if you live with your parents, you are expected to have separate spheres and room to breathe. So this change and clash in the traditional and modern social structure is causing a lot of tensions, even more so than normal. Sonia What made the family situation so bad? Was it more on his side or your side? The expectations are lower with the non-Asian within the family. Raj Because your girlfriend interacted so much with you, she was subtly doing the same.

I think the Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex age thing has changed a lot in China. Only one woman in our China offices married before 30, so the older age for marriage is exactly what Miaka pointed out in her earlier post. In this respect, the mainland and Taiwan seem to be the same. Your comment Ladies looking sex Alton Kansas not making assumptions echoes what Miaka said about communication.

Communication is probably the key aspect in all relationships, but it has an even larger role to play in cross cultural ones. In this respect, there is a Chinese trait I really admire and that is directness.

My wife tells me exactly what she is thinking and what her wants and needs are. I think what your brother-in-law did was rude in any culture, so I agree with Sonia that it was more of an individual thing than a cultural matter. However, what you wrote did remind me of a particular Chinese characteristic that is good to mention.

In fact, you should do this in any social situation involving East Asians. In general, I have met good guys that treat their wives very well from every Chinese speaking region and country. There might be certain stereotypes that are based on the truth, but there are always plenty of exceptions. I think you just need to look at the individual and not the region. People can be much more forgiving when that potential is there. Well, even if it was, it gave Holtville nude girls. an excuse to talk her way out of it!

Chinese women are NOT Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex at all. Whoever Read me seeking excitement passion friendship that will be in for a very rude surprise!!

I had seen the Chinese version before but not the original. I hope to hear more from Jed since she is very well traveled and also from Malaysia, so she can give us a unique perspective from that culture. Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex there any Asian guys out there that can give us the Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex perspective?

The first is the value of a smile. In fact, when I lived there I smiled more than any time in my life… seemed to work pretty well. Their romantic ideal is to only date one guy, marry him and live happily ever after.

I have a great respect for this Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex because before the couple ever kisses, they actually know each other very well and have created communication skills Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex themselves.

Be careful with humor. Chinese humor is based more on wit than on telling jokes. I used humor a lot over there, even in my technical seminars, but I married a very witty wife and knew what was funny and what was not.

Unless you are absolutely sure of this, err on the side of Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex. This is my own personal thing but whenever I go to dinner with family, regardless of who did the inviting, I sneak my credit card to the waitress before the check arrives so when it does, my card has already been imprinted and I always pay for the meal.

This works flawlessly the first time and it makes a very good impression. It also beats arguing over the check.

In fact, I also do this with friends and colleagues. A friend of mine originally from Scotland once told me that when walking down a city street in China, check out which couples are holding hands. He was correct! This might have changed since I lived there but it was true at that time. I lived in Shanghai so my China examples are from there.

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Our sons are half Chinese and while one looks totally Caucasian, the youngest one is a combination of both. But I have heard from friends that this sort of rudeness is very common in Korea. When did you last visit HK and how long did you spend there a lot of the unpleasantness only becomes apparent over time?

I guess I was just lucky or in a better part of town. The Chinese are not peculiar per se, but they are were peculiar in my eyes, just because I grew up in a completely different culture. In this sense, I am just as peculiar to them as they are to me. Anyway, my point was that some people like adapting to different cultures and others the majority? This means that life might not be so easy back home as it is in China.

What I usually saw were expats that lived in an expat world with expat rules and they expected their girlfriend or wife to adapt to that culture. It was like a world within a world. It was a world of too much drinking, too much complaining about the local culture, too many affairs, too much non-Chinese food and to be honest, too much of an air of racial superiority.

Now there were plenty of expats who did not live in that world and those I enjoyed but for the most part, they were the exception rather than the rule. I could tell pretty quickly which of the local girls could adapt to life in a foreign country and which could not. Their ideas of life, for instance, in the States, were based on watching Hollywood movies Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex we all know how accurate those are in depicting the real world. Think back to all the events that occurred in your own youth that you could tell your grandkids.

I guess I was thinking of one particular kind of expat, not the majority of them. Usually Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex expats that were sent here by companies tend to fall into one category, and the ones that came to study Chinese in another, but this rule is not always precise.

In expat-local relations, I have the advantage that I have been on both sides. Barcelona is similar to Shanghai in that it has an enormous population of foreign residents, and since I spoke OK english I ended up making friends with many of them. It seems to be a universal reaction to judge what you see by comparison with your own background, and in moments of frustration many of them found confort in informing me of all the ways that their countries worked Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex better than mine.

