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Melissa Balmer, Women On Bikes SoCal

"The media doesn't quite understand the bike yet; it's a style-darling — as a prop," says Melissa Balmer of Women on Bikes SoCal. She's out to make a more meaningful connection with her blog focused on fashion, design, advocacy and fun stories of women on bikes. As Melissa puts it, "The beauty, benefits and joy of bicycling." Melissa agrees with me: men will enjoy visiting the site as well. Happy anniversary wishes are due; WOBSC is one year old. She's on the ... Continue Reading

Carolyn Szczepanski, Women on Bikes

She's the Communications Director for the League of American Bicyclists, so you can imagine, she's on message. Carolyn shares the emphasis the League is placing on getting more women on bikes. Why the special emphasis? Can't women handle this on their own? Yes, but the percentage of women on bikes isn't keeping up with men. There's more of them, but in relation to men, their numbers have been dropping. In part that's why she helped to host the National Womens Bicycle Summit ... Continue Reading

Guest Post: The Revolution Will Not be Motorized

Sign the Petition Death and injuries to cyclists on Pacific Coast Highway between Seal Beach and Corona del Mar are on the rise, yet there's no apparent pause by those cities to take action as though it's business as usual, but we're fed-up and we're not going to take it any more, so we're driving this point into the political arena one city at a time where we will take the politicians to task and demand the concerns of cyclists and pedestrians are taken seriously so the carnage will stop, ... Continue Reading

PWPB Day 2

Day 2 of the Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference is coming to a close. As usual, I started the day with a sunrise bike ride around Long Beach; this morning led by the maestro himself, Charlie Gandy.Everyone enjoys a ride along the beachCharlie tells stories as he educates I always learn something new from any time spent with Charlie. This morning I learned the difference betweek Portland and Seattle roundabouts. Long Beach installed several Portland-style roundabouts in Belmont Heights. ... Continue Reading

Pro Walk Kicks Off

On the Balboa Island ferry on my way back to Long Beach "Over stimulated," that's what my wife thought I was suffering from after the over-the-top Alliance for Biking and Walking's Leadership Retreat, so I came home for one night in the middle of this weeklong series of conferences. After a good night's sleep I was on the bike again, heading back along the coast. For me this is like a mini-tour — I've got the panniers packed with a few days of clothes. It's also been a good time for ... Continue Reading

Leadership Retreat on the Queen Mary

Jeff Miller and his Alliance for Walking and Biking hosted a Leadership Retreat in Long Beach this weekend. It was a 3-day conference attended by leaders of bicycle coalitions from across the country. One feature of registration: accommodations were included — on the Queen Mary no less, but each of us would have a roommate. It's been awhile, since college days, when I had an arbitrarily selected roommate. I hit the jackpot with Matt VanSlyke. Matt's with the NY Bicycling Coalit... Continue Reading

Fred Kent, Placemaker

Last January Fred did a talk followed by a walk; I was in the audience. He was visiting several cities on this tour through the west — Los Altos, Stanford University, Pasadena, Riverside and Long Beach — where civic leaders are intrigued with enhancing their sense of place. That's Fred's business; he's the man behind the Project for Public Spaces. He's in the business of creating treasured spaces. When I got word that he'd be giving this talk and walk I jumped at the ... Continue Reading

The Economic Impact of Bicycling

She's recently returned from speaking engagements in Toronto and at the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC; Green Octopus Consulting's April Economides speaks about how bicycling pays for local businesses. In 2010 the City of Long Beach got a LA County Public Health grant; the objective: to bring more customers to 4 business districts by bike. Yes, that's good for health and for business. How did the merchants react? Of course, not all of them were open to the idea, so how ... Continue Reading

Pro Walk/Pro Bike, Here I Come

After meeting Fred Kent, President of the Partnership for Public Spaces and sponsor of the upcoming Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference in Long Beach I jumped on the early-bird registration. Join me and many other Southern California bike advocates, September 10-13, 2012. Register today. Continue Reading

Dining in the Street

Charlie Gandy at Lola's

Dinner only cost $20,000 last night. That's not what I paid; for me it was only $20. The restauranteur shelled out the 20 large tacos to pay for the outdoor seating.

Long Beach bike advocates held a celebratory dinner last night. The occasion? The City's first parklet in Retro Row outside Lola's Mexican Cuisine restaurant. Charlie Gandy, Women on Bikes SoCal and the Bikeable Communities crowd were all in attendance. I met Jennifer Klausner, Executive Director of the LA County Bicycle Coalition. ... Continue Reading