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Carlsbad’s Pilot Projects, Bryan Jones

His business card reads, "Deputy Director, City Traffic Engineer"; meet Bryan Jones from the City of Carlsbad, CA. He's a fellow bike rider – we ride the same brand. He's a great coach, after only an hour together and I am learning how to be a more effective advocate. He's practiced – he's done all this before in Fresno before moving to Carlsbad only 2 years ago. He's having a big impact; already Carlsbad is a bright spot along the coast for those who wish to bike and walk. ... Continue Reading

Samantha Ollinger, bikeSD.org

San Diego has a great climate, but what's it like for riding a bike? Last week I decided to find out for myself, so I packed the family and the fold-up bikes onto Amtrak for a 4-day visit. I wasn't there long when Jeff Miller of the Alliance for Walking and Biking called, "Would you like to meet Sam Ollinger? She runs bikeSD." She's an accountant who quit her job to commit herself to bike advocacy, so she's dedicated. Listen in to hear all about the San Diego cycling scene. Show ... Continue Reading

A Walkability Audit with Dan Burden

Ever been on a Walkability Audit? Neither had I, but when it was suggested that would be a good time to meet Dan Burden, I couldn't resist. And San Diego is a lot closer than Port Townsend, WA — his home base. You may recognize Dan from his prominent role in Road Diet, the Streetfilms short. "A road diet is anytime you take any lane out of a road," Dan explains. This clip was featured at last month's Bike Safety Committee meeting; it was a big hit. That's when I knew I had to ... Continue Reading

Visit Your Mother

There's so much you can do on your bike: Go for coffee Buy groceries Ride to school Commute to work Visit your mother It was my best offer — I would join my sister who was visiting from Portland and go see my mother in San Diego. It was my birthday and I had few other offers, you could say this was my only offer, as my wife was on the east coast for a high school reunion and my boys were off being boys. I had another reason to visit. My mother had been feeling ... Continue Reading