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What Raccoons and Cyclists Have in Common

I love my dog and he loves raccoons, so to get him going I turned on a TV documentary, Nature: Raccoon Nation. Usually he prefers movies with ponies, or movies about other dogs, even animated dogs get him barking and jumping at the screen, but during this raccoon show I had to restrain him. Too […]

Advocate of the Year, April Morris

She doesn’t even live here, but like many others, she rides these streets. This Anaheim cyclist decided to get very involved in Newport Beach bike advocacy when she proposed a Memorial Ride after the deaths of two women cyclists in September. Meet April Morris, cdmCyclist’s Advocate of the Year. Then Mayor Nancy Gardner called her […]

What I Take for Granted

It’s not until I get home and see the photos that it dawns on me: this neighborhood, this route is something I take for granted. It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, before the party starts. Gotta get out of the house to stay loose; it’s too early to get the details organized — 21st birthdays start […]

Shower with a Friend

The teen’s toilet was overflowing — time to call a plumber. No pictures of this situation unfortunately, I was too busy dealing with the 2″ of water on the floor. It’s a simple repair, so to keep the plumber busy for the hour my wife is looking around the house for other things that need […]

Recumbent Ron

No ride to the beach today; it was time to turn inland to Irvine. The Back Bay trail leads straight to a coffee shop I like to linger at. I went in this direction even though the wind was blowing early; I knew I’d have headwinds the whole way back, but this spring every time […]

Off-Road Ride to Sunset Beach

Mark Knaeps has a son in Boy Scouts, too; that’s how we met. We teamed up to get a bunch of the boys through Cycling merit badge. He emailed last week looking for a pedaling partner for a lunch time ride, with one condition. Not everyone wants to ride in traffic and most days that’s […]

Ride up the Coast

Most days I sit at my desk for too many hours. Sound familiar? But his week was different; I was ahead of schedule on my projects. That gave me time to ride. My goal would be to ride 100 miles this week. Most people would add a little variety to their rides, but lately I […]

New Years Guests

“This is the most beautiful bike ride I’ve ever taken,” my Oregon friend Marcie was quick to say; we hadn’t gone far and there was much more scenery still to come. Living here in Corona del Mar I might take for granted the natural charms that surround us. Old friends from college come to visit […]

Caffeine Achievers

Enjoying these short winter days with their cool temperatures? It’s off-season here in Newport Beach and the crowds are gone, so get on your bike, buck the trend and take this coastal ride from the Crystal Cove Promenade to the peninsula. Winter skies cause me to reach for a cup of java and on this […]

Black Friday Alternative

What’s to do after a day of feasting? No Black Friday shopping for me; a ride along the coast had more appeal. The weather cooperated so it seemed like a perfect day to burn some calories. Would it be crowded along the beach boardwalk on this day after? It would be fun to find out. […]