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Martha Roskowski, the Green Lane Project

Are you creating new bike infrastructure for the one percent? That’s what most cities do as they begin to move from planning to implementation. To get more people out of their cars and riding bikes, you’ve gotta build the right infrastructure. If Memphis can do it, certainly it can be done in your home town. […]

Moving from a Mono-Culture

We don’t have a Naked Bike Ride here in Orange County. How far do you have to go to find such a ride? I know Portland has one, London, too. We certainly have a more appropriate climate for such an event, but we lack much in the way of a bike culture. We don’t have […]

Wayfinding Webinar: Try Finding Your Way Out Of This Mess

I got an invitation to attend a webinar at OCTA. The subject interested me — pedestrian wayfinding signs and the cities that have undertaken big projects to make visitors more comfortable as they navigate tourist sites. Maybe 2 years ago I organized a webinar for Angel Capital Association, so I was familiar with the format. […]

Overheard Last Night

Pizza and beer combined with an almost full moon — that was the setting as a dozen bike advocates from as far south as San Clemente gathered at my house to kick around bike safety priorities that hopefully Newport Beach will consider. Although we met 2 weeks ago, Monday night will be the first working […]

This Latest Fatality

A Facebook friend wrote this on my timeline; I’ve been pondering a response… I am pretty sure the Bicycle Safety Committee has failed. A 22 year old girl killed on her bike at an intersection already identified by the committee as being dangerous. I know you guys have been trying but this is so tragic […]

John Luton, Cycle Vancouver Island

I first learned of John through his bike rack guide, Bicycles at Rest, but I couldn’t remember how I got a copy, after all it was printed in Victoria, British Columbia. It took some while before I realized the connection to my bikeNewportBeach riding buddy, Matt O’Toole, who has spent many an idle moment sailing […]

A Bicycle Master Plan for Huntington Beach

“Huntington Beach is flat,” and that’s a big advantage when it comes to optimizing city streets for efficient bicycle riding according to John Holloway, Senior Associate at KTU+A in San Diego. The firm was recently awarded the project to develop a Bicycle Master Plan for Huntington Beach. Come to the Wednesday Workshop, 6-8pm June 20, […]

The Case for Sharrows in CdM [UPDATED]

Tonight the Newport Beach Bike Safety Committee voted 6-1 for Sharrows on Coast Hwy through Corona del Mar. More details at bikeNewportbeach. The Newport Beach Bike Safety Committee takes up the case for Sharrows again — join us in the Friends Room at the Main Library on Avocado at 4:30pm Monday May 7th. This video […]

Seaview @ Goldenrod Needs a Crosswalk

This is the pedestrian corridor, from town to the beach. People come off the charming Goldenrod pedestrian bridge then must brace themselves for this crossing. These parked cars block the sight lines of oncoming traffic, which during the busy summer season, is distracted and frustrated as they look for parking.

Rethinking the Automobile

StreetFilms just published a new film by Mark Gorton: Rethinking the Automobile. I’ve watched it several times over the past few days; it’s loaded with great commentary. I especially like the quotes from Enrique Penalosa, a former mayor of Bogota. It was Long Beach Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal who first quoted Penalosa, so to hear […]