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There’s a change in the weather on Prince Edward Island, for the better. It’s been cold and wet, now the 10-day forecast shows milder conditions. It’s still hard to pack for this outing; knowing that it can turn cold and wet means I must have a plan for that, even if the forecast calls for […]

Announcing the Cold and Wet Tour

The kids return to school, but I’m still itchin’ to stay riding, so this weekend I pulled the trigger on a week-long tour of Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada. It’s Canada’s smallest province, but big into cycling. Their Confederation Trail travels the length of the island — off-road and flat. I have a business […]

The Ongoing Pursuit of Minimalism

As I packed for my recent trip to Halifax you’ll remember, I ditched the big camera and laptop. The iPhone was going anyway and if it could act as camera and computer then this represented a significant weight savings, bulk, too — plus the worries of water damage. Adding the Bluetooth keyboard was the only […]

Tony’s Used Bikes

He wouldn’t let me take his picture and he didn’t want me taking pictures of his bikes — I suppose he didn’t want trouble from people saying, “I saw my stolen bike in that photo!” But few bereft owners would find much of value at Tony’s Used Bikes in Portsmouth, NH. To say that all […]

Jim Sayer Visits CdM

Adventure Cycling Association Executive Director Jim Sayer lingered locally after the CA Bike Summit which was held in Los Angeles last weekend. The guys at bikeNewportBeach took him for a ride from CdM down Bayside Drive to the Balboa Island ferry. Jim’s an advocate for Bike Overnights, so we were showing him our ideas for […]

Scary Coincidences in Santa Cruz

We’ve planned this trip for weeks. The three of us will drive 400 miles to visit our older son at college in Santa Cruz. That’s a painful 7 hours in the car, but I’ll stay through Wednesday for a conference in Palo Alto, so the effort will be worth it. The fold-ups come along, too. […]

Preparing for the Erie Canal

I’ve wanted to take this trip for a year: tour the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany, about 400 miles. I get my chance next month. It’ll be a good tour for a rookie and I’ve talked my best friend from high school into joining me. The route is mostly flat; picture the tow path […]

Jim Sayer, Adventure Cycling

Ever get a hankering for the open road? Wanna just bag it all and exercise your wanderlust? If so, you want to meet Jim Sayer: “I get to mesh my personal passion with my work-a-day life”. Jim is the Executive Director of Adventure Cycling Association. Adventure Cycling was founded in 1973 as Bikecentennial ’76 and […]

Bike Tourism Industry Red Hot

The bike tourism panel led by Adventure Cycling’s Jim Sayer included Dakota Bike Tours’ Jim Books, Wisconsin Bike Fed’s Amanda White, and Cycle Oregon’s Jerry Norquist, among others. I arrived early for this would be my last session of the National Bike Summit; it’s a little overwhelming, all this good news about cycling advocacy, but […]