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Boston’s Nicole Freedman

She was my first interview here at cdmCyclist. Welcome back, Nicole Freedman, Director of Boston Bikes. She's been running Boston's bike programs since the beginning and she's taken it far. When Bicycling magazine called Boston the worst city for cyclists she vowed to take it to the Silver level of the League's Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) ranking. That's an impressive feat by any measure, but once you get to know this Stanford/MIT grad who went on to the Olympics, maybe it'll seem ... Continue Reading

Fred Kent, Placemaker

Last January Fred did a talk followed by a walk; I was in the audience. He was visiting several cities on this tour through the west — Los Altos, Stanford University, Pasadena, Riverside and Long Beach — where civic leaders are intrigued with enhancing their sense of place. That's Fred's business; he's the man behind the Project for Public Spaces. He's in the business of creating treasured spaces. When I got word that he'd be giving this talk and walk I jumped at the ... Continue Reading

No Place for Pedestrians

This is no place for a walk. This light industrial office park in Billerica, MA was designed for its employees to drive to work. No sidewalks and long distances from everywhere, these two pedestrians have to cross a big parking lot to get from one site to the next. Continue Reading

Boston’s Smallest

My Mother Mary

My mother recently passed away, after a long illness. Many will remember my multi-modal train/bike trip to visit her this summer; check out Visit Your Mother. Although she was born at home in Reading, MA, she was a great storyteller of Ireland and the old days. She was my original subject as I began my interest in oral history recordings; this 2006 session turned out well. Continue Reading

Riding Boston’s Bikeshare

I had to take one out for a spin. I'd never ridden a Bikeshare bike before – Montreal was too cold and wet, in Barcelona I had no idea where I wanted to go, but here in Boston I did know. I organized a ride in April, from MIT to Boston and back through Harvard, plus I grew up in the suburbs here. This morning the weather is perfect; the humidity has broken and it's in the mid 80's, perfect for a ride up Commonwealth Ave. My adventure did have one hiccup – the nearby Hubway on ... Continue Reading

Boston’s Bike Share

They're as close as around the corner, on Newbury Street. All racked up, ready to go, for only $5 per day. I arrived in Boston a little late in the day and needed a 3-hour nap after the red-eye, then it was time for a walk. So it was early evening, and the tourists were all out to dinner; the sidewalk cafes on Newbury Street were packed. That's where we came upon this installation of Boston's new bike share program; sponsored by New Balance and implemented by Alta Bicycle Share. They look ... Continue Reading

Lunch with Nicole

Intelligent, successful, knowledgeable in the ways of big city bike politics, cooperative, charming, make that very charming; this is what I already knew about Boston Bikes' Nicole Freedman. What I didn't know is that she attended both Stanford and MIT. "MIT is much tougher!" And what I didn't expect was her interest, her willingness to help, to point me in the right advocacy directions, to offer advice. That was a happy development. She was my first guest, my first interview on this blog, but ... Continue Reading

Boston Bike Tour

It's a beautiful day in Boston as we gather up at MIT on the 1st Annual ACA Bike Ride Each year I attend the Annual Summit of the Angel Capital Association; it's the national association for angel investors. This year the conference is in Boston, my home town, so I organized a ride. We saw all the sites of Boston and looped through Harvard Sq on the way back to the hotel We took our time to stop and see the sites. Our tour guides had stories to share along the way. Dave Miller and Mic Williams ... Continue Reading

Boston Bikes’ Nicole Freedman

"We started last and late, so one thing we've done is study everyone's best practices; talk to everyone," says Boston Bikes Director Nicole Freedman. What challenges did she face? "Every city has its advantages," she counters; for example, Frederick Law Olmstead, who lived in Boston after his New York career, designed the Emerald Necklace, a series of parks around the city that today provides scenic routes for cyclists. Boston's bike rack strategy? "First, obviously, go for demand; if ... Continue Reading