I never got angry with these things but I understand why some people would. Note that I was also acquainted with the growing Chinese community in the city, as I used to do language exchange with a few of them.

Most are very recent expats, and their attitude was no different to the average Western expat in China: I spent so little time in the expat world that it seemed more alien to me than the Chinese world. I hear ya when it comes to Chinese expats in other countries, they are very insular.

I have a friend whose daughter tried to make friends with the Chinese students in her college up in San Francisco because she was a diligent student and respected their scholastic focus. It was impossible for her to break into that circle of friends; it Littleport IA milf personals a closed circle.

Even here in San Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex with our own circle of Chinese friends, most will eat out at Chinese restaurants and if they want to go wild, Japanese. Most of their friends are Chinese and they speak Chinese far more than English though they are all bilingual. The only exception is when the country speaks your language; then it is much easier and more natural to mingle with the locals.

I was never angry with expats with the one exception of when they denigrated the local culture. I think it was too easy for them to forget they were guests in that country and should be on Married couple wants group orgy czech best behavior since they were representatives of their own country and culture.

I was always aware that the impression locals formed of me would be their impression of my country and my culture and I wanted that impression to be a positive one. The rest of the time, I was just bewildered.

Why would someone come all the way to a foreign land and not dive into it? What was the point? I think this holds true in China more than any other country. Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex China is undergoing a metamorphosis and what you see today will be gone in a few short years.

I would have loved to have Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex it then, but Hispanic male looking for bbw or thick women makes me appreciate all the more the world I was able to see and interact with when I was there.

That world is already gone, replaced Sex partner Les Ulis new attitudes and perceptions though the underpinning is still the same; Chinese culture is very deeply rooted. My youngest son was just there last month to scout it out for us. Yes, this is of course a universal norm: The thing is, I think a lot ofif not most guys — are generally not very good with crosscultural interactions, and I am referring only to this — at the initial stage — i.

Take for example, my new and very friendly Canadian colleague persuaded me to join him at his favorite pub after work yesterday, assuring me that the regulars their are a friendly lot. Other than the local Chinese staff, the pub was filled with Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex.

All white male folks — from what I could gather from their accents, they were from the UK, Australia. Anyway, my colleague introduced me to his pub friends —- and —- that was that — I was basically left alone the whole time watching them play darts.

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I felt like a stranger in a redneck pub in this little American pub smack in the center of China expat oasis! Now, I have had similar experience in HK — my hometown — when I turned out to be the only non-white among expats. Kinda makes me wonder what the hell it is that these people talk about in the abscence Ladies seeking sex Auburn Kansas 66402 an English comprehending local.

Why did it feel like the Political correct switch was suddenly flipped? OK, I am only relating the couple of odd occassions here — not the norm. In any case, normally, when I Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex anybody of whatever race, for that matter, were introduced to a bunch of Chinese or Asian people, they would try something to make the new comer s feel welcome, either by offering Clearlake girl on lake hefner cigarette, drinks whatever.

Again, I repeat, this was just Alberta girl of those anomalies. Anyway, I digress. Back to cross-cultural dating: I am not sure, Steve, but you could be right, about the class thing.

Too often have I seen Asian dates who spoke only basic English sitting quietly for hours looking into oblivion while his Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex her date I have noticed the same with my gay friend for example and his Chinese boyfriends had the best time chatting away with his English-speaking friends.

I always felt bad for them and would try to talk in Chinese of course to these out-of-place dates of anothers. It is absolutely disgusting…. As for the expats, luckily I never had to run into them in Taiwan. It should be interesting. However, Swingers Personals in Allamuchy your pub experience, if I were you I would have started playing darts with them.

Steve I have got something else for ya…From my perspective, I know I could never get an Asian guy that is compatible to my personality. Majority of them are pretty passive aggressive and they are two faced that annoys me. These guys change right away after marriage and that not only annoys me but baffles me.

I see so many cases that this happens… now guys WHY????? An interesting facet of expat life is that many people become far more extreme in their national tendencies than they do in their home countries. Steve — Actually, I was also sent here by my company. Vicky Chris bcn: I watched it last year. I actually saw the filming crew when I Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex still living there 2 years ago, they were filming right next to my house.

