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Mike Samuelson, Open Streets Project

He's Mr. Open Streets — meet Mike Samuelson of the Alliance for Biking & Walking, on the Show today. As we get started, I jump in with a common misperception – according to Mike, the first Open Streets event occurred in Seattle back in 1965; it was and still is called Bicycle Sundays. I'm sure there's a lot more I will learn at the Summit. It's set for April 4-5-6 in Los Angeles with the ultimate bonus — Sunday April 6th we will participate in LA's next CicLAvia! ... Continue Reading

El Tour de Tucson

On a previous trip to Tucson, my friend Curtis Gunn introduced me to Richard DeBernardis, the man behind El Tour de Tucson. Listen to the interview here. Richard's story is so compelling, there would be no way I wouldn't do the 111-mile ride across Tucson. As the months flew by I found a companion, Dan Murphy, to join me. Dan's a UA grad and both daughters are Wildcats, too. The first thing Dan did Sunday morning before we departed, "I want to get a paper." We're hours out of ... Continue Reading

Cycling for Charity: Richard DeBernardis

Richard DeBernardis started riding, not like you or I might — he got on his bike and kept on going. Alaska to Mexico one year, the perimeter of the US another, then the edge of Japan. These rides placed him in the Guinness Book of Records, not once but twice. I suppose that's why he named his non-profit Perimeter Bicycling. Today he and a staff of 14 manage huge group rides; he's done almost 100. One of the biggest is El Tour de Tucson in November that attracts about 10,000 riders. ... Continue Reading

Mike Mckisson, TucsonVelo.com

Mike Mckisson teaches an entrepreneurial journalism class at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He practices what he preaches, too; check out his blog TucsonVelo. In one recent post Mike outlines the low stress routes around his city. Tucson gets pretty hot in May, so they're celebrating Bike to Work Week next week; Mike calls it Bike Fest. Show #17 (27:56). There are lots of low stress routes around Tucson "Get on a bike and feel like a kid again" Cyclovia ... Continue Reading

Tucson Bike Party

Cyclovia Tucson t-shirt There's no spell checking this post; it's a word to be spoken more so than printed. Ciclovia, CicLAvia, Cyclovia, take your pick; it started in Bogota, Columbia where on Sundays they close the streets to cars, leaving only kids and bikes, pedestrians and skateboarders and, well, wierdos. Then Los Angeles did one; now they have 3 planned for 2011. Today it's Cyclovia Tucson, for the 2nd year in a row. So here I am; as if I needed an excuse, there's a financial ... Continue Reading