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Privileging Local Users

"It's the Business District that insisted on the traffic lights." I met Charlie Gandy for coffee early Sunday morning and when you're in Belmont Shore with Charlie it doesn't take long for the conversation to turn to Sharrows. Every time I hear something different — Belmont Shore has 13 traffic lights along 2nd Street; they're timed for a crawl and at this slow speed traffic doesn't intimidate pedestrians. Does it work? Belmont Shore is thriving, a mad dash of human density. The ... Continue Reading

Suja Lowenthal, Transforming a Built-Out City

It’s the difference between being a defeatist about how you see your city and being eternally optimistic about what your role can be Mark Bixby invited me to lunch, "I'm meeting Suja downtown at Congregation, come along?" We felt like celebrating; Mark and Allan Crawford had just wrapped up a conference call with CalTrans and the Port of Long Beach regarding the Desmond Bridge redesign. This was my first interaction with these once-adversaries to bike lanes, but the phone call seemed ... Continue Reading

Cycling Advocate Mark Bixby Dead in Plane Crash

The Los Angeles Times reports that cycling advocate Mark Bixby has died in a plane crash at Long Beach airport. Community leaders Tom Dean and Jeff Berger were also killed; also onboard, Mike Jensen is listed in critical condition. Mark was an avid cyclist and blogger. His blogging passion was related to the Desmond Bridge; a complete rebuild is planned. This billion dollar design originally did not include access for pedestrians and cyclists. Mark was tenacious in his efforts to ... Continue Reading

Building Bridges: Mark Bixby

One of the things we tout about Long Beach is: We’re big enough to make a difference, yet small enough to make rapid change Build a new $1 Billion bridge and leave out bicycle and pedestrian access? That didn't make sense.Yes, there are a lot of trucks on the Desmond Bridge in Long Beach, but that didn't scare cycling advocates Mark Bixby and Allan Crawford; they went after Caltrans to press their point. The pressure was on today, too. I knew I only had 30 minutes before Mark ... Continue Reading

Caltrans Confirms Bike Lanes on Desmond Bridge

I sat in on a conference call today between Long Beach bike advocates Mark Bixby and Allan Crawford and, on the other end were Michael Miles, Director District 7 CalTrans and Eric Shen, Port of Long Beach, Director of Transportation Planning and others. The subject: would bike lanes and pedestrian access be built into the design of the new $1B Desmond Bridge?It had been a contentious issue, previous discussions had apparently resolved little, but today would be different. At the end of the 30 ... Continue Reading

Andrea White-Kjoss, BikeStation

When you ride to work, do you wish you had a place to secure your bike for the day?Commuters in many cities now have such a facility: BikeStation where you can store your wheels, change your clothes, take a shower, stow all that in a locker, and more. I met CEO Andrea White-Kjoss a few years ago as she approached Tech Coast Angels for funding. At the time I wondered, is this social entrepreneurship? Is there a big exit somewhere in the future? Or is this the kind of deal that is best ... Continue Reading

Charlie Gandy, Fresh Thinking in Long Beach

Long Beach Mobility Coordinator, Charlie Gandy, discusses his latest bike safety initiatives. Continue Reading

Charlie Gandy, Long Beach Mobility Coordinator

Charlie Gandy is the Mobility Coordinator for the City of Long Beach, CA. Continue Reading