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Maybe somebody go with me I tried small talking with you a little about how long his set may be, (you were hoping for an Kinb hour show and I knew that he was set to play until midnight).

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Since she was widowed she seems to have mellowed and found her own ideals. Back then she was very pro-Charles and Camilla, and not fond of Diana. She wasn't even very nice about her in the aftermath of her death and funeral iirc. It Women seeking adult fun out in her replies to her blog comments. Marlene was obsessed with this Canadian woman who claimed to be an illegitimate spawn of the House of Mountbatten.

She really took it as her personal crusade to out this admittedly wacky woman. I doubt the current Mountbattens give a shit. It did seem to give her personal pleasure to say she visited a real Mountbatten Iris in Canada and she often repeats that the house was disheveled and smelled like urine.

His wife, Italian-born Queen Paola suffered a stroke recently. I believe at this point it's a fair certainty she's his daughter. Shame they had to force him to do this to admit it. Didn't one of his sons visit her publicly, to show support and show that the Royal family believes her claim? Denying illegitimate children is so 20th century.

With DNA testing it makes sense to play nice and just fess up when Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia time comes that claims are made.

King Juan Carlos shot his brother to death during a hunting trip. Prince Albert of Monaco did the right thing, stepped up and gave his name to two of his three illegitimate children Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Alexandre Coste-Grimaldi.

The last Grimaldi baby was a surprise. Charlene heard about it at the eleventh hour and tried to flee back to South Africa in the eve of her wedding to The Prince. This was reported in a French news outlet and not just internet chatter. Oh that wedding was a disaster. Wife want hot sex Rowland Heights grown up Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia stories about the beautiful Princess Grace, I had no idea how Euro-trashy Monaco really was.

Fat Al sweating in that white uniform, standing like a stiff as Charlene sobbed. You think that Prince Albert could afford liposuction at least for that day. Instead it looked like he was stuffed into a Spanx and was going to explode.

Albert was better looking than his sisters, who inherited those coarse, rough Grimaldi features. I am sure that Prince Philippos of Greece pings.

But he shuns the limelight, unlike his older brother Pavlos and his thirsty wife Marie-Chantal. It seems like outdoorsy smoking royal women all get that haggy look. Ever see Princess Marina of Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia Adult wants sex Bowstring Minnesota happened to Caroline's hard drinking husband Ernst of Hanover?

He was hospitalized for pancreatitis once and he fell ill during his son's wedding earlier in the year and has not been heard from again.

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He was allegedly put into an induced coma. Is he on life support somewhere or drinking himself to death on some tropical island? I knew about his public urination incidents, but I found this on his Wiki page. It's rather shocking. Was a higher royal title that important to Caroline to marry this dick? I also wonder if there was any domestic violence given the alcohol and likely volatility. Wow, he's been at it again.

Food poisoning or drunk, your choice. But again with the medically induced coma and critical condition. Caroline always did have shit Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia in men. Junot was cheating on her within a year of the wedding, Casiraghi had a long time mistress Fucking pussy Congresbury was basically a teenaged boy in a man's body, and Prince Ernst of Hanover is a total mess.

All she got with him is a nice daughter and, finally, an HRH. It's basically a consolation prize because her brother runs Monaco, and therefore the family fortune. Caroline inherited almost all of the jewels owned by Princess Grace and also her grandmother Princess Charlotte. What did Albert inherit for his wife, the reigning Princess Consort of Monaco?

Tippo MS bi horny wives they didn't give everything to Caroline. I have no idea why all Looking to fuck womens jewels went to Caroline, and none to Stephanie and none kept for the Princess Consort.

Is Stephanie still strung out? I hear that she does drugs with her niece and nephews. But she Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia her kids away from the stuff.

R, can you point me to an article or other piece that verifies that Princess Grace left the bulk of her jewels to Caroline? How curious. It came up in the favorite tiara thread, the sapphire Ocean tiara that was created for Charlene was stunning. I'm not sure she's ever worn it or worn it more than once as a tiara but she has worn it converted to a necklace and she has worn the matching earrings.

Nope R Wish I could, but I doubt the princely court would ever confirm or deny the dispensation of the family jewels. With all that bling, you'd think they could afford to get Princess Sofia some decent foundation garments. I saw an interview of his on YouTube and while he is dishy, he is dumber than a box of air.

Same thing with Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece. Nothing upstairs but empty room. Mary just comes across as so much smarter than Frederick. Kind of like people thought it would be with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, until she turned out to be a bigger idiot than he is. Prince Madeleine seems very happy with her Euro-American finance guy husband, who is one of the few European royal spouses capable of supporting the family.

Her former fiance' certainly wasn't going to be able to keep them globe hopping without help from her trust fund and access to royal connections. The in-laws look a bit terrifying though - his mum and his sisters or half-sisters? R - Mary also works harder than Frederik.

He's always been seen as lazy and ambivalent about his "fate" - he's no Prince of Wales bringing organic farming to the Duchy of Cornwall and setting up The Prince's Trust; Frederik does about one-third to one-half the work Charles does in a year, despite them being at the same royal level actually, that's not saying much in Europe - Charles has always done, and does more, than King Felipe or Crown Prince Haakon, too.

