San Clemente’s Brenda Miller

Bike advocate extraordinaire, Brenda Miller, leads off "South County cycles towards safety" in the Orange County Register, San Clemente edition.       Continue Reading

AQMD Staff Report Proposes Beach Burning Ban

The much anticipated AQMD Staff report has been released. In it are new definitions of Rule 444 and 445: A new definition is added for "beach burning" which is prohibited beginning January 1, 2015 under this amendment. However, using charcoal and liquid/gaseous fuels for cooking at beaches is still permitted. Other types of recreational, ceremonial, or open burning remain exempt, such as those at regional parks and camp grounds not covered by the new definition... Under PAR 444 a city or ... Continue Reading

Fire Rings Fruit Cake Bingo!

Some of you are wondering... has this site been taken over by a bunch of anti-fire rings fanatics? I'm still checking my web logs, but in the meantime, let me fire one last shot across the bow! Soon I'll be back on my meds and riding my bike, then these other advocacy issues will blow away like a puff of smoke. Along those lines, I'm pulling back from the limelight. It's kinda intoxicating to be seen on TV and quoted in the Press. As a 7-year blogger on a variety of topics, that's what ... Continue Reading

Horse Trading Public Health

Mayor Curry

Read Mayor Curry's letter

The story heated up today when Newport Beach Mayor Keith Curry released a letter he wrote to his counterpart in Huntington Beach.

The topic is fire rings. The Newport Beach City Council voted unanimously to remove 60 local fire rings. The next step was a trip to the California Coastal Commission to acquire the necessary permit. That's when things got interesting because 4 members of the CCC also sit on their local air quality boards including Dr. Burke, Board Chairman of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The AQMD has authority for 4 counties: LA, Riverside, San Bernandino and Orange; this region includes 41% of the population of California. Potentially, the AQMD could ban up to 836 fire rings along the coast. Things were going well, as the AQMD issued a draft proposal that would revise their Rule 444 to ban all beach burning. That's when Huntington Beach woke up and jumped into the fray. Mayor Connie Boardman wrote a strongly worded letter of protest and then last week at a public hearing at AQMD headquarters, several HB residents and employees of the HB Visitors Bureau attended to speak their mind. ... Continue Reading

Part III: Unsolicited Advice for Huntington Beach

Welcome to Part III of my advice to HB. They want to keep their 465 polluting fire rings, while I'm an advocate for their removal. Just tuning in? Catch up with my helpful commentary in Part I: Strategic Advice and Part II: Understanding Our Arguments for Removal. As you remember, at the AQMD Public Hearing last week there was a large contingent from the HB Visitors Bureau. Maybe because I was the first to speak, I had the most time to listen to their arguments. Like any public ... Continue Reading

Unsolicited Advice for Huntington Beach, Part II

Welcome to Part II where I offer advice to my neighbors in Huntington Beach who wish to keep their beloved fire rings, even though I'm an advocate for their immediate removal. As you remember, the Newport Beach City Council voted unanimously to remove 60 fire rings here. Meanwhile HB, including Bolsa Chica, is polluting the region with its 465 fire rings. If they are to prevail and keep their bonfires they have some work to do to focus their arguments. For starters HB should understand ... Continue Reading

Unsolicited Advice for Huntington Beach, Part I

There's a battle raging here in Southern California over wood burning in beach fire rings. Newport Beach decided to remove their 60 fire rings for health reasons. Huntington Beach was recently caught napping; do they think that now that a regional agency is proposing to ban all beach burning that they can show up late, with a cute slogan, and win the day? I'm in favor of removing the fire rings and I recently spoke at the AQMD Public Hearing where I got to hear HB's arguments for keeping ... Continue Reading

Big Data at Big Corona

As you already know, I'm on a clean air kick of late, so you can imagine my excitement when the AQMD arrives and starts installing some pretty fancy looking air quality monitoring devices here at the beach. The District's got till May 3rd to gather data and make their decision. The board meeting was set before the issue of the fire rings even came up. They want to change Rule 444 to ban beach fires. The public backlash, especially in Huntington Beach, is causing them to gather more data. ... Continue Reading

At the AQMD

Barbara Peters speaks in favor of removing the beach fire rings. It was a thrill to be the first speaker called to the podium at the AQMD's hearing this morning as they consider banning beach fire pits along the Los Angeles and Orange County coastlines. There's a large crowd attending, many from the Huntington Beach Visitors Bureau, who will be speaking against their removal. Back at Bristol Farms Continue Reading

Find of the Year

I always knew there were two. But where was it? I heard it was underground, near Nordstrom's. Huh? But they were right. Here it is. Who said The Irvine Company doesn't accommodate cyclists? Continue Reading