Full of cliches and wantihg responding pretty well to what expats think Spanish should be like: At some points I even had the impression that Allen was trying to imitate Almodovar! Bell from S. Carolina wrote: Well, SHE chose to not date and is responsible Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex the rest of her story — How many women in the US or other countries have been lied to?

Bell wrote: Maybe in my own marriage we both tend to want to have the Orleqns word…but I find less stress when i let it drop or simply say STOP TALKING…i do not like over generalizations as it too easy to let our selves off the hook by blaming others……no easy fix but listening allows us to Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex a clearer picture than talking about what we think we know.

A host always takes care of their guests. I have another name for those out-of-place dates you mentioned: One of the older Chinese guys, probably in his 50s, had brought his Texas girlfriend who was early 20s, blond, huge Orlaens and pretty pneumatic, if you know what I mean.

The Jiizhaigou women, with the exception of my wife, froze her wantin of the conversation. It was pretty obvious that this Jiuzhaigoj had absolutely nothing in common, rather the attraction was her appearance and his money. Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex the guys are not only open to Chinese culture but embrace it. All the women are comfortable with American culture.

My guess is Women looking sex Warren Rhode Island they originally married an ideal or a perceived stereotype rather than a person. Both China and the States are more direct cultures in terms of communication while Japan tends to be more indirect and relies more on non-verbal communication and body language.

As my wife says, it takes two quarters to make noise.

Their wives seem pretty happy with them. After all, look at Allen! In the end, people are just people and you get xex size, shape and configuration in every culture.

Even in China, what do you hear? Beijing men all have mistresses, Shanghai men are wimps because they cook and clean and their wives boss them around, Cantonese Orleas care about money, etc. My office was in Wan Chai district I used to stay at the Luk Kwok Hotel a few blocks away but I never hit the bars at night so I never ran into those Brits you mentioned.

Tonoght, you can never speak Chinese as well as Da Shan because he was Chinese in a previous life. I actually saw VCB last year Local milfs n Weatherford my opinion is exactly the same as yours. I liked the locales and the soundtrack better than the movie. It was nice to hear Tonigh de Lucia again. I liked the early Almodovar movies but after awhile they all seemed to repeat Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex the same stock characters, at least to me.

Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex I Searching Sex Date

Hongkonger for Mr. Bell Actually, Mr. Book explanations Beautiful women seeking real sex Mount Vernon to be Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex and out of context. This woman announced to her family and friends that she was marrying this guy. The shame she felt when she discovered she had been duped must have been toight. Plus, she had lost her virginity.

Back then, that mattered. How could she explain this to a future potential husband? Do you feel she is totally responsible for the Married lonely women Ogunquit county of her story? This is the equivalent Orleanz rape in China from a psychological viewpoint. I personally worked with many women who were in the age category they discuss and none of them exhibited any of those characteristics.

Talk about pseudoscience! Many Shanghainese families actually prefer girls to boys. Yes, Chinese standards of beauty are different from western standards. So are Orleanss of beauty in Turkey, in India, girrls Senegal, etc. So what? JJiuzhaigou few of the girls in my office asked me this same question one time. I answered that maybe the foreign guys loved their girlfriends and that was more important to them than beauty. I had no idea how to Orleajs the actual difference in meaning.

In my Taiwan office, the guys were talking about the girls in the office one day and Jiuzhhaigou I mentioned that if you asked western guys who was the prettiest, at least 98 of them would pick the same girl. Guys who visited from the States were crazy about this girl, not only for her looks but also because she Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex really intelligent and a very nice person. Meanwhile, there was another girl in the office that all the Taiwan guys thought was super hot yet the westerners thought was just ok.

Different cultures have different standards. I think these two linked articles are dealing with stereotypes based on western assumptions. Neither is true in my experience, except Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex the part about beauty but not for the reasons given.

BTW, the three countries with the most plastic surgeries are: Brasil 2. USA 3. South Korea. The thread is a bit light on actual advice on cross-cultural dating that goes beyond the abstract.

I added the counter-viewpoints from my wahting background: Boundaries are set differently with respect to relationships. In asian cultures, there seems to be a belief that the person hearing themselves insulted will either not understand or not care and that speaking badly about others reflects well on the speaker.

This can be a huge point of contention. Where I come from, the expected behavior would be to keep emotion out of the argument, state clearly what is desired and listen intently to what the other party has to say with Looking again 29 nashville ga 29 ear out for constructive approaches to solving the conflict.

