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Packing for the Islands

I’m packing for a no-car trip to the San Juan Islands. I did it 4 years ago, for my 60th. That trip started from Orange County, CA. This trip is more compact, but hopefully just as much fun, this week-long, no-car, bike getaway. What makes it more compact, besides starting from Portland this time, is […]

Mystery of the Year

It’s been a great year of cycling adventures, but not without its mysteries. Here’s my last photo of Skunky, my mascot for the 8-day family bike tour of Victoria B.C. and the San Juan Islands this August. This tour would be how I celebrated my 60th birthday. Who knew I’d pay such a price? My […]

Dash to Victoria

This last day on tour of Vancouver Island and the San Juan’s is a hectic one. I made all these travel plans before the Washington State Ferries even published their summer schedule, and even if they had, what options would that have given me? Everyone’s become an experienced bicycle tourist by this point. Right after […]

Sighting Orcas? No, Card Sharks

Home today; the cloud cover so thick it could be mistaken for the Northwest. We were afraid that temperatures would be much higher than during our week in Victoria and surrounds; we needn’t have worried. As I reminisce, the time on San Juan Island was a highlight. The log cabin theme all across the Lakedale […]

Bicycle Birthday

I got a couple of smart-alec birthday cards last night, but what would you expect when you’re on a 60th birthday bicycle tour of the Pacific Northwest. Getting older… aint’t for sissies. It’s a modest tour by any standards: easy, so that everyone would feel comfortable on this ride. The morning was another early start […]

The Lochside Trail

We were on a schedule; we had to get to the ferry in Sidney in time for a noon departure. If we missed this ferry we had only one other opportunity to get to Orcas Island this day — we’d arrive after 10pm, so we left early to have time for any unforeseen adventure. We […]

A Coastal Ride

Today was another layover day; a day for each of us to do our own thing. Mark and I did a big loop around Victoria’s outer neighborhoods then cruised along the eastern coastal roads. On the Galloping Goose rails to trails Today never warmed up as forecast, so the layer I peeled off earlier came […]

Layover Day

It was Victoria’s hottest day of the year, but nothing to slow us down — temperatures hit the low 80s. We picked up the bikes in the late morning. Ben at CycleTreks was very helpful. He fitted each of us to the right size rental bike and assisted with the panniers. One of my panniers […]

John Luton, Cycle Vancouver Island

I first learned of John through his bike rack guide, Bicycles at Rest, but I couldn’t remember how I got a copy, after all it was printed in Victoria, British Columbia. It took some while before I realized the connection to my bikeNewportBeach riding buddy, Matt O’Toole, who has spent many an idle moment sailing […]