Whatever else people may say of Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia, she has handled herself well, took on a busy schedule from the beginning, learned Danish, and is viewed as a good hands-on mother, rather like Kate Middleton is, only Mary does far more in a year. Frederik did the clever thing: Meghan Markle could take a leaf out of Mary's book. Mary at least evidences affection for Denmark, lived there for a year before the engagement was announced, and made an effort to acquaint herself with her new country.

Meghan Markle pushed Harry into a fast commitment partly because of her agemade it abundantly clear that she had little to no interest in her new country except for its glitzy capitaland was just there to set herself up as an A-Lister.

It's fine to be attracted to position, she wouldn't do well unless the other party had some of that in her, but she Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia to be cognizant that she Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia to become part of the country that gave her Housewives wants real sex Highmore entree into a life of privilege, and that there's a price in terms of restraining personal inclinations, and some hard work attached.

Mary got that; Meghan still doesn't. Funny though, Mary had huge detractors initially. So I guess she proved herself. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands had to cancel some events recently due to an infection but Columbia Missouri sex personals mr right aa bbw now resumed her duties.

R, his height is reported to be 5'10" and in photos where he's standing with Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia, his height appears to be completely average, if not a little taller than average. Why do you make shit up? R - Maxima is another fine example of an outsider, like Mary, coming into a new country, learning a new language, AND facing some political hostility because her father was attached to the brutal regime in which thousands of dissidents disappeared in Argentina, and having to prover herself to the population.

Like Mary, she learnt the language quickly, went to work quickly and took on many engagements, got along with her in-laws, and her vivacity and hard work won the Dutch over.

Both Maxima and Mary had far tougher roles to master than Meghan Markle, who wasn't marrying the heir to the throne, didn't have to learn a new language, moved to a country with close historical ties to her natal country, and wasn't under any real pressure to provide the next generation's sovereign.

I only saw the blogs about Mary once and never returned, they were nearly hysterical in their hatred - it frankly creeped me out.

It's one thing to point out that someone is screwing up publicly, but as Mary quickly became very Prussi liked by the Danes, and comes out consistently at the top of the popularity polls amongst the Danish royals, their hatred of Mary was rooted in something else.

It reminded me of Shirley Jackson's story, "The Lottery" - they picked her to project all their hate on.

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Anyone would think she'd paraded herself naked on a white horse in front of Amalienborg - when what is striking about Mary is that she's quite ordinary in a very useful srx, and has sez well in an extraordinary situation. In this, she also reminds me of Kate Middleton, who is also a quite ordinary Home Counties girl, seex who has pretty Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia retained ht aura whilst growing into the role of future queen consort.

Markle, on the other hand, is married to the sixth in line, yet has behaved publicly as if she is somehow entitled to all the attention and deference her sister-in-law is. The royal circle is indeed a tricky one to navigate. New entrants need just the right amount of steel, covered by a quality of common touch humility, and the Beaufiful to avoid making waves or calling the Married woman looking real sex Gracefield kind of attention to themselves.

Beautifkl you people stop using this thread as an excuse to trash Markle? Fucking thread hijackers. This thread is about Continental Royals only! R Silvia's plastic surgery is unfortunate given that she actually was very attractive before she had her face pulled way too tight.

She Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia even more odd because she clearly had a couple face lifts but never bothered to do anything to her neck or eyes so it throws everything off even more. She also goes too heavy on the fillers as Sweet wives want nsa Istanbul. I remember at Victoria's wedding she looked like she was storing nuts in her cheeks.

Maybe it's the poor lighting in the photos, but Sweden's Prince Daniel looks like he he's aged markedly. He looks a touch haggard and has enormous circles under his eye. A number of years ago a poster on a Swedish royal family thread said that he had been ill wante kidney disease and got a transplant.

Is he sick again? R It depends on the picture, sometimes he look "classically handsome" and other times more drawn. It could very well be the mediation he is on as a result of the transplant.

There's a rumour that before Daniel got the transplant, he had to have some sperm frozen as the side effect of the kidney medication is low sperm count hpt even ED. Maybe less if he still has the disease like autoimmune that caused the shut down in the first place.

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R, what his height is "reported bot be" means nothing, and in many photos I've seen of him he is wee. His sister Madeleine is "only" 5'7". Find more group shots. Oh please, He isnt 5' He is seriously not more than 5'7.

He isnt Beautiul short, but very short. Not that I Beauriful, I love a little off power bottom No one has mentioned how the late husband of the Queen of Demark was strongly rumoured to be gay? Supposedly an open secret. He was also tough on his sons, and they didnt have a strong relationship. In addition to marrying a very slutty gay man, Gloria von thurn und taxis is a raging homophobe who is thought to have dated a female after his death.

An Italian Princess of course; she is a snobbish frau who doesnt want to mix with the lower class. Married a second son and Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia to work to prove herself to the Danish people.

Like Mary, she always looks put together. Dex Joachim was rumored to be gay though, so I wonder if her marriage will wind up like Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia predecessor The Countess of Fredericksburg.

Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia up r, stop looking for excuses to hijack a thread about non-UK royals to talk about Meghan. You make me sick. I could care less about Meghan, but all of these antis are making me like her. I think they are mostly fraus that held some far fetched wannts that Harry would choose them. Princess Charlene did Horney mom Karlakkoy pretty children, the young Marquis de Baux in particular.

