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Santa’s Bike Workshop

He doesn't ride a bike, but he's handy with tools; my friend Sean was over last weekend. "Come on down to the garage, I have something I want to show you." This doesn't fool him one bit; he's enjoying a glass of wine and knows he'll be drafted into some bike repair project. He's right. I've only done a few maintenance projects on the bikes — swapping tires and tubes mostly, a brake cable, new brake pads, tightening a shift cable — such is the range of my skills. I ... Continue Reading

Holiday Bike Projects

Where are you going for the holidays? I'm goin' nowhere. In part because I've done plenty of traveling this year and it's no fun to travel with crowds that'll be packing airports everywhere, or is that just a bunch of rationalization? I'm goin' nowhere because the kids want to be at home so they can hang out with their friends. The wife wants to be where the kids are. Me, I'm at the bottom of this totem pole; I'll be in the garage. I've come up with some projects, component upgrades ... Continue Reading

Sore Knee Relief

My knees were sore and I knew why; it was my SPD pedals. I loved them for the efficiency of my pedal stroke, but I knew they were keeping my knee in an inflexible position. Then my feet started to hurt. I've had surgery on my right foot and like most foot surgery survivors, most aren't that happy with the results. Biking on my SPD's would cause me to limp around the house for the whole next day. Then I saw an ad for Speedplay pedals in Bicycling magazine. I wanted to believe the hype and talked ... Continue Reading