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Month: June 2018

Amazing motorbike routes in the US


If you are a biker that loves packing his/her backpack and hitting the road from time to time, it is important that you find beautiful roads that are easy to travel on. So, if you are interested in exploring your options, feel free to take a look at these options that we have put together for you!


California’s coastal highway

If you love the beauty of California, the Pacific coastal highway that spreads from Carmel to Morro Bay might be a good place to start. This road is considered a picturesque choice by the National Geographic, as it offers plenty of sights such as amazing forests, wonderful beaches and thrilling curves that can keep you engaged at all times.

This highway is around 120 miles long, and it is especially appreciated because it offers excellent views. A word of advice is to avoid traveling on this road during summer weekends. While riding your bike here, make sure to dress warm and to plan a visit to the famous Hearst Castle.


Blue Ridge Parkway

If you are a seasoned biker, you probably already know about the Blue Ridge Parkway, as it is on everybody’s must-see list. If you want to enjoy a long ride, you should take the 105-mile Skyline Drive that passes through the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

If you plan on starting in Northern California and work your way to Virginia, don’t forget to visit the famous Civil War battle sites. The scenery here is amazing, and the speed limit that is in place will help you really take in the views.


The Three Sisters

According to, the most popular roads that you have to try are 335, 336, and 337a, also known as the Twisted Sisters. This route starts in Medina, Texas and it is very much liked by fellow riders for the lovely scenery and the friendly people.

This road has many twists and turns, and it will surely keep you focused at all times. In fact, many refer to traveling on it as an experience comparable to a roller coaster ride. However, keep in mind that there are not a lot of gas stations here. So, make sure that you won’t run out of gas!


Beartooth Highway

If you want to try your chance at riding over the highest road in the Northern Rockies, the recommends that you give the US 212 a chance. This beautiful highway passes by alpine plateaus, and glacier-laden peaks that will surely catch your attention.

While riding on this route, you will also get a good view of the Bear Lake that is known for its amazing blue color that comes from the limestone that is suspended in its waters. Because of this, the area has earned the name the Mediterranean of the West.