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Ramon Zavala, Chicken or the Egg?

On a recent bike advocates conference call Ramon introduced this argument, “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?” as it relates to installing bike racks in business districts. I asked him to write up his thoughts to share here. I always have so much to say about bike parking (!) as it’s all part […]

Parking: Price it Properly

There’s talk of an automated parking system coming to Big Corona. It’s early-on in the discussions, but I’m already impressed with the many opportunities. Why did I get so excited? What’s the connection between optimizing car parking and bike safety? My intuition tells me this parking system might be a step in the long process […]

Lots of Looking

I’ve been looking for things lately. Yesterday it was cameras — I have too many, but this specific search was focused on a particular tripod. Once I found the tripod I had to find the little camera-to-tripod attachment gizmo. You get the idea. All this searching is for the sequel to the Riding Into Trouble […]

John Luton, Cycle Vancouver Island

I first learned of John through his bike rack guide, Bicycles at Rest, but I couldn’t remember how I got a copy, after all it was printed in Victoria, British Columbia. It took some while before I realized the connection to my bikeNewportBeach riding buddy, Matt O’Toole, who has spent many an idle moment sailing […]

Beach Parking Blues

Worried about beach parking this weekend? Don’t worry; come on two wheels.

A Walkability Audit with Dan Burden

Ever been on a Walkability Audit? Neither had I, but when it was suggested that would be a good time to meet Dan Burden, I couldn’t resist. And San Diego is a lot closer than Port Townsend, WA — his home base. You may recognize Dan from his prominent role in Road Diet, the Streetfilms […]

Dining in the Street

Dinner only cost $20,000 last night. That’s not what I paid; for me it was only $20. The restauranteur shelled out the 20 large tacos to pay for the outdoor seating. Long Beach bike advocates held a celebratory dinner last night. The occasion? The City’s first parklet in Retro Row outside Lola’s Mexican Cuisine restaurant. […]