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Back from Orcas Island

Lots of logistics, but no car travel – that's how I planned our recent return to the San Juan Islands. It's a long-distance trip from Portland; AMTRAK to Seattle is how it all starts. I used points to stay for free at the Kimpton Monaco downtown. Not this first night, but every other I'll be doing laundry in the bathroom sink – it's my secret to traveling light. As I think back, I could've traveled even lighter, but that's true for every outing. This trip's splurge was a new pair of ... Continue Reading

SLO Sights

Before the more private part of this trip begins — we're here celebrating our 39th anniversary — I'm squeezing in a few meetings. I've got breakfast with Jo Anne Miller who is breathing new vigor into the local entrepreneurship scene, then it's time for a bike ride with Eric Meyer. He's easy to spot in a crowded coffee patio; he's wearing a SLO Hothouse t-shirt and that's just where Jo Anne and I departed an hour ago. How did we meet? Through bike advocacy, of course. Newport Beach ... Continue Reading

Bikes on Amtrak

Would you take your bike on the train if it was easier to do so? Does the idea of boxing up your bike cause you to think of driving to your destination instead? For today's podcast I'm joined by Champe Burnley, President of the Virginia Bicycling Federation, Kerry Irons with the Adventure Cycling Association and Dave Snyder, Executive Director of the California Bike Coalition. This subject came to the forefront recently as the Amtrak Surfliner in Southern California changed its bike ... Continue Reading

Social Bicycles, the Next Generation Bike Share

Next generation already? Things happen fast and Ryan Rzepecki thinks he has a big advantage over traditional bike share systems, including a significantly less costly solution. He's raising money to fund his startup, Social Bicycles. What makes it so much cheaper? He's placed all the technology on the bike. Users reserve a bike via their smartphones and enter a pin to unlock it from whatever it's locked to — because this system has eliminated the bike share station. ... Continue Reading

Visit Your Mother

There's so much you can do on your bike: Go for coffee Buy groceries Ride to school Commute to work Visit your mother It was my best offer — I would join my sister who was visiting from Portland and go see my mother in San Diego. It was my birthday and I had few other offers, you could say this was my only offer, as my wife was on the east coast for a high school reunion and my boys were off being boys. I had another reason to visit. My mother had been feeling ... Continue Reading

Well Laid Plans

I'm sitting on the Surfliner heading north out of the Irvine AMTRAK Station; if one more thing goes wrong I'm afraid I'll have a heart attack. This vacation getaway has only begun and, pardon the pun, it's already a major train-wreck. Last night even in the middle of everything coming unraveled, I knew that someday I'd be able to look back and smile, but how far off is that someday? Further than today, because I'm still dismayed after what was supposed to be an active vacation with the family - ... Continue Reading


The weeks of planning are over; it was time for a test ride. Barbara and I had been gathering up the wardrobe for this 4th of July, 5-day train/bike trip to San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, so it was easy to stuff it all in the panniers and take a test ride. Our destination? At first we thought the Back Bay loop; it's a great outing, mostly following a quiet bike path, but since it was a Monday the peninsula had more appeal. Why Mondays? Because during weekends the boardwalk is way too ... Continue Reading

My Summer Vacation

Follow the comments stream at coronadelmartoday: 1 comment.I worked my way through college on the Boston & Maine Railroad. As a Gandy dancer I made great money laying track during the scorching summer months around Boston. This summer the idea of vacationing via rail has really grabbed my imagination. It's not an original idea; I've been following The Path Less Pedaled where Russ and Laura chronicle their bicycle touring adventures. I've been living vicariously through their stories, so as ... Continue Reading