I like Letizia's dress but it's a little too low in front for a Queen. Discret fuck buddy in Salem at baby Estelle's look on her face as well as Carl Gustav's way of looking down at his granddaughter!

Estelle sounds like an old Jewish lady from Little Neck. Or, she could have gone back further way before the Bernadettes and named her Christina, giving Sweden a Ho II. Yes, R The baby is looking straight at her grandfather. And he is looking straight at her. Great picture. Yes, I remember at the time a lot of us were sx if Victoria had a close relationship with the countess or if she simply liked the name. It seems like Victoria would have been 7 years old when Countess Estelle Bernadotte died, so maybe the close relationship was held by the King.

Or maybe not at all, and they just like the name. She was born first so she comes before her brother in the line of succession. Kong Belgian monarchy may not last. The king's brother is a loafer. He's complained publicly that he hoy not paid enough. And the Belgian government gave him a dressing down for attending in full dress uniform a military parade in China a Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia years ago. The king's father the former king, Albert II, was recently ordered by a European court to submit to a DNA test to determine whether he is the father of a 50 year old woman, sired from an extramarital affair.

Even though I really love Letizia, that striped dress up the thread a bit Beautiflu Peru? It's a bad flashback to the 70's and if she wears it again I'm going to need some drugs. She usually looks impeccable. Yes likely r It will become progressively worse.

There is no cure so ostensibly it's To the cutest dental dating mature women assistant terminal diagnosis. Queen Maxima says now she hopes to wear the Stuart Tiara more often, and that they were saving it for the state visit. Ok we experimented with changing the rules of succession from males to Beaugiful first born child whether male or female. Most of Europeans monarchs are going to be stuck with queens.

Luckily the wantts 3 monarchs in the UK will be a King. The UK got stuck with a woman who refuses to give it up. Andorra Flirten Spokane Washington sex always have a male co-prince becuse by tradition one is always a Catholic bishop.

The President of France is only the co-prince because it was originally the King of France. They could offer the job to the pretender or one of his younger brothers. Haakon was ready to give up his title to marry her. Although I have heard of some marital discord from time to time, they seem to be in love. And he wantx very suave, something about him makes me warm inside. I think Ingrid is going to be Beautivul good Queen, if the monarchy survives.

Both Silvia of Sweden and Mary of Denmark were both born commoners but they Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia know how to dress and behave with dignity and respect. Hell, even Ssex husband King Carl Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia was handsome in his day.

Too bad he screwed around on her.

Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia Want Sexy Meeting

Plus she seems like a nice person. R - there is no evidence that Mathilde is bearding for her husband King Philippe. They've had four children together, they are very affectionate with each other and seem like a happy couple.

Philippe is said to be a bit on the dim side sometimes - if so, it's a fairly good thing he got himself a decent wife like Mathilde is. There Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia been rumours that Philippe is gay in Belgium for ages. It likely stems from the fact that that prior to his engagement to Mathilde, which came as a surprise because there is no evidence that they had dated, he had never been linked to anyone.

Please Put Some Clothes On | All The Tropes Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I don't know where the transgender stuff comes from though. I don't ot if Philippe is gay, but I do believe that his marriage to Mathilde might have been arranged to an extent, but they seem happy together. There is no case. Other than 'rumored to be gay' Beautigul is nothing to read here. It's not even hearsay or gossip. Rainier tried to raise the profile of the place and succeeded in getting invites to the big royal events of the 60s 70s and 70s; weddings, jubilees, enthronement, etc.

He was treated as an equal sovereign, despite the trashy reputation of the principality. Someone has decided to close the last thread 25 on the Sins of Meghan Markle well before it reached posts, and right in the middle of an, wantw, very lively discussion about the astonishingly inappropriate outfit she wore to the Royal Variety Show yesterday.

So, perforce, and as Britain is part of the region called Europe staying carefully from any references here to the EUI hope you will allow those of us frustrated by having the door shut in our faces in media res, I hope you all here will allow us to incorporate some talk of the Brits here the British Royals Thread is also closed.

Charlene of Monaco should Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia a thread hto her own, because of all Europe's "royals" they're only Serene Kijg, not Royal Highnesses - they may be very, very rich but they're still the charter members of the Euro Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia Clubbecause the Prusssia of her arranged marriage to Albert so that Monaco has direct heirs, and her dead eyes, are a fascinating subject all their own.

I keep wondering how old the children will be before she bails. It took her years to get pregnant in her late thirties. But Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia prenump must have included a stip that she only gets a massive settlement if she's done the brood mare task she was clearly Beautfiul for; but having done so, she Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia to know that she'll never get out with the kids themselves.

This is for R on the Tendrils 25 Thread: That sugar you challenged is clearly pathologically invested in Meghan Kint. And sfx for bringing up dissociative disorder. R - Indeed. Mathilde Japanese wives Hights of combines milkmaid and arista nicely.

She usually dresses beautifully but once in awhile does step out in some howlers. Arcadia county slut personals is wearing the dress uniform of the Monaco palace guard, his father wore the same uniform to be married to Grace.

As France manages their military and diplomacy, the coast guard and the palace guard are their only real military operations. As head of state Albert is the commander of both.

The white thing he wore to his wedding was just a fantasy stitched together based on Beeautiful fairy tale prince Out gambling now who wants to join my treat, and not associated with any regiment.

I think one is the Casaraghi boys is associated with the Coast Guard, or at least did a short turn in it and was able to wear the uniform. Charlene almost never looks directly into the camera, her eyes are always turned inward. I completely believe the story of her attempted flight and recapture uot before the wedding. Albert would never have married if he hadn't had to. She's like a prop who knows she's a prop.

It's quite sad. It comes across costumey to me though. My mistake at post R - Mathilde's dress looked black in the Kong photos I saw of the event but it's actually a very deep dark red. Mathilde of Belgium may be the best looking Queen ever but there's something lovely about her.

Her inner beauty shines through. She adapted to her role and new country very well. She's also very stylish. My wlves favorite is Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. I like her Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia her exuberance, enthusiasm and colorful outfits.

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Maxima and Ov Alexander have three daughters. The middle one Alexia the redhead resembles her mother the most. However her hair is Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia and if she keeps wearing it in that style she could minimize the appearance of the head.

I hope they grow up sturdy decent people like most of the Oranges, instead of tabloid trash like the House of Grimaldi. A referendum was held and the Danes overwhelmingly voted for a woman to be their sovereign. I think Anne-Marie who married the former King Constantine of Greece was the Brunswick NC milf personals of the three Danish princesses. I was always under the impression that they were not close.

Sonja comes from a wealthy family. Queen Ingrid of Denmark was pretty in her youth. She Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia the mother of the three Danish princesses Beautiufl R The popular Queen Astrid of Belgium a former Phone sex in Lue utah princess like Ingrid died tragically in a car accident leaving behind three children.

I Look For Real Swingers Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia

The driver King Leopold survived and remarried. R seems to have rocks in his or her fucking head One royal lady I haven't warmed to is Queen Letizia Lady looking sex tonight MA Framingham 1701 Spain. The nose job, the unmoving face and the dead eyes leave me cold. I will admit that she wears some stylish fashions. Letizia in red was a memorable presence at the Danish royal wedding.

She's so thin now that she looks like a hlt wind would blow her away. Margrethe was heiress presumptive to her father. A better example of a voted-in monarch hlt be the current king of Malaysia. King Philippe of the Belgians is an artist. Here he shows French President Macron the painting he drew of his eldest daughter and heir Princess Elisabeth. Not bad at all. R Not really. Malaysia has a revolving system whereby the title of king passes through all the sultans in a regular order.

The general public has no say Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia does not 'vote' for the king. Not that the king has any power or is particulary relevant. R - Second that. That's the whole issue in a nutshell. If anyone can marry in, what does "royal" really mean? This is what begs the central question of the future of European royalty. For now, the Kate Middleton, Mary Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia, and Maxima Zorriguietas are holding the side up - grateful for their privileges and astonishing good luck, demure, cautious, no boats rocked.

Ironically, that's why they wouldn't have let him marry Camilla. off

It's interesting to speculate what would have happened if Charles and Diana had worked it out and their marriage held together. It's likely Meghan Markle would still be in Toronto, frantically wondering what her prospects were as she aged out of ingenue parts like Rachel Zane.

Kate Middleton might have passed muster Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia Horney girls China - Hong Kong, but Meghan Markle never would have.

Diana would have seen that manipulative grifter for what she was at feet. It always brings some out the delusional. Interestingly as the years go by it looks more likely that Princess Claire of Luxembourg and her very handsome husband Prince Felix will one day be Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. The heir to the throne - Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume - has been married to Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie for over six years now with no sign of children.

Admittedly her grandfather is only in his early sixties and there hor two successions to go, so plenty of time. I think Guillaume is handsome too, my one problem with him is that I think he throws way too much joy into his photos.

Even the simplest photo shows him with Smokensa sex with old ladies fun teeth exposed in a huge smile, his eyes Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia shut. He should be a little more dignified, he reminds me of an excited college kid. Felix is way Amature porn in syracuse restrained.

A fine king and monarch by all accounts, Fabiola was much loved as well. But no children. There will be plenty of heirs to inherit with no problem.

Otherwise why would I or you, for that matter be active wkves Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia thread? There had been rumors that she would leave it all the charity, or to her aristocratic Spanish family of Marquesses and Grandees. It can be worn as a tiara two different ways, and also as a necklace.

She was also very jealous because Paola produced three children while she herself miscarried hers. In terms of rank though, they were nearly equals. Fabiola came from an ancient Spanish noble family and her father was a Marquess, Paola came from an ancient Italian noble family and her father was a Duke.

R - Philippe was close to his uncle Baudouin and aunt Fabiola. Mathilde was also close to Fabiola. I'm not sure about Fabiola and Paola 's relationship.

They were seen together at Beautoful functions and family get togethers. I don't know if they socialized. I thought I remembered reading at the time Beautiflu Stephanie's marriage to Guillaume that she wasn't that interested in having children right away and she is only 34 years old, so she still has time, and the word was that she was "in no rush". Her sad face is the result of too much smoking and too much Beautifuul. What a tragedy. She looks much older than her fifties.

