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Two Trips to Lido

Once for an early lunch with a friend then later, to Boy Scouts — I stopped to take this photo on one of the 4 ferry crossings from Balboa Island to the peninsula yesterday. On the last trip home I finally mastered the blinking mode on my Nite Rider 650; it's at the beginning of the cycle. I'd always pressed the button for Low then again for High then expected 'blink', but the blink mode is at the beginning of the cycle, so press and hold to start the blink. As I passed through ... Continue Reading

My First Electric Bike

It's one of the first things you notice, after accelerating up a hill I mean: everyone has something to say about my new Pedego Commuter; it's a conversation-starter. The Balboa Island ferry Captain wanted to know how I liked it. My wife rode it to dinner and as other diners arrived it was all smiles and nods. "Pedego," I overheard them say. The bike's got great name recognition. The mixte frame – it's my 2nd bike with this low cut frame – it makes the bike usable by ... Continue Reading

Sweet Circumstance

How often do you get to give a little corrective feedback to an errant motorist? I had my opportunity as I was heading home from an early morning meeting. I've had like zero times to actually comment to a motorist after they've been blowing their horn at me; I'm still savoring the moment. Many meetings over coffee are early, this one would take me along Coast Hwy to Cappy's Cafe. We've all done this route yet it causes me to reflect – how much traffic will there be? At that time of day, ... Continue Reading

What I Take for Granted

It's not until I get home and see the photos that it dawns on me: this neighborhood, this route is something I take for granted. It's a lazy Sunday afternoon, before the party starts. Gotta get out of the house to stay loose; it's too early to get the details organized — 21st birthdays start late. So without any plan I pedal through the neighborhood, onto the Balboa Island ferry to the Wedge and the Balboa pier. Unlike so much of the rest of the country, here it's cool, breezy, ... Continue Reading

Ride up the Coast

Most days I sit at my desk for too many hours. Sound familiar? But his week was different; I was ahead of schedule on my projects. That gave me time to ride.

It's a beautiful morning at the Balboa Is ferry

My goal would be to ride 100 miles this week. Most people would add a little variety to their rides, but lately I keep heading in the same direction — across the ferry to the peninsula, the pier and on to Huntington and Sunset Beach. I'm not stuck in a rut; it's just so beautiful. And it's fun to ride off-road where there's lots of people.

Then, here it comes — I love to see the ferry sans autos!

The ferry without cars

Soon I'm on the peninsula where I notice a new facade to Back Alley Bicycles; I go closer. The peninsula has the highest mode-share, which means more people ride bikes here than anywhere else in Newport Beach. There are many bike rental stores here, so the competition keeps prices low. The flat terrain is ideal for riding a beach cruiser. ... Continue Reading

New Years Guests

"This is the most beautiful bike ride I've ever taken," my Oregon friend Marcie was quick to say; we hadn't gone far and there was much more scenery still to come. Living here in Corona del Mar I might take for granted the natural charms that surround us. Old friends from college come to visit when their beloved Ducks are in the Rose Bowl; it's become a New Years' tradition. I wanted to show off my everyday bike rides; they're easy, even for Marcie who said it had been two years since ... Continue Reading

National Joyriding Day

It almost slipped by un-announced — apparently, today was National Joyriding Day! Well, if it wasn't today I'm sure there are several runners-up contenders in the days ahead. What am I talking about? Traffic, congestion, "cars competing for asphalt" is how I recently saw it described in Suburban Nation; it seemed like everyone was out for a drive — so American! I'm guessing this is what the 405 looked like. But I spent my afternoon riding the boardwalk on the ... Continue Reading

Caffeine Achievers

Enjoying these short winter days with their cool temperatures? It's off-season here in Newport Beach and the crowds are gone, so get on your bike, buck the trend and take this coastal ride from the Crystal Cove Promenade to the peninsula. Winter skies cause me to reach for a cup of java and on this ride you'll enjoy all the coffee and caffeine you can handle. Not a coffee drinker? Then how about one of the original date shakes at the Shake Shack. Rose's Donuts in Corona del Mar is a ... Continue Reading

Black Friday Alternative

What's to do after a day of feasting? No Black Friday shopping for me; a ride along the coast had more appeal. The weather cooperated so it seemed like a perfect day to burn some calories. Would it be crowded along the beach boardwalk on this day after? It would be fun to find out. A favorite route begins with a short cruise on the Balboa Island ferry. It was an usually high tide. There were bike riders galore. Perhaps the weekend's too long, the sunshine too warm, or there's a ... Continue Reading

Riding After Dark

"I'm jealous," she spoke loud enough to get my attention — this from the blonde in the convertible next to me. We're both stopped, not going anywhere for awhile. As I glance her way, I take my time to consider a reply. To her I must look shy, at least tongue-tied, so she continues, "I wish I was on my bike." "I've looked forward to this ride all day," I finally blurt out — which makes sense since it's just after sunset and getting dark fast. We're riding the Balboa ... Continue Reading