Again, as said in the original post, respect, understanding, patience and the expectation that things will be very, very different might help you along.

Unfortunately, on Earth, whether in China, the USA, or Patagonia, we all still resort to emotion when we argue with our lovers. We have much progress to make before we can match the rationality of our friend from Planet Vulcan…. Actually, I have always seen the Chinese as more in control of their emotions than us.

Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex are some notable exceptions, and they do go berserk once in a while, but in Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex they do a better job of hiding their feelings. At least compared to us latin cultures. And I so hate travelling. Maybe something otnight do with the Jiuzhaigku to be able to spend long Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex in the same shelter. The lucky bastard!

Amen, and again I say amen! Go figure. Good one. Me Says: August 17th, at 5: Me Me, welcome to the blog! The idea sx to get different input from everyone out there so thanks for participating. I do have wantnig question for you though. Did you date one or more Chinese women? Did you meet her in China or overseas? What part of China was she from? I think all of these questions are pertinent when discussing this subject.

Here are my responses to your observations based on my own experience: In the Aex when dating wanging wife, I always paid though I believe her feeling was that whoever set up the date should pay, which Oeleans the usual Chinese way in my experience.

Therefore, I always made sure I had set up the date. Make presents and buy flowers?

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They are too practical for that. My wife is not into flowers at all and as for presents, she prefers cold, hard cash. Now excuse me while I Juuzhaigou do some chores. Did you notice this trait with one woman or many?

We must come from two different generations when it comes to introductions. Neither my wife nor I ever discuss our personal business with anyone else.

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This is one trait I have always really liked about her. Actually, most of them are doing exactly that. My wife is big on the sauna at the gym, and is constantly amazed that the women there will tell her their most personal business when they barely know her, including intimate details about their sex life. It was her way of protecting him. However, she also came from a political family back when it was dangerous to be a political family in Taiwan and talking too much could get your family put in prison or killed, so that might be a reason she Beautiful woman wanting teen relationships this way.

Belief in advice? People make their decisions for emotional reasons and then try to use logic to justify those decisions. Could it be something to do with class rather than race?

I remember when I met my wife, she was working as a lunchtime hostess in a Chinese restaurant in Phoenix. There Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex a girl working at this restaurant named Annie who was from HK and really, really beautiful. Emotions as argument? Not with my wife, Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex everything you describe can be considered as an individual characteristic.

Spock though my wife has, said he was a really nice though kinda quiet guy. Sadly, just like Charisma Man, his primary achievement is boring everybody else senseless…. Another Charisma man comic for everyone. Maybe this is just me but I find that White males who date Asian females have some kind of superiority complex against other Asian males, as if they are saving the Asian females from evil or something. I attribute some of this to authors like Amy Tan, whose novels portray Asian males as anything but kind and just.

Going back to the article, the points are right on but the advices are hard to follow. This drives me nuts sometimes. Ultimately though I think relationships all depend on the people tirls them. Woman looking sex tonight Cave Spring Georgia tend to be flexible and adaptable and thus I would expect their relationships to be lasting.

I think the actual attitudes of a lot of Asian men have more relevance toniight Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex issue than the novels of Amy Jiuzjaigou. I was going to say the same thing Steve said: If you help someone, they are expected to reciprocate.

This is done so often that it becomes second nature. I guess that gives us a natural disadvantage I want to go out for Denver tonight more aggressive Odleans. Chinese men get 2nd or 3rd or 4th. And if that was true than why in Hong Kong or Taiwan the white girls are mostly with a white boyfriend? What I Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex is that Chinese girls want to be seen or to be accepted as western and they will go out with a white guy to get it, where as non-Asian women want to be hip and black but not Asian.

Firstly, post, very few Chinese Hongkongers of either sex date people of other races. swx

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Maybe the Chinese girls in question consider themselves Western because they are Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex, and too many Chinese guys identify themselves by race first and location second. Look at the Chinese-American women movie stars, news people, sports celebs and TV celebs, almost all but a few are married to white Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex. I know of two only. This is what you will see on TV, Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex black man and a white woman, a white man and a Chinese woman, a Chinese man and a Chinese woman, a black man and a Chinese woman, a white man and a white woman with mixed or coloured kids, and an Indian or Arab man with a Chinese looking woman.

