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Bikes on Amtrak

Would you take your bike on the train if it was easier to do so? Does the idea of boxing up your bike cause you to think of driving to your destination instead? For today’s podcast I’m joined by Champe Burnley, President of the Virginia Bicycling Federation, Kerry Irons with the Adventure Cycling Association and […]

Social Bicycles, the Next Generation Bike Share

Next generation already? Things happen fast and Ryan Rzepecki thinks he has a big advantage over traditional bike share systems, including a significantly less costly solution. He’s raising money to fund his startup, Social Bicycles. What makes it so much cheaper? He’s placed all the technology on the bike. Users reserve a bike via their […]

Visit Your Mother

There’s so much you can do on your bike: Go for coffee Buy groceries Ride to school Commute to work Visit your mother It was my best offer — I would join my sister who was visiting from Portland and go see my mother in San Diego. It was my birthday and I had few […]

Well Laid Plans

I’m sitting on the Surfliner heading north out of the Irvine AMTRAK Station; if one more thing goes wrong I’m afraid I’ll have a heart attack. This vacation getaway has only begun and, pardon the pun, it’s already a major train-wreck. Last night even in the middle of everything coming unraveled, I knew that someday […]


The weeks of planning are over; it was time for a test ride. Barbara and I had been gathering up the wardrobe for this 4th of July, 5-day train/bike trip to San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, so it was easy to stuff it all in the panniers and take a test ride. Our destination? […]

My Summer Vacation

Follow the comments stream at coronadelmartoday: 1 comment. I worked my way through college on the Boston & Maine Railroad. As a Gandy dancer I made great money laying track during the scorching summer months around Boston. This summer the idea of vacationing via rail has really grabbed my imagination. It’s not an original idea; […]