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A Bicycle Master Plan for Huntington Beach

“Huntington Beach is flat,” and that’s a big advantage when it comes to optimizing city streets for efficient bicycle riding according to John Holloway, Senior Associate at KTU+A in San Diego. The firm was recently awarded the project to develop a Bicycle Master Plan for Huntington Beach. Come to the Wednesday Workshop, 6-8pm June 20, […]

It’s All About Synergy

“Up for a ride?” OCTA’s Bike Czar, Wes Parsel, wanted to know; it was his day off, and what better way to spend it than an early ride to Sunset Beach. We met in the Five Crowns parking lot in CdM — many rides begin here — then we took off for the Newport Beach […]

Bayside Road Rage on the way to the HB Bike Fest

The day started out with anticipation — this would be my maiden voyage on the new touring bike. What I didn’t know was how quickly I’d be testing the brakes. The night before as I’m drifting off to sleep I remember assembling the front brakes; they had to come off again as I installed the […]

Off-Road Ride to Sunset Beach

Mark Knaeps has a son in Boy Scouts, too; that’s how we met. We teamed up to get a bunch of the boys through Cycling merit badge. He emailed last week looking for a pedaling partner for a lunch time ride, with one condition. Not everyone wants to ride in traffic and most days that’s […]

Ride up the Coast

Most days I sit at my desk for too many hours. Sound familiar? But his week was different; I was ahead of schedule on my projects. That gave me time to ride. My goal would be to ride 100 miles this week. Most people would add a little variety to their rides, but lately I […]

Bike and Boat

Friends often ask, “Do you have a boat?” I always say that it’s better to have a brother with a boat, that way I get a lot of the benefits without the expense. He knows how this equation works, too, so I’m often asked for help when an extra hand is needed. This weekend he […]

Black Friday Alternative

What’s to do after a day of feasting? No Black Friday shopping for me; a ride along the coast had more appeal. The weather cooperated so it seemed like a perfect day to burn some calories. Would it be crowded along the beach boardwalk on this day after? It would be fun to find out. […]

Huntington Beach Bike Racks

Stylish bike racks ooze civic pride at City Hall in Huntington Beach. Thanks to Sean Matsler, member of the Newport Beach Bike Safety Committee, for pointing out this beautiful example of an artistic, functional bike rack. Come to the next meeting, 4:30pm Monday Feb 7th in the Fire Conf room at City Hall, where I’ll […]

Huntington Beach Gets Bronze Recognition

California cities Menlo Park, Santa Clara and Huntington Beach have been awarded Bronze status in the League of American Bicyclists‘ Bicycle Friendly Communities program. Read Adam Newman’s post in BicycleTimes.