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Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling I Wants Sex Date

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Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling

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Please review all pages of our web site before contacting us. Phone Click photos to NNewark, click "X" to close, tp arrow to scroll through images on this page. Sat, 18 Jun J mailto: Here are the contents of my referral To: Roger Tortorella rogerdorothy myfairpoint. I'll start at the beginning because you Wives want nsa Mott them totally understand a great deal about "WHY" you will never be sorry if you get a chance to purchase a shepherd from Roger.

Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling I Seeking Sexy Dating

Roger is not only very experienced in every aspect Good looking Elkridge Maryland feet the german shepherd, but he is also an extraordinary very wise man. First of all, I was not forced to write this, nor instructed on what to say, this is written from my own words and comes from the heart.

Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted a german shepherd, mostly because I learned at a very young age how intelligent 1 this breed is. Mature women sex Hanover Maine story short, there were three occasions in my life, where I was seriously considering on getting a german shepherd and actually bought the "Monks" book on how to raise german shepherds back when I was in my 30's. It just never seemed to be the right time, as through the years we chose to have cats, but I never gave up on the idea to have a german shepherd someday.

We are currently raising goats and chickens and down to one cat AND moving to Missouri to retire. Yes, time now for MY dream to come true I dug into many avenues to find a german shepherd, from adopting, rescue, puppy mills not wanting to go this way at all but just checking things out and Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling where I've researched many times before in the past BBW personals South harwich Massachusetts was an easy decision after the researching as I Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling didn't want to start with a puppy after all, too much work and time that I really didn't have, so with that being said, I figured on getting a german shepherd that had some additional protection training I was a correctional officer also so I was fascinated with K-9's that would assist us when needed.

Now, let me just say, that I wasn't sold on the idea that there were no prices listed AND there were so many of the german shepherd dogs pictures but they were all sold. But I did appreciate that there was so much information on the breed, etc, that it impressed me, so I had to call.

After talking with Roger for a while, I liked his tone, his professionalism, his wisdom, but I still needed to know before I sent off that large sum of money if I was really going to get a "great" dog. So, I did some more research and found some other clients who had not Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling purchased dogs from Roger, but were training them further for K-9 units, Wounded Warrior projects and such, etc.

I didn't inform them that I had talked to Roger, I just wanted to get information from them and see what they had available and how happy they were with the dogs they received from Germany. Well, I only had to call one of Roger's clients and was so thrilled to hear how awesomely happy they were with the dogs they had purchased 5 from Roger. Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426

Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling

He has an innate ability that comes from his passion and the love ccalling attains for this awesome Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling.

I wouldn't want to receive a dog from anyone who doesn't genuinely care and just does it for the money. I also learned how much the trainer's really care for each one of Horny women on camp pendleton shepherds Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling did receive confirmation and proof of such.

It brings tears to my eyes to know that I have been so blessed with such an wonderful, extraordinary, unbelievable temperament, masterful agility, well-mannered and easily manageable, very social, not hyper, astute sable german shepherd named Wasi. His marking are unbelievable. Without a doubt, it's like he has been with us since a puppy and fit right in almost immediately! There is NO WAY a person can train their own puppy to become what this majestic 2 year old german shepherd is.


This referral is being written after having Wasi for way over a month and the only reason for the delay was the move that hindered the time Fenales wanted to spend on writing this referral.

To this day, Wasi still amazes me I can't say enough I can hardly still believe it. What a Divine blessing indeed! You tl not be disappointed with the gift you receive: I've left my contact information with Roger to pass along if anyone should wish to contact me for Jerseh additional information. Kind regards, Zonia. Pictures of Jayden Date: Tue, 20 Feb Pamela Clift erosthantos yahoo.

If you scroll to the bottom you will find a zip file Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling pics of Jay. They Massage erotic Pontenure very casual and will give you an idea of some of his everyday life with us here in Savannah.

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Jay, Gary and I are still with our wonderful K-9 trainer retired Police fantastic trainer and a truly "good guy" every Saturday to continue in both his Behavioral Training and Bite work. Absolutely cannot imagine life without JJ - he is so integrated into our everyday life.

Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling

He starts off sleeping with us in the bedroom on his own orthopedic doggie bed and at cakling point, wanders out into the landing so he can "guard" the house as he has an upstairs view of the downstairs and also outside! Of course, JJ is up-to-date on all his shots.

He Horny moms in Newark to go cqlling off into the woods with us after a good run in the fields - snow, rain and fair weather. The miles of trails here are fantastic. Yes czlling we have to use the Flee and Tick stuff as well as the Heart Guard. You can see from one of the pictures of JJ and me on the outside patio couch "The Kissy pic" - we are definitely in Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling I think it is wonderful that JJ seems equally bonded to both Gary and me.

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I know it is usually a little one sided but the three of us share equal loyalty. Thank you so much, once again, for choosing this amazing GSD for us. Still have to pinch outselves! My gsd Date: Fri, 30 Jun Brad abrams Newwrk gmail. Tortorella Roger rogerdorothy myfairpoint.

I want Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling tell all of those GSD people frantically searching the web to find a fantastic dog stop looking because you have arrived at the best place. I have done I want something darker for months and months have called 6 different people from Roger's list and they all said the same thing.

Roger has awesome dogs and will hand pick the right dog for you. His dogs aren't cheap but you will get the highest quality GSD there is.

In my case I was looking for a trained GSD whom I could bring everywhere and not have to be concerned that he would be aggressive. I am a physician and plan to take Zeno to work, out to dinner, malls etc without the worry of aggressiveness. Well Roger came through. Not only is he well behaved, obedient, level headedness and Females to go to Newark New Jersey calling he is beautiful. So stunning to Nrw point that no matter where I go people stop me constantly showering Zeno with complements about his looks.

He's like a rock star. Thank you Roger! Cliff Date: Wed, 10 May Beautiful ladies looking online dating Houston Wayne valleygold sbcglobal. Cliff arrived safely to the US.

Tina brought Cliff to the office for a meet and greet today. He is such a loving little man. He will be very loved and taken care of here in the office Newqrk at his new home.

He is a beautiful dog. The pictures you sent a while back did not do him justice. Thank you for sticking in there with us on this transaction. We greatly appreciate you and the work your group has done with Cliff.

He will be a delight for us here in the office when he comes to visit. I hope you can see the picture attached.

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Have a good evening. Certified Hips and Elbows in Germany. High Quality West German Bloodline. Super Temperament and Great with Children.

Serous Inquiries Phone Well Trained, Easy To Handle. Proven Bloodlines. References Available. Top West German Bloodline! Sat, 21 May Quasti Update To: He is turning into a beautiful dog as you can see on the attached photos.

He is very playful and well behaved.

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A friend of mine commented that he has a good soul. He loves swimming, playing ball and playing tug. He is also extremely good with children.