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Patrick Croasdaile: Funding Bike Projects

I guess it takes a cyclocross enthusiast to get behind a new way of funding the next great cyclocross bike. Meet Patrick Croasdaile, he describes himself as a curator at Crowd Supply. Crowd Supply is a new company in Portland, OR that's working to create a renaissance in consumer products — how they're designed, funded and delivered. Two of the first few projects: an ultra-reflective bike tire and a cyclocross bike that's branded by the folks at Rogue Ales.     ... Continue Reading

Pedego CdM

Barbara and I were walking home from a trip to Fashion Island; that's when I noticed Bill Coleman's new bike store. "Hello, fun..." is splashed across the windows; it was all it took for me to walk in. "I'm a friend of Don's," was how I introduced myself. Don DiConstanzo's the Pedego founder; he's sponsored a couple of my bike rides. A couple of years ago I got Newport Beach Police Chief Jay Johnson to join one of these rides; when he said he didn't have a bike I didn't blink, I knew ... Continue Reading

Floating on Air with the Lezyne Pump [UPDATED]

Which bike is this going on? I'll spend some time reflecting on this question; certainly this will be mounted on a prized bicycle. "It looks like a musical instrument," observes my wife. I don't argue; it does. It's like a flute you want to place your lips on... Why this interest in a pump? My first new bicycle in 35 years came along in 2009. Since then I've had few flats – 2 last month, but only 4 in 3 years – so it's not flat tires that compel me to sample some mountable ... Continue Reading

The Ongoing Pursuit of Minimalism

As I packed for my recent trip to Halifax you'll remember, I ditched the big camera and laptop. The iPhone was going anyway and if it could act as camera and computer then this represented a significant weight savings, bulk, too — plus the worries of water damage. Adding the Bluetooth keyboard was the only luxury. The Kindle got left behind, which was an easy decision — I read with the Kindle app on the phone. This boiled down to a pretty small footprint, electronics-wise. ... Continue Reading

Packing Ultra Light Electronics

Packing for Halifax isn't easy. Temperatures have warmed, but it's still cool and coastal. Then there's the electronics. What's the least I can bring to take photos and document the bike tour while posting to the blog, too? I left the Apple store with much of my wallet still intact. Would I get the new iPad and take it instead of the MacBook Air? That would save more than a pound from my panniers. I arrived early, right after opening, so Brandon had time to consider some alternatives with ... Continue Reading