Holiday Bike Projects

Where are you going for the holidays?

I’m goin’ nowhere. In part because I’ve done plenty of traveling this year and it’s no fun to travel with crowds that’ll be packing airports everywhere, or is that just a bunch of rationalization?

I’m goin’ nowhere because the kids want to be at home so they can hang out with their friends. The wife wants to be where the kids are. Me, I’m at the bottom of this totem pole; I’ll be in the garage.

I’ve come up with some projects, component upgrades really, to keep me busy over the next week or so. It’s because I read too much; I should just ride more instead, but the brain wants candy in the form of cool new gadgets to read about. “Gadget junkie,” is how one friend labeled me; I had no rebuttal.

Remember that Rivendell Yves Gomez I bought last spring? It was meant to be a light touring bike, but I only got the front fender on this week. I’d be confronted with a problem, have to uninstall the fender and consider a work around. Someone should’ve told me that the internet is good for finding work-arounds; my first plan of attack is to retreat into paralysis of analysis.

the Yves Gomez sans front fender

the Yves Gomez sans front fender, in July at Crystal Cove Campground

But then I found a Youtube video that showed how to bend the fender hanger so it could clear the headset. This hint was sitting on the site where I purchased the fenders. Who would think to look there?

It only took me to mid December

It only took me to mid December to get this front fender installed

The fender stays were so long that they pushed the front of the fender tight against the tire. They had to be shortened, but they looked like tough little nasties to cut; I went to Ace Hardware. As soon as I walk in I notice a Dremel and I know it can cut the stays. I buy hacksaw blades anyway, just in case. The clerk hadn’t thought of the Dremel either, and he seems dubious of the hacksaw, “You know, it’s not gonna be one or two strokes and you cut through.” The Dremel sliced through the stainless steel stays in 4 seconds each.

Now there isn’t much rain, present weather excluded, to make fenders all that necessary, but I always pictured them on the bike. Next, all I have to do is get mentally prepared for riding in the rain. But then I think, no one really likes riding in the rain, and few plan a wet ride; the fenders are for when I get caught out under a cloud.

Next up, a new fork, crankset and an improved workstation.

New sidepull brakes

New sidepull brakes



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