Robin Bylenga, PedalChic

Today the story's about an entrepreneur who suffered through the humiliations of getting laid off and worked her way back up. Along the way she came upon the idea of catering to women cyclists. Meet Robin at the National Women's Bicycling Forum in Washington, DC Monday March 4th. Show #47 Listen to Robin: Stream, Flash player, or subscribe through iTunes. Continue Reading

Carolyn Szczepanski, Women on Bikes

She's the Communications Director for the League of American Bicyclists, so you can imagine, she's on message. Carolyn shares the emphasis the League is placing on getting more women on bikes. Why the special emphasis? Can't women handle this on their own? Yes, but the percentage of women on bikes isn't keeping up with men. There's more of them, but in relation to men, their numbers have been dropping. In part that's why she helped to host the National Womens Bicycle Summit ... Continue Reading

Bike Tourism Industry Red Hot

The bike tourism panel led by Adventure Cycling's Jim Sayer included Dakota Bike Tours' Jim Books, Wisconsin Bike Fed's Amanda White, and Cycle Oregon's Jerry Norquist, among others.I arrived early for this would be my last session of the National Bike Summit; it's a little overwhelming, all this good news about cycling advocacy, but this would turn out to be the best good news. The cycling tourism industry is red hot, all 120 attendees agreed. I can't remember when I'd fallen in with such an ... Continue Reading

Sadik-Khan: NYC Has Safest Streets in 100 Years

A little Q&A after the keynotes, Andy Clarke quizzes NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) who forgot to remove his pant leg protector. I woke to the sound of my smartphone alarm; it felt like 3:30am to me, so it's easy to hit the snooze, but then I remember why I'm getting up so seemingly early: it's Day 2 of the National Bike Summit here in Washington, DC, but I don't start moving yet. Like I do at home, I start by checking emails, not many this ... Continue Reading

Nat’l Bike Summit Kicks Off

I'm a first-timer so where else should I go? The First Timer's Orientation which kicks off the League of American Bicyclists' National Bike Summit in Washington, DC tonight. League President Andy Clarke comes in to make sure we get the right message then he hands it off to Jim Moore, Moore's Bicycle Shop in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, who tells fantastic stories of the under privileged who get access to bikes, then IMBA's Mike Van Abel talks about kids, bikes and dirt, but it's all just a ... Continue Reading

in DC at the Nat’l Bike Summit

Copenhagen cement mixer? No, I'm in front of the Swedish Embassy in Washington where InterBike is hosting a few manufacturers, but not this working two-wheeler. I'm here for the League of American Bicyclists' National Bike Summit; my first time attending.Washington has an extensive bike share system. I could swipe my credit card and roll, but I only have a mile to walk back to my hotel. It's a little chilly for this California fair weather rider, but on a warmer day I'd be all over this red ... Continue Reading