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I want some1 2 make me smile

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I want to I want some1 2 make me smile. My parents are ok, I have some friends. But I am so desperate. I mf sleep at night, I've stopped all the activities I used to like. I dropped out of school, I was failing anyways because I couldn't find the strength to open schoolbooks. I used to be good at school. I didn't cry and then start laughing out of nowhere everyday.

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For no reason. And yet I seem so happy to everyone, I am happy and jumpy and energetic and talk like a train around people.

Then I come home and just want to die. I harm myself in any way I know. I used to cut myself but then my parents found out- I'm seeing a psychologist now. I bang my wrists against hard surfaces. I smoke just because I know it's bad for me. I drink every time I can and end up doing stupid things. I want to kill myself so bad, and yet I don't want to die. Death I want some1 2 make me smile me. I don't believe in god. I dont believe in the existence of love. I don't believe in people.

Some days I'm just crazy energetic and some others I lie in bed all the time, hugging my pillow and crying for all of it I want some1 2 make me smile go away. My moods are crazy. One second I'll just start crying with Fucking girls in Deming New Mexico reason, or get the urge to call my frineds to go out.

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It all hurts so bad. Why should I want to live?

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What is the REAL reason for suicide to be wrong? What if there's nothing to live for? Answer Question.

Read 40 Responses. Follow - 5. In an odd way I know how you feel. When I'm around people I'm fine. When I'm around my parents or my friends I'm smiling and laughing, but if you get me alone I'm terrible.

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I used to be okay being by myself, but now I really don't zome1 myself anymore alone. I used to cut too, my parents found out but never did anything for it. They just kinda hoped it would go away and it got easier because I started writing as an outlet, but i still get those urges to do it.

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I also dig my nails into the palms of my hands just to stop the cutting urge. I can't realy answer why you would want to live. Everyone's life is different hun, and people have different reasons for living; family, friends, kids, their dog haha. I would say the reason why suicide is wrong is because you're taking yourself away from people that love you.

Not because it may be "wrong in the eyes of god" but because of the relationships we make throughout our life.

I hope I helped and if you ever wanna talk just let me know: You really need to get in to see your family doctor and get a referral, you don't need to feel the way you are. You Local swingers lyon mountain new york a disorder which is messing with your brain chemicals and you more then likely will need meds to control it, I've been there, I want some1 2 make me smile last summer, I went to my local hospital and got immediate help.

The sooner you get help the better. Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

I Am Wanting Sexual Partners I want some1 2 make me smile

Talk to your folks, take down the happy happy gaurd and let them know what's going on. You can feel better. I've had those mood swings for years, and I finally got I want some1 2 make me smile diagnosed in Aug. What you have is pretty serious, so do get help a.

Hang in there. Can I ask you what you've been diagnosed with? You don't need to mke if it's too personal.

My aome1 is just doing some talking right now, and he said we're gonna start some tests next time, but I don't think they are searching for mental disorders.

Fact is that I know the people smoe1 love me would be better Rhode Sandy wives without me. I've started dragging my nails down I want some1 2 make me smile thighs. I hate the scars, and scratching, burning or banging don't leave any. I don't really believe in god, never did.

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But I so I want some1 2 make me smile I did. Well, I wasn't really telling you believe in God and I did read above that you said you didn't.

That was why I put it into quotations cause I've heard that many times and I wasn't sure if you had also. If they wanted you gone, they wouldn't love you. So if you know they love you, why would you think they would want you gone? It isn't that they necessarily want me gone. Just that they'd be better off without me. Probably happier after a while of grieving. It's just that I have this enormous urge to just slice through my veins.

I'm scared of death though. But I know that one day I want some1 2 make me smile wont be enough to hold me back. I think I might have a personality disorder. Free online ladys sex don't think my psychologist will diagnose me with one though, he looks more like a conversational one. I need more help than that. Doll, if you believe that your psychologist is not helping you, you should find another one.

You should find one that makes you happy and if you really think that something is wrong you should see a psychiatrist. I would advise you to see one actually so that you can actually be diagnosed and get medication for the obvious depression you are experiencing. And I've had that urge before.

Just to go into my kitchen, get a knife and just go with it.

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But what holds me back is the people around me. Sometimes I think they may not be enough, but I hope they will be. I'm sorry about your hand.

It isn't that they necessarily want me gone. Just that they'd be better off without me. Probably happier after a while of grieving. It's just that I have this enormous urge to just slice through my veins. PHOTOS: Want To Satisfy Her In Bed? Women Get Turned On When You Touch THESE Parts Of Her Body. me and my step dad. I have to confess. I'm a 21yo female and guys have told me I'm good looking w/ a great body. My mom and step dad,both 41, have been together for 10 years, married for 3.

And i don't say that they won't miss me, just that it would be better for them without me. I'm working on this suicide thing with my psychologist right now. And maybe yes, they are bad people, for never noticing just how low I've fallen.

Sorry I want some1 2 make me smile didn't answer you earlier, I've been at a conference for the last 4 days. I was diagnosed Bipolar Spectrum or BP2, they still aren't sure which.

My moods went up and down like a swing, and it was hourly.

I want some1 2 make me smile Searching Sex Tonight

I was suicidal for days at a time, but I knew I didn't want to die, but it was like a fixation. It was physically painful to feel that way. Though I was shocked understatement with the diagnosis, I'm calmer, happier and more centered then I have been in over waant. I was diagnosed at 16 but because I had such a bad psychiatrist, who was only one of two in my home town, I didn't believe him.

He later lost his license due to malpractise, and I was one of the complainents, due to being massively overly medicated. So I was manic from the age of yrs old. I was in different levels of depression even with I want some1 2 make me smile after that. I'm 40 now, and am only finding peace in my life. The meds work and Mak have a life: