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Are you lonely and busy

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I could safely leave unrecognized having never met if I chose to. I miss that companionship.

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Written by Moody.

But the truth of it is that loneliness is now more likely to affect young people than older age groups. She explains that when you feel connected, the dopamine levels in your body increase — and without dopamine, we have a difficult time becoming motivated and lack drive lojely desire.

When we are lonely and stressed, our nervous system goes into fight or flight and cortisol levels increase. It can have serious impact on our health.

According to researchers at Brigham Young University who reviewed data from studies that included 3. When it comes to good health inwe tend to prioritise our diet, exercise and sleep, but forget just how important it is to work on our real human connections.

Social media is part of the curse. It can be easy to try and distract yourself from loneliness by turning to Instagram memes and WhatsApp conversations — but that can make it even worse: Dr Sullivan llnely often people compare lives and become envious instead of being grateful for their own lives.

Dr Are you lonely and busy says the antidote to loneliness is two-fold. Ironically, studies by Professors John and Stephanie Cacioppowho research loneliness, suggest that loneliness makes us feel less open to socialising and more likely to push people away, vusy it takes real effort to do this. Look at your own life and count your blessings daily.

Your life is full of them, so name them. It's why I've started cutting down on engagements and thinking about what friendships really do bring meaning to my life.

Naturally it has led to Are you lonely and busy seeing some friends less, but it also means telling a couple of new friends just how much I value them and want to spend more time with them.

I'm slowly on my qnd to building up that real tribe of people I can turn to for true connection.

For additional support please click here: Campaign to end loneliness and find help on the Moody Helpline Directory. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site.

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Go to the US site. Share Tweet Pin Link. Feb 28, Why do I feel lonely even though my life feels busy?

My diary is full. My phone beeps regularly.

My life feels busy. If I post a photo on Instagram, I get around likes, and, this week, I already have plans for the next four bust. On the outside, I look like a popular, sociable woman in her late 20s.

But on the inside? I'm lonely. How to tackle loneliness: Call it out. By naming the feeling, you take back a bit of control.

Limit social media to 30 minutes per day. Nurture a small group of meaningful friends. Keep a gratitude diary. Track your moods, hormone cycle and world.

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