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Mike Samuelson, Open Streets Project

He's Mr. Open Streets — meet Mike Samuelson of the Alliance for Biking & Walking, on the Show today. As we get started, I jump in with a common misperception – according to Mike, the first Open Streets event occurred in Seattle back in 1965; it was and still is called Bicycle Sundays. I'm sure there's a lot more I will learn at the Summit. It's set for April 4-5-6 in Los Angeles with the ultimate bonus — Sunday April 6th we will participate in LA's next CicLAvia! ... Continue Reading

Watch the Cart!

LAX I didn't have a seat assignment for the 13 hour flight to Moscow; that's why I'm here almost 4 hours early, and it paid off. Aeroflot started checking in about 10 minutes after I arrived. Forward, aisle, please. So now I'm haunting the terminal. There's no plane waiting at the gate, so I may have awhile yet before boarding. I've loaded up the laptop bag with snacks; not that I expect to be hungry, more just to pass the time. I haven't left my Complete Streets mentality behind ... Continue Reading

Randy Neufeld, Power Moves

He's the Director of the $10Million SRAM Cycling Fund which underwrites advocacy projects. He's seen many advocacy applications and he shares his opinions on what's effective and what's not. If you're a bicycle advocate it would pay to listen to Randy Neufeld. Randy was the closing speaker of the CA Bike Summit and based on the caliber of all the preceding presenters, I was ready for a big finish. What I didn't expect, because I'd never heard it before, was a speaker who began with a ... Continue Reading

LA Approves Bike Master Plan

The Los Angeles City Council has approved an ambitious Bicycle Master Plan that has been years in the making. Was its passage more likely after Mayor Villaraigosa was knocked off his bike last summer? It didn't hurt, the politics that is, the fractured elbow was very painful I'm sure, but the plan galvanized public support and brought new potential leaders to the forefront of city government. "It feels like kicking off an avalanche," an entrepreneur once said to me; feels that way today, too. ... Continue Reading