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Halifax Postscript

There are so many lingering memories of my time in Eastern Canada I’d like to share. Let’s start with the parklets — they have a nice twist on this transformation of a few parking places into a sidewalk dining setting. This strikes me as much more efficient than the parklet design in Long Beach where […]

Return to Halifax

“Aren’t you from Los Angeles?” It was young John; we met Tuesday on the bike path when I was coming back from Peggy’s Cove. He kept me company as I struggled the last few miles back from my biggest single ride of the week. He was out again this gorgeous day; heading south while I […]

Queensland, Nova Scotia

Today is an easy day as I make my way back towards Halifax. It’s the warmest day of the year in these parts, so the off-road bike path isn’t so lonely. This is an out-and-back route, so I’m retracing some steps as I head back to the city. There are options for side-trips, like my […]

Chester, Nova Scotia

I had greater ambitions today, but I couldn’t pull it off. And what does it matter? Russ and Laura write that the best bike tours are the open ended ones, without set departures or fixed schedules. It’s hard to arrange a tour like that if you only have 2 weeks, or in my case, 8 […]

Abandon the pants

My 4-day Nova Scotia tour would be a little different. For one, I’d be speaking at 2 angel investor meetings; this presented a packing challenge. I wore long dress pants on the flight to Halifax. Ordinarily long pants wouldn’t get packed; 2 pair of shorts is all I wanted to bring. First Angel Network‘s Ross […]

Peggy’s Cove loop

Eight hours is a few too many, that’s my day today: Day 1 in Halifax — the ultimate cure for jet lag — a 65 mile loop fully loaded. Days here are long; I was shocked when I finally reached my hotel — I didn’t believe it at first — all that time on the […]


“Are you a school teacher?” The question stumped me; where was the ticket agent coming from? Is this a new security question? “You’ve got nice penmanship,” she said with a friendly smile as she tagged my bag. “No,” I mumbled, enjoying her praise nonetheless. I do have good penmanship, but the glow of her compliment […]


While doing a little Wikipedia browsing I just came across MoneySense magazine’s Top Places to Live in Canada. Although many won’t be surprised, I was, to find Halifax rated #4. Of course there are many places I’ve never heard of, but #9 Red Deer I know — my Aeroflot flight to Moscow and its route […]

Packing Ultra Light Electronics

Packing for Halifax isn’t easy. Temperatures have warmed, but it’s still cool and coastal. Then there’s the electronics. What’s the least I can bring to take photos and document the bike tour while posting to the blog, too? I left the Apple store with much of my wallet still intact. Would I get the new […]

Packing for Halifax

How would you pack for this weather? It is early-season, but that’s a lot of rain in the forecast, plus cool temperatures. Maybe all this rain will be followed by warmer, drier weather next week; meanwhile, I’ve ordered a poncho. “It’s good cycling weather,” according to Joanne Byrne at Pedal and Sea Adventures where I’ll […]