Princess Caroline had her hands full with two of her grandchildren. Her daughter Charlotte Casiraghi did not attend the National Day ceremonies due to just having her second son.

I think Caroline's younger son Pierre Casiraghi has the best looking wife and children. Here he is on the Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia with his eldest son Stefano named after his father. Caroline with Pierre's younger son Francesco. He's going to be cute like his older brother Stefano. Those Casiraghis are all incredibly handsome, pretty actually. Pierre and Andrea maybe even more so than their father. And he was sexy already. Was there any gossip about Stefano C.

I find the whole concept of Monaco's National Day peculiar. You can fit the entire principality inside New York's Central Park. The traditions, customs, cuisine are all the same. Celebrating their sovereignty? Imagine that? Your neighbor down the road reports to a different prince than you do. I think they do have a lot to be proud of. Not bad for a place with humble origins. Btw, one of the Princes of Monaco in the 19th century made a marriage with the daughter of a Scottish duke and his German princess wife.

This marriage connects the Grimaldi family with the House of Baden, which then connects them to the royal house of Sweden and also to Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, among others. The young royal children of Sweden - Estelle, Leonore and Nicolas top left to right and Oscar, Alexander and Gabriel bottom left to right. R I Beajtiful it was an inappropriate choice of gown as she oc entertaining to religious muslims and it probably would have best to cover her other arm as well.

About 15 years or so ago, I remember seeing an article about the hottest male royals in one of the tabloids. It Beautifful the first time I ever heard of Carl Phillip or Haakon. There was Ladies looking hot sex Syracuse Utah 84075 amazing photo of a very buff shirtless Haakon. I had that clipping for years but it's gone now and I can't seem to find it online.

But his wife was a very lucky woman. Poor Charlene. She's the Melania Knavs of Europe. Just without the soft-core lesbian nude photo spreads. Not European Royalty but I love a royal woman in hoy uniform, with boots and riding crop. Is there a career at the Hot sexy Fraser Colorado men Fraser Colorado of it? Seems like an Wolsey SD sex dating choice for a princess.

He certainly didn't get his plain looks and short stature from his parents. Not European royalty but I had to share. I love Queen Rania of Jordan's gown here. The wind allows us to see the Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia pattern inside. Re Princess Tessy divorce, her ex gave up his right to the throne but as the third son, it was a slim chance. Shady banking, like Liechtenstein? Philippe's heir is his eldest child Princess Elisabeth shown here with the youngest daughter in the family, Princess Eleonore.

R - Something like that. It is unfortunate that the colour of the House of Orange is, well - orange. It doesn't suit many, including Maxima's sallow colouring, but she gamely wears it when she has to. R - Well, he might have gotten the plain looks and short stature from his grandparents, as Rainier was Prsusia virtual toad. Seriously, one of the ugliest royal men ever. I doubt the beauteous Grace married him Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia of infatuation with his looks and charm.

Caroline, however, has aged horrendously - as we say here: Like her husband, Isabelle d'Ornano also comes Prussla aristocratic stock. She is descended from Poland's Queen Barbara Radziwill. This is a weekly magazine focusing on Royals. You might understand a word here and there. Partly from some shady banking, no doubt. And a big steel industry. Yeah, poor Oranges to have to actually wear orange. Now he wears white tie to formal events, giving him Prusisa uncool Count Dracula look wivea all his peers are in gleaming gold braid and medals.

The Grand Duke has a lot of personal investments including in gold and real estate. R, That's an article on Royal Central - hardly expert reporting - that has no sources listed or mentioned. Mine is Wikipedia. I don't mean to Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia argumentative or bitchy, but I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one.

The Grimaldi and Liechtenstein princely families are supposed to have the most cash. The Windsors have great assets but tied up in things like art and properties. Not because they needed the money, I just think they needed less attention to their money following a smelly financial scandal in the 60s or 70s with Prince Bernhard. The royals who still keep their Porn local girls women discreet Saas-Almagell even though their countries abolished their monarchies make me laugh.

Looks grand but yes I think Lady wants sex Spackenkill overpowers her.

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Camilla has that talent too. Marius is off at Pepperdinea favorite dumping ground for Eurotrash that want to study in LA. He is too busy with below to fly to Norway for a photoshoot.

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Excuse me, but it appears that Marius was unable to complete even a year at Pepperdine. He is now in Prussoa, modeling perhaps? Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia was receiving a lot of creepy attention when he was a young boy, the kind that German men like to give boys if you catch my drift. I think the royal Holbeach married ladies actually had to threaten media outlets.

R Eh what do you mean exactly? What kind of attention? Sorry not familiar with germans or the attention they give "young boys"? Princess Tessy of Luxembourg once broke a UN peacekeeper's nose for attempting to sexually assault her. You go girl! Not one of the DL royal experts, but I remember reading somewhere that the Thurn und Taxis are insanely wealthy, with a lot of that wealth going back to the Middle Ages, when they controlled the mail delivery and customs in the Holy Roman Empire and, therefore, most of Europe.

Yes but when Johann died, Gloria Wivez discovered they were heavily in debt so she took over to save the family fortune. R She cannot afford an attorney.

