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Peter Gerrard, The Examiner

The Memorial Ride is well in the past. The Bike Safety Improvement Fund has attracted a lot of money for eventual improvements. Where do we go from here? Today, the tables are turned. The Examiner's Peter Gerrard writes of bike safety issues, so when he reached out to me and April Morris I suggested we complement his article with this audio interview. So today you enjoy a multimedia twofer: find Peter's article here. Show #48 Listen: Stream, Flash player, or subscribe through ... Continue Reading

Wayfinding Webinar: Try Finding Your Way Out Of This Mess

I got an invitation to attend a webinar at OCTA. The subject interested me — pedestrian wayfinding signs and the cities that have undertaken big projects to make visitors more comfortable as they navigate tourist sites. Maybe 2 years ago I organized a webinar for Angel Capital Association, so I was familiar with the format. Unless someone, like I did, insists on something other than the typical format — show a slide and read the bullets to the audience — these webinar ... Continue Reading

Bayside Road Rage on the way to the HB Bike Fest

The day started out with anticipation — this would be my maiden voyage on the new touring bike. What I didn't know was how quickly I'd be testing the brakes. The night before as I'm drifting off to sleep I remember assembling the front brakes; they had to come off again as I installed the front rack, but as I toss and turn on my way to dreamland I realize I must remove the brakes one more time, to move the washer that fits it tight into the bike frame. It's a minor adjustment, but ... Continue Reading

Pre-Thanksgiving Ride Announced

bikeNewportBeach announced a Pre-Thanksgiving Family Fun Ride from the Newport Pier to the Honda Center starting at 8am on Wednesday November 23rd. Continue Reading

The Straggler Rides Santiago Canyon

Once a month Elliot Gordon sends out the word — meet at his place in Irvine and this month, we'll ride Santiago Canyon. I've known Elliot about 8 years now, but I lost track of him when he retired about a year ago. We re-connected earlier this year; I didn't even know he was the one organizing these rides. Today I was coming along with fellow bikeNewportBeach.org advocates Dan Murphy and Matt O'Toole. We recently did this same ride, but a much longer version during the OC Gran Fondo. ... Continue Reading

No Coffee Needed

I learned on the Erie Canal ride — I don't need a morning cup of coffee if I'm gonna hit the pedals for a big ride, so although I was meeting a friend for coffee at Peets, neither one of us actually sampled the wares. My plan? I would do an exercise ride up MacArthur to San Joaquin Hills Drive to Newport Coast, then down the backside into Shady Canyon with a victory lap, up and down and up again, on Quail Hill and back. Lots of hills and great back-country views, too; it was a ... Continue Reading

OC Gran Fondo

This was my first group ride, well my first group of 600 anyway. A few hours in, as I begin the long arduous climb up into Santiago Canyon, I'm asking myself why. Part would be peer pressure. Bike Religion's John Tzinberg was the first to tell me about the OC Gran Fondo; he's very persuasive. Then I think this will be a good warm-up ride for next month's El Tour de Tucson — this gets my riding buddy Dan Murphy hooked. Now that there's two of us, it's not hard to convince bikeNewport... Continue Reading