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Martha Roskowski, the Green Lane Project

Are you creating new bike infrastructure for the one percent? That’s what most cities do as they begin to move from planning to implementation. To get more people out of their cars and riding bikes, you’ve gotta build the right infrastructure. If Memphis can do it, certainly it can be done in your home town. […]

Tom Godefrooij, Dutch Cycling Embassy

Stephanie Noll at Oregon’s BTA referred me; I’d be in the Netherlands for a week and I was eager to interview local advocates. Her introduction opened the door for me to meet with Tom Godefrooij at the Dutch Cycling Embassy in Utrecht – all I had to do was get to Utrecht, but that turned […]

Culture Clash

The basket looks like it weighs more than the road bike I was ogling this morning. Since then I’ve been suffering a bad case of culture clash. Let me explain. In 8 days in the Netherlands last week I saw 10,000 bikes, but only 3 road bikes and no carbon fiber beauties like the one […]

Saturday Errands

It warmed up a little late this afternoon in Amsterdam; that’s what a light rain can do. The city is jammed with tourists of all types. Because I’m alone I especially notice all the couples, but the locals are out and about, too. Like at home, people are running errands; the shops are busy. Likewise […]

Amsterdam at Dusk

A new friend took the train in to spend the day with me; Rene Reijtenbagh administers an angel group. He’s an entrepreneur, an investor and we’re both raising two boys, too, so we have lots in common. We walked and talked and when my feet got sore, Rene waited patiently while I tried on a […]

My Morning in Utrecht

Nice windows and notice the utilitarian bicycles parked everywhere – the Dutch use their bikes for everyday transportation, like taking their children to school and shopping for groceries, so the bike must be durable, with fenders. Bikes Belong‘s Zach Vanderkooy gave me the referral; when Jeff Miller also named Tom Godefrooij, I knew I had […]

Rotterdam, Day 1

The flight over was a breeze, only 9.5 hours. Still it was hard to sleep and I had too much time for mind-racing thoughts. I’m in the Netherlands to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week. There’s a big entrepreneur event at Erasmus University Wednesday night; 8 teams with brilliant ideas have made it to the finals. I’m […]