Holiday Lights

This weekend two friends in two days asked about that bike light post I wrote.

One wanted a good light for a gift, the other for cold, dark nights in Maryland.

Because I’m running one or two blogs too many, plus Facebook, I understand it can be hard to find something.

My local bike advocate pals have been going a little overboard with with bike lights as the days have grown shorter, but it’s hard to find fault with being as visible as you can be.

It’s catchy, too. Dan Murphy summarized a common sentiment, “I was concerned about battery life, so I wasn’t turning them on.” He’s since been persuaded that he should be more concerned with distracted drivers.

On my bike I’ve added a $4 part that allows the blinky to connect to the rack, keeping the light vertical. Previously, I had the light dangling from my trunk bag – not good enough for our new ‘Lights On’ campaign. I’ve got 2 red tail lights and a blinky with a high powered beam on the front.

Shadows are long and office parties are many — get yourself some holiday lights.

Planet Bike's Binky Superflash tail light

Planet Bike’s Blinky Superflash tail light



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