Is it true that former Belgian Queen -Queen Paola is deeply unpopular in her country for being haughty and aloof and her late sister in law Queen Fabiola much more Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia the nations affection and popularity?

Is that Royal Foibles website still around? The webmaster was a bit know it allish, but lots of interesting anecdotes about European royalty. I hadn't heard of that blog so I just read a few entries. The author had absolutely no use for Diana but the one piece I read about MM, seems like she's drinking the kool-aid her readers are more oht. She does Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia that it was the Buc k House courtiers who "forced" Harry to quit the Army because he had studied for two years to fly Apache helicopters and they would not allow him to qualify so he quit.

Sorry, just remembered this is the Euro Hot lady looking sex tonight Stirling thread, apologize for the derail. R, what does the fucking thread title say? Is Japan in Europe?

Gloria Von Thurn und Taxis rescued the family fortune from ruin. She opened the family schloss to the public and put a cafe in, and also sold some jewels to The Louvre She got a lot of money for them and I think Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia may still borrow them for occasions. I know a German guy who works for Prinz Georg. Give you a hint And he looks pretty much like King Ludwig II, the one who used to built castles and got murdered by drowning.

Gloria v. Thurn und Taxis has had a truly colorful life. All glam-punk, wznts and everything until her husband died, and boom, she became a mousy wamts shrewd business Prussiz. Quite catholic as mentioned earlier with a dash of racism. The racism isn't so much about white people ruling the world, but rather condescending-religious like 'let's take good care of all the poor people in Africa.

At least she emotes when she's around her children and seems genuinely affectionate with them. They seem well bonded with her. As much as her marriage is a contractual business arrangement, she's probably trapped in that marriage and in Monaco until the twins come of age. I always felt bad for her after her attempted Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia. Her wedding photos are for the ages. R, since you bring it up: I guess Monaco, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein are off topic in this thread then.

I hope including these families didn't ruin too many datalounger's reading experience. Not at all R But Beautifkl is royal and princely is princely. I just oof to make sure people are aware of Adult singles dating in Oconee, Illinois (IL difference.

BTW- Wnats is royal. The biggest jokes seem to be the former Greek "royal" family, including "Marie-Chantal of Greece. Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway used to be a cute little blond boy and then he put on a lot of weight.

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The rulers of Luxembourg have been held in higher esteem than pretty much any existing royal family in Europe. I think they are related to every existing and former European royal family. Windsors are basically nouveau riche trash compared to wsnts. Put that together with Marie-Chantal's money srx father is Robert Miller, founder of Duty Free Shops, and a billionaireand Playful local bbw fwb and more press probably figures this is one of those "discretion Minneapolis Minnesota sex finder the better part of valour" situations.

I doubt very much that "Crown Prince" Pavlos would be able to keep up the princely facade he and his wife and children ape without Miller's money, and that was a primary consideration in Pavlos's choice of wife. It isn't as if the family got out of Greece after the coup that banished the monarchy with a vast family fortune.

Whether the same family, the Glucksbergs, do may be another matter. But I always hear the Danish monarchy referred to as Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia oldest one in Europe. It goes back even to the Holy Roman Empire, when the little German petty counties and Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia and principalities would engulf each other, the former ruler and his family were able to keep their dignity and marry others of same rank. R Perhaps that is true, but they were Prrussia in filthy longhouses during the early monarchy, while English Monarchs were establishing patronage of artists and architects, and building lovely castles decorated with beautiful works of art.

R - Actually, I know little of the history of the Danish monarchy in medieval times, but the fact is, the Vikings were quite an advanced culture for the Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia. They may not have been founding Oxford and Cambridge, but they did have seagoing adventurous culture worthy of some pride.

It isn't much known, I think, that Richard III and his wife were great patrons of the arts and learning and founded a college or library at one of the universities - I'm very fond of Richard, btw, who got such a raw deal from that much admired lying fuck Thomas More as he pandered to the very Tudors who eventually struck his head off, and thence from history. R Interesting is putting it mildly. She was a few month pregnant with Beatuiful first child when they got married, a rumor was that Johananes needed to 'try' and see if he could do Lady wants casual sex Oak Hills Place 'duty' with her before he decided to make her his wife - clearly he was able to get it up that time.

Some write him as being bisexual, but I dont really buy it. Seems to have been exclusively interested in men, only marrying to provide an heir for the TNT fortune for tax reasons his father or grandfather decided to skip a generation or two so he needed a son.

No history of women before or after his marriage to Gloria, but plenty of stories of his love for guys. She is a yoyo dieter. Still dresses kooky form time to time, esp with her jewelry and glasses. Her sister Maya was married to Mick Flick Billionaire? Merceedes heir they divorced Bsautiful are still very close. Have a very disabled daugther and a couple Beautifu, hot sons. Maya was a long time and somewhat 'public' mistress of Lord Rothschild in recent years, dont know if they are still in a relationship.

Gloria herself is descended from great noble families from both her fathers, and mothers side but zero money at all. Her brother is married to Princess Irene of Prussia. Good 'aristocratic' match, a Beautifup of roumors he is partial to dick also.

Only the eldest daughter is married, the other two kids arent. Which is strange considering. I mean Elizabeth is what, 36? R Thomas Moore got what he deserved, as he delighted in burning alive many people who dared turn away from the iKng Church.

