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Pedego Electric Bikes’ Don DiCostanzo

Aging Baby Boomers make for a big fat market opportunity for electric bikes and Don DiCostanzo is well positioned to exploit this opportunity. He’s the founder of Pedego Electric Bikes based in Irvine, California and they’re growing about as fast as any company can. But is it the market size, the demographics, the rolling hills […]

Martha Roskowski, the Green Lane Project

Are you creating new bike infrastructure for the one percent? That’s what most cities do as they begin to move from planning to implementation. To get more people out of their cars and riding bikes, you’ve gotta build the right infrastructure. If Memphis can do it, certainly it can be done in your home town. […]

Leah Shahum, SFBC

She’s the Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and a board member of the national Alliance for Biking and Walking — meet Leah Shahum. I sat in on a session in Washington D.C. earlier this year at the National Bike Summit where Leah was sharing her stories of building a vibrant cycling community. […]

Summit Sentiments

The Bloomberg Administration is in its final months, but NYC Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Kahn had nothing to say about where she’ll land next. She has little to worry about; JSK will land on her feet in some major metropolitan area. Today vital cities are competing for the companies that provide the modern high-tech jobs that […]

Moving from a Mono-Culture

We don’t have a Naked Bike Ride here in Orange County. How far do you have to go to find such a ride? I know Portland has one, London, too. We certainly have a more appropriate climate for such an event, but we lack much in the way of a bike culture. We don’t have […]

Advocate of the Year, April Morris

She doesn’t even live here, but like many others, she rides these streets. This Anaheim cyclist decided to get very involved in Newport Beach bike advocacy when she proposed a Memorial Ride after the deaths of two women cyclists in September. Meet April Morris, cdmCyclist’s Advocate of the Year. Then Mayor Nancy Gardner called her […]

Melissa Balmer, Women On Bikes SoCal

“The media doesn’t quite understand the bike yet; it’s a style-darling — as a prop,” says Melissa Balmer of Women on Bikes SoCal. She’s out to make a more meaningful connection with her blog focused on fashion, design, advocacy and fun stories of women on bikes. As Melissa puts it, “The beauty, benefits and joy […]

Tom Godefrooij, Dutch Cycling Embassy

Stephanie Noll at Oregon’s BTA referred me; I’d be in the Netherlands for a week and I was eager to interview local advocates. Her introduction opened the door for me to meet with Tom Godefrooij at the Dutch Cycling Embassy in Utrecht – all I had to do was get to Utrecht, but that turned […]

Investing in Bike Safety

Tonight at 7pm the Newport Beach City Council meets to consider a Bicycle Safety Improvement Fund. I have a conflict with a Boy Scout meeting. In case I don’t get to attend, here’s what I’d like to say…   Tonight you must decide on a Bike Safety Improvement Fund. How did we get here? Last […]

Sean Matsler to Write a Resource Plan

Sean Matsler is a 3-year member of the Newport Beach Bike Safety Committee. He recently volunteered to work with other members to make a Resource Plan recommendation for the City Council. Like every city, we’re constrained by time, money and resources, in this case that means people. Half a staff person can only take a […]