Mystery of the Year

My Victoria mascot, Skunky

My Victoria mascot, Skunky

It’s been a great year of cycling adventures, but not without its mysteries.

Here’s my last photo of Skunky, my mascot for the 8-day family bike tour of Victoria B.C. and the San Juan Islands this August. This tour would be how I celebrated my 60th birthday. Who knew I’d pay such a price?

My son had “The Claw” lashed to his bike rack; it took me a few days to find my own distinctive amulet.

Every touring bike should have its mascot, here, the Claw

Every touring bike should have its mascot.
Here, my son’s “The Claw”.

Who knows how Skunky escaped? He would’ve been tossed into the trunk of the taxi at the end of our travels; then in my haste at the airport, he was lost forever.



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