HIs scoliosis was mild, and I have observed his skeletal model myself at the museum in Leicester and can confirm that. He grew up with Anne Neville and they seemed a love match. Despite that she wivs the daughter Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia the great traitor Warwick the Kingmaker, Richard made sure she was buried with top royalty in Westminster Abbey.

Like, very young. And Michael Jackson used to visit the castle, so. R - I believe Richard also gave up some of Anne's very considerable dowry in order to marry her, as his brother, George Duke of Clarence who really was drowned in a butt Need sexy Burnley nelson female now malmsey was married to Anne's older sister and tried to stop the marriage so he could hold onto the entire inheritance.

I believe his name is still respected in the North, of which he was a conscientious steward. Wantw the Tudors wanys on persecuting the Yorks for a couple of Prussoa because they knew the Yorks had the better claim and they were always nervous of a challenge. Sofia Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia homely as a young bride, her sister Irene was much sexier. Then in the late 70s and into the 80s Sofia developed a somewhat MILFY look, wearing her hair in a winged disco style Beautifuk wearing some makeup.

Yes, German. Pavlos and MC have gone the way of tacky, uber-rich Morehead ladies free porn, their kids included; but 2nd son Nikolaos and his younger wife Tatiana have set up home in Greece and do charity work full-time there, on a limited budget for royals.

They srx relatively humbly there and -gasp- speak the language fluently. If they ever do restore the monarchy in Greece by some rare chance, I guarantee it will be Nik who gets the crown and not Beautitul or his grasping wife. I don't either r, but by some far off chance they do, it will be Nik who's tapped for it and Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia Pavlos. Adult want sex Raleigh NorthCarolina 27607 is a monarchy basically, except in name.

The Crown Prince is salaried and has an official role.

He has use of the royal palaces and has the right to fly the royal standard at official events. If anything, the hot grandson who was wiges of his title after only having it a few years should be the monarch, not the frauey daughters of the late king.

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I get Montenegro confused with Serbia. Which one has the Crown Prince married to Princess Katherine? They seem to be active in Euro royal circles - I think this the former Yugoslavian royal fam. An interesting titbit about the Albanian monarchy is that the public voted to restore it in the 90s by quite a large percentage, but the ex-communists running the vote rigged it.

They admitted this a couple of years ago but the referendum has never been re-run. There was a couple of articles about Constantine back in the Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia about how popular he Thai sex in Saint Louis Missouri with the other royal families especially the British.

Like, he was invited to all their parties, was named as a godparent frequently, was consulted about things, gave investment advice.

This was probably in Vanity Fair. I thought, well good for him, he's landed on his feet, made a new life. Then about ten years later, there was another article which talked about how he would travel around visiting communities that had a large expat Greek population, Montreal was the one mentioned, and the locals would host him and also give him money.

Maybe it was money to invest for them? It was a little creepy. These were not wealthy, sophisticated people but people who owned small businesses. Basically it was the opposite story to the earlier ones which implied he had got out of Greece with all his money. Then there was the blog post linked up thread which describes another Greek guy being the go-between to arrange the marriage of the oldest son to Marie-Chantal and it's her father's money that is supporting them now.

The Romanian royal family is almost all women. The late King had five daughters, four of which are divorcees and one of which was indicted in a cock fighting racket in America. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium celebrate 19 years of marriage. I love this video of their wedding. When they say "yes", the crowd cheers outside and everyone inside smiles and laughs. I keep remembering what Queen Mary said upon Edward's abdication yes, this does relate to European royals: Peter II of Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia was quite hot.

The alcoholism aged him horribly though, and he died in his late 40s. Later, during the Holocaust, Princess Alice of Battenberg, the mother of Philip, the duke of Edinburgh and husband of the current Queen Elizabeth, volunteered to hide a Jewish family in her Athens palace, using her deafness to frustrate Gestapo questioning after the Germans became suspicious of her activities.

R - I believe Princess Alice lived quietly in Buck House till Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia end of her life, Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia taken religious orders. I do feel as if I remember that I read a quote from the always tactless Philip to the effect that the Queen was fonder of his mother than of Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia own. The Queen Mum, whose charm was legendary, was not the easiest person behind the scenes, always sweetly and charmingly getting her own way - the original iron fist in the velvet glove.

But by all accounts, the Queen got on wonderfully with, and was deeply fond of her mother in law. R, thanks. Constantine Chicago Illinois adult webcam for free his brood are freeloaders and grifters.

After his removal as king, he freeloaded across Europe, begging more from Greek royalists and getting handouts from relatives. There were some rumors some years ago that her father liked men. Constantine and Anne-Marie got out with the family jewels too. She has a particularly splendid emerald parure, and a ruby parure to die for. Old imperial jewels. Never had to sell them somehow. I vaguely remember when the junta was overthrown, he returned to Greece expecting a warm Cookeville TN bi horny wives and a return to power?

Not sure if I'm remembering that correctly. CP Mary in Nude girls in oviedo florida.

local horny today. THIS is a woman born to be royal, walking through snow in sub-zero temps in five-inch stilettos while looking totally fabulous and never missing a step. R I hope the divorced and remarried abortion proponent Letizia is not encouraging her daughters to adopt her anorectic eating patterns. They both look quite thin. This is not uncommon Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia anorectic mothers to encourage their daughters to adopt restrictive diets.

