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2011 Top Ten List, Part 2

Here's the 2nd half of the Top Ten list. #5. Going multi-modal. My summer jobs in college were spent on the Boston & Maine Railroad as a Gandy dancer, a track worker, but that was a long time ago. This year I've put quite a bit of time into planning train travel with bikes and although my 4th of July trip was less than a total success, I would later put it all together on a trip south to San Diego to visit my mother in assisted living. I regret I won't be making this trip again; after a long ... Continue Reading

2011 Top Ten List

It's that time of year; it's time for an end-of-year Top Ten list. Here we go: #10. Attending the League of American Bicyclists' Annual Summit in Washington, DC where I heard New York's Janette Sadik-Khan introduce the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide, but it was Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer who continues to echo in my ears, "You shouldn't have to burn a gallon of gas to get a gallon of milk." Earl's also famous for saying, "Half of all car trips are within a 20 minute bike ride, ... Continue Reading

National Joyriding Day

It almost slipped by un-announced — apparently, today was National Joyriding Day! Well, if it wasn't today I'm sure there are several runners-up contenders in the days ahead. What am I talking about? Traffic, congestion, "cars competing for asphalt" is how I recently saw it described in Suburban Nation; it seemed like everyone was out for a drive — so American! I'm guessing this is what the 405 looked like. But I spent my afternoon riding the boardwalk on the ... Continue Reading

Caltrans Appoints Cyclists

The CA Bike Coalition announced today two new positions have been added to the California Traffic Control Devices Committee. San Francisco bike planner John Ciccarelli and Bryan Jones, deputy director of Carlsbad's Transportation Department will represent so-called "non-motorized" interests. Continue Reading

No Place for Pedestrians

This is no place for a walk. This light industrial office park in Billerica, MA was designed for its employees to drive to work. No sidewalks and long distances from everywhere, these two pedestrians have to cross a big parking lot to get from one site to the next. Continue Reading

Boston’s Smallest

My Mother Mary

My mother recently passed away, after a long illness. Many will remember my multi-modal train/bike trip to visit her this summer; check out Visit Your Mother. Although she was born at home in Reading, MA, she was a great storyteller of Ireland and the old days. She was my original subject as I began my interest in oral history recordings; this 2006 session turned out well. Continue Reading

Caffeine Achievers

Enjoying these short winter days with their cool temperatures? It's off-season here in Newport Beach and the crowds are gone, so get on your bike, buck the trend and take this coastal ride from the Crystal Cove Promenade to the peninsula. Winter skies cause me to reach for a cup of java and on this ride you'll enjoy all the coffee and caffeine you can handle. Not a coffee drinker? Then how about one of the original date shakes at the Shake Shack. Rose's Donuts in Corona del Mar is a ... Continue Reading

Jeff Miller, the Alliance for Biking and Walking

We met at the recent California Bike Summit in downtown Los Angeles where Jeff had the distinction of giving the kick-off presentation, and now I know why — he electrified the assembled advocates and painted a clear picture of the challenges facing this country relating to health and our transportation choices. I had to get him on the Show. Jeff Miller is the President/CEO of the Alliance for Biking and Walking based in Washington, DC. He wasn't native to the Nation's Capital; he's ... Continue Reading

If I were Mayor…

We're about to swear in a new Mayor. If I were the Mayor I would... Proclaim 2012 The Year of the Bicycle: Encourage all City and civic organizations, commissions and committees as they pursue their initiatives to consider cyclists needs. Apply to the League of American Bicyclists for Bike Friendly Community designation; dedicate sufficient staff time and team with advocates to complete the application. Promote the 4th of July Bike Parade on the peninsula to make it an even ... Continue Reading