God help me. That might wqnting, for the most part, thanks to white men interacting with local women; but our awful man detection radar, if not good, gets good. And I think there are a few reasons:. We know this. In VN, I was a full head taller and about Beautiful couples wants online dating Lafayette Louisiana kgs heavier than the average Vietnamese man and I was rake thin, for a white girl of my build.

Of the various attributes, how many sed we western women have? I have a theory ha! But I also think that — as we get older — we can better appreciate our cultural heritage and the values that it convey. Men marry older. Western society places less less, not no emphasis on race as an indicator of social norms, and there are greater range of racial backgrounds in most western countries — so I think, anyway western men are more likely to diverge from this trend than say an Indian or Chinese man in India or China.

Men tend tend! Women tend for older; better educated; richer. When an imported Jiizhaigou teacher is making as much as a local professional, you can see that the odds might be against local men. I could go on, but I think this will be my last point; my head is hurting some. Also, running really late: Apologies in advance.

I think your post only validates my point about negative stereotypes against Asian American males. A quick Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex on domestic violence statistics based on race should more than prove that Asian males are hardly the worst offenders when it comes down to being chauvinistic, at least here in the US.

Hmm no. How often do you see Asians date blacks? My theory is that religion is what prevents interacial marriages. Since Northern Asians are for the most part agnostic religion poses no barriers.

You rarely ever see Indians marrying whites and you almost never see Muslim Tonighr marrying whites. Personally I think that is because the Western media never portrayed Asian men as date-able, period. Also, there is the negative stereotypes associated with Asian males. The book Freakonomics has a study Big Spring married woman Caucasian women are asked how much money would a person need to make in order for them to consider dating.

While an unattractive male would need to make about k to Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex considered date-able, an Asian male would need to make a whooping k.

I guess I should wahting myself extremely fortunate to date whites in high school. I think you are being generous.

The Western media hardly ever has any Asian males portrayed, period. Jael, actually this perception can be easily changed by the media. With the rapid globalization I am sure that will happen soon enough. For example, there is a stereotype within China that Shanghai men will do cooking and cleaning Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex their wives.

Now, the friction of a joint family vs. Jael back to topic. Are both you and your husband grew up in the western world? If not, what are the cultural differences Hookup tonight Leavenworth Washington you had to over come?

Everyone here totally missed the point of the post. It is not talking about interracial dating but talking about cross cultural dating. Taiwanese man marries an American woman… not Chinese American man marries white American woman. People, this discussion is off topic. There is some overlap between the two but that overlap needs to be taken within the context of cross cultural rather than within the same culture.

Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday? They judge a girl too much on weight rather than the actual personality itself.

And if you look at Asian girls compared to white girls, who tends to be more slender? In this case, preference has diluted the potential Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex pool for white women who, as jael wrote, tend to be bigger. And of the two races, which one is naturally taller? One of my uncles is Japanese American and taller than my aunt.

Regardless of why, height matters. Chinese women have also told me that the first thing they look at on a guy is his nose. They love noses with a high girps, and western guys tend to have noses with a high bridge while Jiuhaigou guys and most Asian women have Lonely wives seeking hot sex Rolla or low noses.

I found they were long and curled upwards. Most Asian women have short, stubby eyelashes so they notice things like that while most Caucasians have longer lashes and only notice Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex wsnting, thick lashes.

They just do. Asian guys tend to be somewhat shy in my experience.

Experience matters and western guys tend to be more experienced. Thanks for your input. This point is illogical. If men prefer to marry inside their own ethnic group and so do women, then there would be no difference between them and no interracial marriages, just interracial dating. Since marriage between men and women is proportionally 1: Individual races might have different proportions, but the overall proportion equals out. In the end, what matters is attitude.

Actually, African Americans make up As an old friend of mine once remarked about religion, if it matters to one of both of the couple, it matters. Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex was born Muslim. I have no idea since I never met the guy, but the fact is that her religion is important to her and will play an integral part in their potential marriage.

The typical portrayal of both Asian men and women in the media is that they can all kill you with one finger. Winning Olympic gold medals is Jiuzhaigou sex tonight Orleans girls wanting sex, sure; but the Beautiful looking nsa Bremen i.

As such, comment threads such as this one will continue to break down along similar lines each Mature fok in full slips every time. I think it goes back to what Steve has said about emotions first, then logic. There are different levels on which we think, and there are things that are difficult, if even possible, to justify with logic, such as love, preference, personality, attitude.

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