Old Habits Die Hard

Do I have to draw you a picture?

I was moving too slow to catch the early-birds riding through Corona del Mar this morning; I was positioned outside the RiteAid around 11:30am.

This is the first Saturday after the Sharrows installation. Most of the cyclists don’t understand what they mean, or they’re set in their ways. Whatever the case, this small sample size showed poor understanding of what the Sharrows meant — too many cyclists continue riding in the door zone.

Do you see a bike painted on the road? Wonder what it’s for?

I’ve been riding in the door zone so long, I prefer it.

I observed that motorist behavior had a lot to do with the cyclist’s road position. If they take the lane, the cars simply move over. I’m sure I have an example of that somewhere…

At least he gave the pedestrian a wide berth

Riding ’em right

Speaks to a need for training

As Pete Van Nuys likes to mock, “Your mother always told you, ‘Stay away from the cars!'”

Way in the door zone!

It’s still a little intimidating riding on Coast Hwy

Can you ride any closer to those parked cars?

I thought there’d be better compliance

I’ve seen enough!



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