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Wayfinding Webinar: Try Finding Your Way Out Of This Mess

I got an invitation to attend a webinar at OCTA. The subject interested me — pedestrian wayfinding signs and the cities that have undertaken big projects to make visitors more comfortable as they navigate tourist sites. Maybe 2 years ago I organized a webinar for Angel Capital Association, so I was familiar with the format. Unless someone, like I did, insists on something other than the typical format — show a slide and read the bullets to the audience — these webinar ... Continue Reading

It’s All About Synergy

"Up for a ride?" OCTA's Bike Czar, Wes Parsel, wanted to know; it was his day off, and what better way to spend it than an early ride to Sunset Beach. We met in the Five Crowns parking lot in CdM — many rides begin here — then we took off for the Newport Beach pier, via the Balboa Island ferry, of course. At 8:30am there was a thick marine layer and a breeze that foretold of more winds to come, but for now the wind was at our back and we had friends to meet. Ride with anyone ... Continue Reading

Bayside Road Rage on the way to the HB Bike Fest

The day started out with anticipation — this would be my maiden voyage on the new touring bike. What I didn't know was how quickly I'd be testing the brakes. The night before as I'm drifting off to sleep I remember assembling the front brakes; they had to come off again as I installed the front rack, but as I toss and turn on my way to dreamland I realize I must remove the brakes one more time, to move the washer that fits it tight into the bike frame. It's a minor adjustment, but ... Continue Reading

Bold Face Names Attend Sunset Soiree

Bike advocates from across Orange County gathered last night for a Sunset Soiree in support of the Orange County Bicycle Coalition. Co-host and OCBC Executive Director Pete Van Vuys invited the assembled to contribute to the non-profit and by the end of the evening $3,000 was raised to support better biking in Orange County. I knew from experience that when you host a sunset event in February you spend a lot of psychic energy hoping for a warm, dry evening. The weatherman delivered in ... Continue Reading

Saving the Whales with a Bike and a Bus

Just a month ago OCTA hosted an Urban Cycling Workshop; I went to make a few new friends and brush up on my skills. That's where I met Wes Parsel. Wes does OCTA's Marketing for vanpools and bicycles. He stood out of the crowd that day of the training — he had 2 flat tires that blazing, red-hot day! Afterwards, we exchanged the customary Facebook friendings and I thought that would be the end of it, but once I had a friend inside OCTA I started thinking of combining the bike with a ... Continue Reading