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Big Ideas: Communicating with Carolyn Szczepanski

Posted February 3, 2015 By Frank

Carolyn Szczepanski

Carolyn Szczepanski

Elecric bikes have to be one of the big ideas in bicycling trends.

Ford Motor has come out with their own eBike and closer to home, Newport Beach Police have an eBike patrol.

Carolyn makes her second appearance on the show — she’s the Director of Communications for the League of American Bicyclists in Washington, D.C.

She pinged me last month to ask if she could interview me – yes, turning the tables on me – it motivated me to dust off my headphones and record this podcast, because, well, she’s interviewing my favorite subject.

We talk about bicycling’s big ideas.

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Will eBikes be the next Big Idea?

Will eBikes be the next Big Idea?

Mike Samuelson, Open Streets Project

Posted March 20, 2014 By Frank

Open Streets



He’s Mr. Open Streets — meet Mike Samuelson of the Alliance for Biking & Walking, on the Show today.

As we get started, I jump in with a common misperception – according to Mike, the first Open Streets event occurred in Seattle back in 1965; it was and still is called Bicycle Sundays.

I’m sure there’s a lot more I will learn at the Summit. It’s set for April 4-5-6 in Los Angeles with the ultimate bonus — Sunday April 6th we will participate in LA’s next CicLAvia!

He’s got super sponsors, including LA’s Metro, so I ask,

Anyone from OCTA reaching out?

Apparently not yet, but that may change as word spreads of the great benefits accruing from these Open Streets events.

It begs the question — where in Newport Beach, or Orange County, should we target the first Open Streets Project?

I’ll take this inquiry with me as I head up to LA next month. Care to join me?

Registration details here.

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Pedego Electric Bikes’ Don DiCostanzo

Posted November 6, 2013 By Frank

Don DiCostanzo

Don DiCostanzo

Aging Baby Boomers make for a big fat market opportunity for electric bikes and Don DiCostanzo is well positioned to exploit this opportunity.

He’s the founder of Pedego Electric Bikes based in Irvine, California and they’re growing about as fast as any company can.

But is it the market size, the demographics, the rolling hills across much of California, or the popularity of all bikes right now?

Don would say it’s because the bikes are fun to ride.

There’s a lot more to the story…

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Pedego dealers

Pedego dealers


Bob Mionske, When Collisions Occur

Posted October 22, 2013 By Frank

Bob Mionske

Bob Mionske

No one likes to imagine they’ll be in a collision, but a little pre-planning could go a long way to repairing whatever damages you might suffer. That’s what Bob and I discuss on today’s show.

On vacation in Portland at the end of August, I wasn’t in town 2 hours when we’re off to dinner. Who walks in and sits next to us? Bob Mionske.

Although we’ve only met in person once or twice, we recognized each other right away. He’s appeared on the show here a few times — we both got a kick out of the realtime connection and pledged to get together online here.

Bicycling and the Law The legal aspects of a couple of local minor collisions prompted me to ring Bob up. Today we’ll review what happens when a cyclist is involved in a collision with a motor vehicle and how you’ve got to keep your wits about you to be sure any medical or mechanical expenses are covered.

Long term listeners know, Bob’s the original, the 1st bicycle attorney to hang a shingle as such. Today he writes a monthly column for Bicycling magazine.

Check out his book, Bicycling and the Law: Your Rights As A Cyclist.

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Bob's original artwork

Bob’s original artwork


Janette Sadik-Khan’s TED Talk

Posted October 9, 2013 By Frank

Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner NYC DOT: NY Streets? Not so mean anymore

As bike advocates we’ve all heard the mantra: To make really effective changes, it takes commitment from the top.

When you have that commitment and leadership, like NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Sadik-Khan, great things can happen.

Watch her describe the highlights of her past 6 years’ accomplishments.


Carlsbad’s Pilot Projects, Bryan Jones

Posted September 19, 2013 By Frank

Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones

His business card reads, “Deputy Director, City Traffic Engineer”; meet Bryan Jones from the City of Carlsbad, CA.

He’s a fellow bike rider – we ride the same brand. He’s a great coach, after only an hour together and I am learning how to be a more effective advocate. He’s practiced – he’s done all this before in Fresno before moving to Carlsbad only 2 years ago. He’s having a big impact; already Carlsbad is a bright spot along the coast for those who wish to bike and walk. He’s a Facebook friend, too – that’s how I know he’s an optimist.

