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Tucson Bike Party

Cyclovia Tucson t-shirt There's no spell checking this post; it's a word to be spoken more so than printed. Ciclovia, CicLAvia, Cyclovia, take your pick; it started in Bogota, Columbia where on Sundays they close the streets to cars, leaving only kids and bikes, pedestrians and skateboarders and, well, wierdos. Then Los Angeles did one; now they have 3 planned for 2011. Today it's Cyclovia Tucson, for the 2nd year in a row. So here I am; as if I needed an excuse, there's a financial conference ... Continue Reading

Callous Bike Lane

Across the street from Newport Harbor High School A transportation engineer's dilemma turns into a bike lane compromise. You don't want to piss off nearby homeowners; they want to park their cars on the street, but you still have to accommodate bike riders. Inspiration meets innovation in this bike lane design opposite Newport Harbor High School in Newport Beach. Continue Reading

Pete’s Lemonade Stand

I gave Pete Van Nuys a call; I was on my way south to San Diego, could I meet him at his bike store? "I call it the lemonade stand." I don't think he's joking this time, I've heard him call it this before; it's his bike rental store at the train station in San Clemente. I was passing through on my way south to visit my parents and I'd had Pete on my to-do list for over a week; you know, one of those 'should call' items that keeps getting pushed to tomorrow. Today was a perfect time to drop ... Continue Reading

Suja Lowenthal, Transforming a Built-Out City

It’s the difference between being a defeatist about how you see your city and being eternally optimistic about what your role can be Mark Bixby invited me to lunch, "I'm meeting Suja downtown at Congregation, come along?" We felt like celebrating; Mark and Allan Crawford had just wrapped up a conference call with CalTrans and the Port of Long Beach regarding the Desmond Bridge redesign. This was my first interaction with these once-adversaries to bike lanes, but the phone call seemed ... Continue Reading

Cycling Advocate Mark Bixby Dead in Plane Crash

The Los Angeles Times reports that cycling advocate Mark Bixby has died in a plane crash at Long Beach airport. Community leaders Tom Dean and Jeff Berger were also killed; also onboard, Mike Jensen is listed in critical condition. Mark was an avid cyclist and blogger. His blogging passion was related to the Desmond Bridge; a complete rebuild is planned. This billion dollar design originally did not include access for pedestrians and cyclists. Mark was tenacious in his efforts to convince the ... Continue Reading

Charlie Gandy Befriends 103 yr old Tricyclist

I rode with Charlie Gandy yesterday; his invitation to ride the new separated bike lanes along 3rd and Broadway before they're open to the public was too enticing to decline. He told me of his 103 year old friend, Octavio Orduno who is written up in the LATimes today. When you see the photo, Charlie's pulling the photographer in a trailer behind his fixie. Continue Reading

Transportation Choices for CdM

Follow the comments stream at coronadelmartoday.com | 13 comments "Get hit by a car going 40 mph and you have an 80% chance of dying; get hit by a car traveling at 20 mph and you have a 70% chance of surviving." So said Janette Sadik-Khan, NYC Commissioner, Dept of Transportation, at the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC last week. She had more statistics to share, "NYC streets are the safest they've been in 100 years!" Wow! That's an attention-grabber, but not a surprise; everyone in the ... Continue Reading

Cities for Cycling

Announced at the National Bike Summit, Cities for Cycling is a collaboration of 16 cities across the county to standardize roadway design guidelines that accommodate bicycles. See BostonBikes' Nicole Freedman host her colleagues from Portland, San Francisco and New York City as they standardize bicycle policy and improvements. Continue Reading

Bike Tourism Industry Red Hot

The bike tourism panel led by Adventure Cycling's Jim Sayer included Dakota Bike Tours' Jim Books, Wisconsin Bike Fed's Amanda White, and Cycle Oregon's Jerry Norquist, among others.I arrived early for this would be my last session of the National Bike Summit; it's a little overwhelming, all this good news about cycling advocacy, but this would turn out to be the best good news. The cycling tourism industry is red hot, all 120 attendees agreed. I can't remember when I'd fallen in with such an ... Continue Reading

Sadik-Khan: NYC Has Safest Streets in 100 Years

A little Q&A after the keynotes, Andy Clarke quizzes NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) who forgot to remove his pant leg protector. I woke to the sound of my smartphone alarm; it felt like 3:30am to me, so it's easy to hit the snooze, but then I remember why I'm getting up so seemingly early: it's Day 2 of the National Bike Summit here in Washington, DC, but I don't start moving yet. Like I do at home, I start by checking emails, not many this ... Continue Reading