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Bikes on Amtrak

Would you take your bike on the train if it was easier to do so? Does the idea of boxing up your bike cause you to think of driving to your destination instead? For today’s podcast I’m joined by Champe Burnley, President of the Virginia Bicycling Federation, Kerry Irons with the Adventure Cycling Association and […]

Styrofoam and Road Kill

There were a few things I wasn’t prepared for on last week’s 10-day Erie Canal ride. My riding companion Kent and I prepared for months; we’d shipped our bikes ahead and carefully packed only the essentials. We were ready for whatever this journey would throw at us — except the ubiquitous Styrofoam and road kill. […]

Erie Canal Post-Mortem

Just a few days ago Kent received an email from someone who did the Erie Canal ride a year ago; he wanted to know of the details, a post-mortem of our 426 mile ride. On the flight home I made some notes. I’ll enjoy preserving these, sometimes quirky, notes of our trip — an after-action […]

Glad It Was You

KC writes: I really enjoyed reading about your trip along the Erie canal. You guys faced some pretty harrowing circumstances and lived to tell the tale. I have to say that on the front end of your trip I was jealous for the adventure, however, I am glad it was you and not me on […]

Kent’s Wrap-Up

I asked Kent for his final thoughts on the ride: The change in my body around day 4 was notable, vis a vie aches and pains. They virtually disappeared, although the tuchus (Yiddish for rear-end) was an issue off and on throughout the ride (even with a seat change), my back, neck and shoulders settled […]

The Traumatic End of an Epic Adventure

We had a short ride to Albany, a victory lap is what I’m thinking, but that’s not how things turned out. Instead we’d have our most challenging day of the trip — and more mud! Our departure from Schenectady was optimistic; it was overcast, but rain seemed unlikely. This was a great relief, of course, […]


Tom of the Window Box Guest House snaps our photo and we’re off for Day 8 of this Erie Canal bike ride. It’s poured all early morning, so we’ve got the gear on. But Luck is with us and we barely feel a drop. In just a couple of miles we shed the rain gear; […]

Play Ball!

It’s Day 7 and we take a break from the canal to visit Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame. We share our ambitions with new friends at a bar in Herkimer the night before. Their eyes roll, “you’re gonna ride your bikes up there?” It’s quite an uphill climb apparently and I already know […]

A Little Rain Must Fall

I had a great view of Kent’s fall; it happened right in front of me. It rained on this Day 6 of our Erie Canal ride; we were mentally prepared and we have all the gear, but the experience is the novelty. Visibility was greatly impacted; we forget the virtues of our windshield wipers. Our […]

All Roads Lead to Rome

Day 5 is over; we pedaled 70 miles. We were motivated to get to Rome; hotels are spread out here in upstate New York. It takes all day to ride that distance. We were on the road at 8am with only a banana in our bellies. Kent needed a tune-up on his rear derailleur and […]