This is the first time we’ll meet and there’s so much I want to accomplish, especially seeing the infrastructure, the bike racks and bike corrals. I arrive early and rent a Pedego electric bike so I can zip around to see the new buffered bike lanes on Carlsbad Blvd. We will meet at Brand and Roosevelt and when I get there 10 minutes ahead of him, I understand why: there are bike racks everywhere.

I can’t do everything and I’ve got a million questions. Where can we sit for the interview that’s quiet?

Carlsbad lagoon

Can you think of some place quiet for the interview?
A park overlooking the Carlsbad lagoon

Bryan keeps mentioning the 9 Community Values. I was surprised that biking isn’t #1 or #2, it’s things like small town feel, beach community character and connectedness along with access to recreation and active, healthy lifestyles. And I’m beginning to see how the infrastructure improvements that are happening here are part of a bigger picture – biking is a way to accomplish these objectives.

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Buffered bike lane

Buffered bike lane on Carlsbad Blvd

Looking north on Carlsbad Blvd.

Looking north on Carlsbad Blvd.

Bike corral

Bike corral at Brand and Roosevelt

Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones with his Pedego electric bike


Bikes on Amtrak

Posted September 5, 2013 By Frank


Would you take your bike on the train if it was easier to do so?

Does the idea of boxing up your bike cause you to think of driving to your destination instead?

For today’s podcast I’m joined by Champe Burnley, President of the Virginia Bicycling Federation, Kerry Irons with the Adventure Cycling Association and Dave Snyder, Executive Director of the California Bike Coalition.

This subject came to the forefront recently as the Amtrak Surfliner in Southern California changed its bike accommodation policy to reservation-only, at first for a fee then they quickly abandoned the fee idea. Now it’s all done by reservation which suits the vacationing cyclist well, like me as I depart today for a 6-day visit to San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, but doesn’t serve the daily commuter.

Maybe somehow Dave knew of my plans when he asked me to write an article for his newsletter — check out “Riding the Rails: AMTRAK Juggles Bike Policies“. The post caused Jeff Miller, President of the Alliance for Biking and Walking, to introduce me to Kerry and shortly thereafter, Champe chimed in with comments on the frustrations his members face when taking the train.

Listen to these advocates discuss the benefits and challenges of bringing your bike on your next Amtrak adventure.

Dave wants to remind all his California listeners of the upcoming Summit, California by Bike, November 7-10 in Oakland.

Champe signs off with a plug for the UCI World Championships coming to Richmond in September 2105.


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Martha Roskowski, the Green Lane Project

Posted August 28, 2013 By Frank

Martha Roskowski

Martha Roskowski

Are you creating new bike infrastructure for the one percent?

That’s what most cities do as they begin to move from planning to implementation.

To get more people out of their cars and riding bikes, you’ve gotta build the right infrastructure. If Memphis can do it, certainly it can be done in your home town.

That’s the goal of the Green Lane Project which Martha Roskowski runs — showing the world how to build safer bike infrastructure.

The Green Lane Project is part of People for Bikes, which is part of Bikes Belong, all based out of Boulder, CO. Of course, Boulder is a Platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Community as rated by the League of American Bicyclists.

Does your community pass Martha’s “Frozen Yogurt Test”?


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Slow Week? Grab Your Headphones

Posted August 26, 2013 By Frank

Treats found in Portland's Audio Geeks

Treats found in Portland’s Audio Geeks

Last week while visiting friends and family in Portland I stopped by Audio Geeks at NW Glisan at 14th Ave.

Wondering what the latest trends in headphones were, I learned that for all those who work in cubicle-America, headphones offer a way to block out noise and facilitate better concentration. Sure they do.

I left the store with a couple of goodies, well I had them shipped home because my suitcase was already full of Portland memorabilia.

Which got me thinking…

This week on the run up to Labor Day — it’s gotta be a slow week at the office for a lotta folks.

Why not grab your ‘phones or your ‘buds and improve your cubicle concentration.

Need some content?

I’ll bet you’ve got some catching up to do right here with some of the 52 audio interviews. iPhone users, click here.


Santa Barbara’s Ed France

Posted August 15, 2013 By Frank

Ed France

Ed France

He’s the Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition — meet Ed France.

Wouldn’t Santa Barbara make a great bicycle friendly community? Of course, Ed feels this way, too, and we discuss the past, present and the future of this beautiful city’s bicycle potential.


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