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Why I bailed on Portland

After only 18 months, I bailed on Portland – why? I had my reasons, but may I start with why I moved to Portland in the first place? I had family there and I would move into the same high-rise apartment building downtown. That was a big plus. The MAX line, Portland's light rail service, could take me wherever I needed to go. I could bring my bike onboard, for a meeting across the river or to a bike-overnight. Portland is a Platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Community, as rated by the ... Continue Reading

Learning Bikeshare one-way at a time

Google Maps showed it was only 3.9 miles away – not far for a bike ride to coffee in Hollywood. The route, the blue line, appears so effortlessly, but I had qualms – there are busy roads along the appointed way. I decided to take the MAX and I was glad I did – at 7:30am I was opting for the easy way to get there. Next time I'll budget a few more minutes – I got there right on time. When the meeting was over I assumed I could hop on a Bikeshare and pedal myself home. It's ... Continue Reading

Portland River Ride

Download the pdf – download the kmz file for Google Maps. Continue Reading

Portland’s Stories

I was reluctant to tell my Portland friends my plans for the day. Who would be interested in a tour of their own home town? I was motivated for a couple of reasons. Sometime in 2014 the City of Newport Beach will likely apply for Bicycle Friendly America recognition and the process looks at Encouragement — what we're doing to encourage people to get out and ride. Accordingly, I've been planning a series of local rides, one with a tour theme, not a race-type ride, so I was taking notes ... Continue Reading

Patrick Croasdaile: Funding Bike Projects

I guess it takes a cyclocross enthusiast to get behind a new way of funding the next great cyclocross bike. Meet Patrick Croasdaile, he describes himself as a curator at Crowd Supply. Crowd Supply is a new company in Portland, OR that's working to create a renaissance in consumer products — how they're designed, funded and delivered. Two of the first few projects: an ultra-reflective bike tire and a cyclocross bike that's branded by the folks at Rogue Ales.    ... Continue Reading

Stephanie Noll, BTA

We met on the Queen Mary during the Alliance for Biking and Walking's Leadership Retreat last month. ABW President Jeff Miller had us both teed up for a breakout session. Stephanie's stories were better than mine; that's when I knew I had to get her on the Show. She's the Programs Director for the BTA, Portland Oregon's Bicycle Transportation Alliance. It's nice to have an out of towner around, so I ask her opinion about the things she saw in Long Beach. She shares some interesting ... Continue Reading

Drivetrain, Day 2

Everything in the drivetrain came off the bike today. At times It looks like I'm having a hard time keeping up with the exercises, so I point out that I'm working on 2 bikes for each assignment. One bike is the loaner UBI has at each station, the other is my Brompton fold-up, which is quite different from everything else. So I'm getting quite an education in this Bicycle Maintenance class. Today was Day 2: Drivetrains. Chains and crank wheels, axles, lots of grease and it all adds up to ... Continue Reading

Bob Mionske, Fight or Flight

He's the author of Bicycling and the Law; this former bicycle racer writes Road Rights, a monthly column in Bicycling magazine. I wanted to get his thoughts on bike riding on sidewalks, because it's a subject that keeps on coming up. But first we chat about mirrors, eye wear, distracted drivers, riding in the rain and 3-foot laws, like the one that's coming back around to Governor Brown's desk again soon. Bob reminds me of the most important part of any 3-foot rule. Then he adds the ... Continue Reading

Mia Birk, “It wasn’t all rosy”

Today she's the President of Alta Planning & Design; in the 90's she was in the eye of the storm, so to speak, as the Bicycle Program Manager for the City of Portland where she influenced city leaders, politicians and traffic engineers that eventually led to Portland becoming recognized as Platinum-level by the League of American Bicyclists. "We had to all be on-board." What distinguishes Platinum Portland? Lots of safe routes across the bridges, thousands of daily commuters and 60% of ... Continue Reading

Jeff Mapes, Pedaling Revolution

It's not till the end of the interview, when he reminds me that David Byrne of the band Talking Heads reviewed his book for the New York Times, that it even dawns on me: where did I first hear of Jeff Mapes' Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities? I read the review and ordered a copy, but I have to admit that I let it sit for a few months before I picked it up. Now I credit Jeff for turning me into the budding bike advocate I am today. Since then I've lent copies ... Continue Reading