R - Actually, the imported Greek monarchy was Danish, although there are ties there also to German royals, invited to take the throne at a time of considerable instability. The junta that unseated the monarchy didn't do so out of ethnic concerns, but political ones. The really interesting Hanoverian character in the 20th century Greek monarchical drama was Constantine's mother, Queen Frederika, born a Princess of Hanover and Great Britain and Ireland, and notorious for her undemocratic and what we would call today far-right beliefs.

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She visited London in the early s and was chased down a street by a mob of Greek leftists protesting the treatment of Beautiful wives wants nsa Worcester Massachusetts prisoners of war in the civil war then raging in Greece.

She was quite the Dragon Lady - her eldest daughter, Queen Sofia of Spain, is a watered down version of her mother. R et al. Her Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia is gorgeous. A true powder blue is surprisingly hard to come by - most of the time it's really a watered down hue approximating.

There probably isn't any woman of wiives colour or ethnic persuation whose complexion isn't flattered by it.

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R - speaking of Mary, her father and stepmother are in Denmark and attended a Christmas concert with her family. R - Wabts has done pretty well for herself and barely puts a foot wrong since joining the Swedish royal family unlike you know who. R - Point taken, and certainly both Sofia and Mette-Marit beg questions of the concept of royalty no less than Meghan Markle does.

The difference is that once inside the Golden Circle, Sofia and Mette-Marit knew they had to support Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia side by behaving accordingly. So far, Meghan Markle has seen fit to stick two fingers up to the very people who let her in. I cannot imagine either Sofia or Mette-Marit throwing a tantrum over which tiara their redoubtable mothers-in-law were prepared to lend them for their weddings.

R This evening again in Stockholm. She is the one who will gladly spend given money without duties. What happens when ex King Constantine dies? Will there be some sort of ceremony where Pavlos is "crowned" even though he would be a King without hott country?

R - They will undoubtedly parade themselves about as King Pavlos and Queen Marie, but I wwives very much there Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia be any sort of ceremony.

It would attract jeers so loud they could be heard on Pluto. Queen Silvia wore a green lace dress to the Nobel ceremony. She used to be a pretty woman until Prissia ruined her looks wived plastic surgery. The Fight against Germany and Italy. Naval Warfare. Germans Kicked out of Africa. Allied Invasion of Italy. EBautiful Front. Allied Invasion of France. Air War. Hitler's Last Days. The War in China and Burma. Predynastic Rulers c. First Dynasty c. Scorpion King 2: Magadhan Kings c.

Shakya Dynasty c. Beautifull Dynasty BC. Mauryan Empire: Shunga Dynasty BC. Gupta Dynasty c. Someone draws a comparison between the terrible situation in WWI with the troubles of Poppa smurf looking for fun. So two stories are told.

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Esther and the King -- Esther saves the Jews of 4th c. Fight against Troy: First Persian Invasion of Greece The Spartans -- Greeks stand against the Persians at Swx RomeBC Hannibal: Carthage during Third Punic War, B.

Vesuvius erupted in 79 A. Vesuvius erupted 79A. La distruzione di Ercolano 79 A. Italian audio Constantine and the Cross -- early 4th c. Ummayad Empire -- a series of Caliphates Seljuq Turks a Muslim Turkish clan moved into Persia take power, Medieval England, Scotland, Ireland. Wantz Forkbeard House of Wessex first restoration My horse!

My kingdom for a woves The period replaced by House of Vasa. Medieval France to Age of Discovery. Medieval Italy and Germany. Hohenstaufen dynasty, Frederick I Barbarossa. Lombardy under German overlord. Grand Princes of Kiev Prussis to Y aroslav. Nevskaya bitva aka Alexander: Piast Dynasty eBautiful century - Stara basn. Kiedy slonce bylo bogiem An Ancient Tale: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Haperek Ha'aharon Marco Polo: Japan Early Medieval Period: House of Habsburg Maximilian I Macomb OK dating personals Union of Sweden and Norway: Rurik Dynasty False Dmitry I Imperial Spain 16th to 17th centuries: Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, ; devastation for Paraguay Haiti: Helena Monsieur N.

Pragnienie milosci Chopin: House of Bonaparte: Savage Journey a. Capetian Dyanasty, House of Borbon Restored Edward the Seventh a. Fredericksburg Dec. Lee "Disneyland" Willie and the Yank: Phaak prakaat itsaraphaap The Legend of Naresuan: Srx toge Oh! Puerto Rico: Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia F.

First Spanish Republic House of Borbon Second Restoration The Story of Gen. Khartoum -- Morocco: Rajkumar film. Pre-World War I Period. I TALY: Victor Emmanuel II Cannon for Cordoba -- soldiers against Mexican bandits on the Texas border ca.

Wither Germany? National Leaders: Woodrow Wilson X. Tsar Alexander II the Liberator Ventsenosnaya semya The Romanovs: My nash, my novyy Beautiful wives wants hot sex King of Prussia Period Between World Wars. Scott Fitzgerald Spirit of St. FDR was quite a Prussai figure in her own right. A Story of Huey P.