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Packing for the Islands

I'm packing for a no-car trip to the San Juan Islands. I did it 4 years ago, for my 60th. That trip started from Orange County, CA. This trip is more compact, but hopefully just as much fun, this week-long, no-car, bike getaway. What makes it more compact, besides starting from Portland this time, is a new ferry option out of Seattle. In 2012 we ferried from Seattle to Victoria, B.C. then the four of us rented bikes for an 8-day island-hopping junket. This ferry takes us direct – party of ... Continue Reading

Bike and Boat

Friends often ask, "Do you have a boat?" I always say that it's better to have a brother with a boat, that way I get a lot of the benefits without the expense. He knows how this equation works, too, so I'm often asked for help when an extra hand is needed. This weekend he needed to move the boat from a temporary dock in the Back Bay, returning it to Huntington Harbor. I would come along to tie it off which involves jumping off the boat as it slides up to the dock; not too much effort. ... Continue Reading

Riding the Wiggle with John Ciccarelli

Yes, John would meet me for an interview. After all, I was referred by a trusted source, Boston Bikes' Nicole Freedman, his former intern when he was Stanford's Bike Program Manager in the '90's. This would be no ordinary sit-down interview. I noticed on his website that he offers ride-along-coaching in San Francisco, like a private lesson, then he critiques your riding style, "expert help on where to ride in the street and how to negotiate intersections confidently"; this could be handy ... Continue Reading

Saving the Whales with a Bike and a Bus

Just a month ago OCTA hosted an Urban Cycling Workshop; I went to make a few new friends and brush up on my skills. That's where I met Wes Parsel. Wes does OCTA's Marketing for vanpools and bicycles. He stood out of the crowd that day of the training — he had 2 flat tires that blazing, red-hot day! Afterwards, we exchanged the customary Facebook friendings and I thought that would be the end of it, but once I had a friend inside OCTA I started thinking of combining the bike with a ... Continue Reading

Visit Your Mother

There's so much you can do on your bike: Go for coffee Buy groceries Ride to school Commute to work Visit your mother It was my best offer — I would join my sister who was visiting from Portland and go see my mother in San Diego. It was my birthday and I had few other offers, you could say this was my only offer, as my wife was on the east coast for a high school reunion and my boys were off being boys. I had another reason to visit. My mother had been feeling ... Continue Reading