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Bob Mionske, When Collisions Occur

No one likes to imagine they’ll be in a collision, but a little pre-planning could go a long way to repairing whatever damages you might suffer. That’s what Bob and I discuss on today’s show. On vacation in Portland at the end of August, I wasn’t in town 2 hours when we’re off to dinner. […]

Bob Mionske, Fight or Flight

He’s the author of Bicycling and the Law; this former bicycle racer writes Road Rights, a monthly column in Bicycling magazine. I wanted to get his thoughts on bike riding on sidewalks, because it’s a subject that keeps on coming up. But first we chat about mirrors, eye wear, distracted drivers, riding in the rain […]

Keeping Your Cool, Bob Mionske

Ever wanted to confront that driver who just buzzed you? How often do you lose your cool while driving a car? Inconsiderate drivers can make us all a little crazy. Now picture yourself on your bike; that same motorist can be dangerous and annoying. It’s the crux of the bicyclist versus motor vehicle disharmony; that’s […]

Bob Mionske, Bicycling and the Law

He’s a former Olympic cyclist turned attorney and author, and I’m surprised, his Bicycling and the Law: Your Rights As A Cyclist is a fun read! Why would I think otherwise? He covers so many great topics, we could chat for hours. He’s got the stories and the legal interpretations to go with them, like […]

Police Coordinate Bicycle Safety Enforcement

Charlie Gandy claims that all the cycling improvements in Long Beach can be traced back to one thing: commitment from the top. Now we have that same commitment taking shape in Newport Beach.